Campus community welcomes first-year students

August 24, 2016 | Move-In Day
For many incoming first-year students and their families, the morning of Move-In Day is an exhausting, stressful and tear-filled time. But for Marietta College families experiencing Move-In Day, it was nothing but smiles. “We parents are blown away by how friendly everyone here is!” said a father walking into Mary Beach Hall empty handed.
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Members of the Class of 2020 join the College during Matriculation ceremony

August 24, 2016 | Class of 2020
President William N. Ruud, presiding over his first Marietta College Matriculation ceremony, thanked the more than 300 parents in attendance for entrusting the safety and future of their children with the College.
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Freshman Matriculation Ceremony

4:00pm | Matriculation
The annual Matriculation ceremony marks a student’s formal enrollment in the College. The August event begins with the traditional procession of the faculty, in full academic robe. All new students are expected to go through the matriculation process, and parents are encouraged to attend the 60- to 90-minute proceeding.
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Fall Semester: Classes Begin

8:00am to 10:00pm | Fall semester
Marietta College welcomes back the students as the Fall Semester begins.
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