Technology Help

The Office of Information Technology (IT) keeps Marietta College in step with the latest computer and wiring systems, helping the College to maintain an academic atmosphere that encourages access to global knowledge and the sharing of information.

To that end, IT delivers assistance and support for e-mail and Internet users, faculty using technologies in the classroom, student groups who post messages or online forums, and resident hall occupants.

The Network Use Policy constitutes Marietta College's policy for the management of computer networks, all computers and other devices connected to those networks, and the resources made available thereby. Responsible, acceptable use always is ethical, reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. Marietta College's information technology resources exist to support the educational mission of the College and must be used appropriately and in accordance with local, state and federal laws. You will be held accountable for your use of Marietta College information technology resources.