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The grid for the Prospective Students page can be edited by clicking on "Content" in the nav bar:

Then click on the "Blocks" tab:

Then click on the "edit" link in the "Enrollment Grid" row:

Each item in the enrollment grid is Drupal Paragraph field that is made up of subfields. The Paragraph items can be reordered, which will change the order in which they are displayed on the page. To do this, click and hold the "hamburger" icon in the upper left of a Paragraph item:

The icon will turn orange, and the mouse cursor will turn into a crosshairs. Then a Paragraph can dragged up and down to go above or below other paragraphs.


The subfields are:


Caption: short descriptive text

Links: Links for more information or requirements or some other resource related to the item that aren't the apply link

Apply Link: link to application document/page

Image (247w x 250h pixels)

Class: set this to left or right, depending on whether the text will appear to the left of the image, or to the right.