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Marietta College Alumni Association

Marietta College Alumni Association Board at Homecoming 2011

Marietta College Alumni Association Board at Homecoming 2011

MCAA Mission Statement

Our mission is to build upon the common bond of enthusiasm, loyalty and service of alumni and friends of Marietta College to establish a community of support for the academic, campus life, fund raising and enrollment efforts of the College. Our mission is to be the chief facilitating organization through which alumni and friends establish, maintain and expand a deeper relationship with the College. Through these efforts and programs our goal is to help Marietta College become the best college of its kind anywhere and to be a life long resource for alumni and friends.

The goals which follow are subject to annual review and revision.

  1. Increase alumni participation in the Homecoming, Reunion, Winter Weekend and all other local and regional College events.
  2. Develop an effective committee structure that will support the initiatives of the College and the MCAA.
  3. Increase alumni awareness of the academic mission of the College and support its fund raising, admission and alumni career networking efforts.
  4. Provide a direct means by which the alumni of Marietta College can actively participate in the affairs of the College.
  5. Involve alumni with the College and each other to foster a deeper support of Marietta.
  6. Gather and share information about alumni to demonstrate and recognize the effectiveness of a Marietta College education.
  7. Support parent involvement in the College.
  8. Promote and advance the reputation, prestige and well being of the College.
  9. Collect and preserve memorabilia and information about Marietta College.
  10. To provide a liaison between alumni and the College including students, trustees, faculty, administration and the local community.
  11. Instill a life long commitment by students and new graduates to alumni responsibilities for the College.


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click to expandMCAA Constitution

Article I. Name

Section 1: The name of the association shall be the Marietta College Alumni Association (MCAA).

Article II. Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the continued well-being and excellence of Marietta College and its alumni.

Article III. Membership

Section 1: Membership in the MCAA shall consist of the following persons:

  • Any graduate of Marietta College.
  • Any person who has attended and completed one or more semesters and has an active interest in the College.
  • Any person who has received an honorary degree from Marietta College or has been named an Honorary Alumnus/a by the MCAA.
Article IV. Officers

Section 1: The officers of the MCAA shall be Chair of the Board and Vice Chair of the Board, each of whom will be elected by the MCAA Board.

Article V. Governing Body

Section 1: The governing body shall be known as the MCAA Board and shall be composed of the following:

  • President of Marietta College
  • Chair of the Board (1)
  • Vice-Chair of the Board (1)
  • Alumni Trustees (5)
  • Alumni Director (1)
  • Directors of the Board (no less than 15 nor more than 20, in addition to aforementioned Board members)
  • Students (4: president of the Student Alumni Council and 3 members designated from the Student Senate, including 1 sophomore; 1 junior; 1 senior)

Section 2: The Alumni Trustees are elected for five (5) year terms by the MCAA membership in accordance with the by-laws of the Board of Trustees of Marietta College.

Section 3: Directors of the Board will be elected for three (3) year terms by the MCAA Board, and shall be permitted a maximum of six years in succession.

Section 4: Students will be chosen by the Student Senate for a one (1) year term and may be re-appointed for up to three (3) consecutive years while enrolled as students.

Article VI. Amendments

Section 1: This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the MCAA Board by a two-thirds vote of the quorum. Written notice of proposed changes shall be forwarded to Board members at least two (2) weeks in advance.

Revised and approved by MCAA Board, October 15, 2006.


MCAA Bylaws



Recent News and Events

click to expandNight at the Museum In Columbus

Columbus 2011

Showcasing the arts on campus and bringing alumni together in Central Ohio were the objectives of the annual Pioneer outing in the state capital, Wednesday April 13th at the Columbus Museum of Art. With student artists performing vocal and instrumental selections and displaying portfolios of their work, more than sixty alumni re-connected with a special strength of their alma mater as well as with fellow graduates. In addition, they heard an update from President Jean Scott highlighting the role of the arts in the Marietta College experience.


click to expandDistrict Pioneers Step Out to Greet Dr. Scott

DC 2011

Returning to the Washington, D.C. area for a regional alumni event, Marietta College enjoyed an enthusiastic turnout for its gathering of Pioneers in Chevy Chase, MD on Wednesday, April 20th. More than sixty alumni visited with one another and received updates from campus shared by President Jean Scott and Chair of the Board, Grant Callery ’68.