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Statistics on the front page can be edited by clicking on the Content link in the nav bar.

Then click on the Blocks tab, and click on the edit link in the "Homepage Statistics" row". (direct link is /block/homepage-statistics/edit)

Each Statistic is an item in a Paragraphs field, with these subfields:

Statistic Value: The Number value that appears for the Statistic
Caption: Text Description of what the value represents. Some HTML is allowed in this field, so if it is necessary to force line breaks, add "<br />" tags is allowed. Add "<br />" to the right of the word(s) that will be the end of a line.

The Paragraph items can be reordered, which will change the order in which they are displayed on the page. To do this, click and hold the "hamburger" icon in the upper left of a Paragraph item:

The icon will turn orange, and the mouse cursor will turn into a crosshairs. Then a Paragraph can dragged up and down to go above or below other paragraphs.

In addition to the Statistics themselves, the Title of the whole block, and the button at the bottom of the block are editable. The button Title and link URL are entered in the Link field at the bottom of the edit page.