Note: For questions related to student housing and residence life, you may also want to view this list of FAQs

When is... (General Calendar Questions)

For important dates such as start of class, break periods, finals week, etc., please visit the Academic Calendar.

How many students are in Marietta College total?

Total enrollment for the 2016-17 academic year is 1,160 students from more than 32 states and and more than 6 countries. For more information see About Marietta.

What do students do on the weekends?

On the weekends, you'll find the majority of MC students involved in activities right on campus! Over 50 different student organizations are active on Marietta's campus, including Fraternities and Sororities, Academic Clubs, Political Groups, Cultural Groups, Religious Groups, and more. Campus organizations such as the Pioneer Activities Council (PAC) are instrumental in planning weekend events such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, and a special Marietta College event called Doo-Dah Day. Concerts, comedians, and cultural presentations also appear at Marietta College throughout the year. In fact, the College has worked to bring major concerts to campus with bands such as Third Eye Blind, Three Doors Down, Fuel, Oleander, Taylor Swift, Juliana Hough and O.A.R. Of course, many students prefer to simply relax at the Gathering Place, a one-stop resource for student activities featuring games, big screen TVs, wireless internet, and more. If students choose to go beyond campus for weekend fun, they don't have to go far. The city and surrounding area of Marietta, Ohio offers a wealth of activities from outdoor concerts to casual dining to outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, and biking.

How many clubs and organizations are on campus?

We have over 50 active clubs and organizations on campus. They include academic/professional clubs, athletic/recreational clubs, governing bodies, service honoraries, media/publications, religious offerings, Greek organizations and a variety of special interest groups.

What are the percentages of different races at MC?

The percentage of minority students on our campus is about 7 to 8%. For more information see About Marietta and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Do you have Greek organizations? Can I join as a first semester freshman?

Marietta College currently has four fraternities and three sororities that are active on campus. The fraternities are Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha. The sororities are Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa. Joining a Greek organization can help personalize your college experience by providing the opportunity to develop important leadership skills, to interact with faculty and staff, to give back to the community through service projects and develop lasting friendships.

As a first semester freshman you may join a fraternity or sorority. If you are interested in getting involved in a fraternity or sorority, recruitment is a time for interested students to take a closer look at Greek Life at Marietta College. You will meet members, learn about the different activities and programs of each group, and begin new friendships. Recruitment activities and events are announced campus-wide and take place in September.

To register to join a sorority, click here.

How can I get involved in student organizations?

One benefit of a small college is that it is easy to get involved, but it does require initiative on your part! There are lots of ways to begin. Talk to your academic advisor, browse bulletin boards for postings, read the campus newspaper, and ask other students. At the beginning of each school year, the College conducts an organizational fair on the College Mall which provides an opportunity for you to sign up for organizations and activities that may be of interest. The fair is called Campus Involvement Fair and will be conducted one evening during the first full week of classes. More information on Campus Involvement Fair will be distributed to the campus community at the start of the school year.

What kind of activities does the College sponsor?

Our student-run programming board, the Pioneer Activities Council (PAC), sponsors a variety of activities and events, including everything from lectures on various issues and topics, to movies, sporting event trips, and comedy showcases. Some of the most popular events include: Homecoming, Family Weekend, major concerts (past performers include O.A.R., Third Eye Blind, Tonic, Fuel, Three Doors Down and Oleander), Spirit Week, and Greek Week. In addition to these offerings, the College provides a full Mens and Womens Intercollegiate Athletic Program.

What about your intramural/recreational program?

Intramural sports give you the opportunity to enjoy fitness while having fun! The Athletic Department organizes our intramural program which includes: basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, racquetball, and volleyball. Each participating team selects a student representative to serve as the liaison with the intramural staff.

In addition Marietta College has club sports and recreational programs to keep you active. Club sports and recreational programs offered at the College include: Cheerleading, Dance Team, Friends of Rowing Club, the Running Club, the Rugby Club, and the Ultimate Frisbee Organization.

The Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (DBRC), the Boathouse and the track at Don Drumm Stadium also provide opportunities for physical activity, including Nautilus/Universal weight training and other fitness exercising. The new $19 million Dyson Baudo recreation Center offers many opportunities associated with physical fitness, wellness, and leisure time activities. The DBRC contains the newly renovated Ban Johnson Arena as well as the addition of an 84,000 square-foot Field House. Facilities include: The Fenton Court for varsity athletic events, 200 meter six lane running track, four regulation size multi-purpose activity courts, two racquetball courts, a state-of-art weight room and fitness center with cardiovascular machines, a 35-foot high climbing wall, multi-purpose room, student, faculty, and staff locker rooms, as well as vending machine areas and casual activity and lounge spaces.

The Marietta College Department of Sports Medicine is also located in the DBRC. The Office of Recreation will provide campus programming in a variety of lifetime wellness and fitness activities. These recreational opportunities are designed to promote a positive mental and social attitude for the entire campus community.

Do you have a health center?

Yes. The Student Health Center is located at 210 Seventh Street directly across the street from the campus. It is operated as an outpatient facility through a mutual agreement with the Broughtons Health Center of Marietta Memorial Hospital. The Center is open fifteen (15) hours per week, Monday through Friday, during the academic year. When open the Center is staffed by qualified health care providers including a medical doctor.

The Health Center offers a wide variety of medical services, including (but not limited to) diagnosis and treatment of such problems as colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, laboratory services, injection therapy, pharmaceuticals, nutrition counseling and health education. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, with those students requiring more urgent care seen first.

Is there an infirmary as part of the Health Center?

No. The Health Center operates as an outpatient facility and thus has no infirmary space. If you require hospitalization, you will be referred to one of the local hospitals. There are two hospitals within 5 minutes of campus.

Will my family be notified if I am sick or hospitalized?

Under normal circumstances, you are expected to keep family members informed of your illnesses. However, the Office of Student Life will notify your family in the event of serious illness or accident that requires extensive treatment or hospitalization.

Do you transport ill students to local area hospitals?

Transportation has been arranged with a local cab company to transport students to local medical services for routine matters. Students needing this service can pick up a voucher from a Student Life Assistant Director or MCPD for no fee. For emergency and serious medical issues transportation is done by calling for an ambulance.

Is there a bank on campus? What about an ATM machine?

There is an ATM machine located on campus in the Library. Marietta has several banks within a five-minute walking distance from campus.

Will my parents know about any discipline situations?

Under our Parental Notification policy, parents of dependent students will be notified about behavioral problems upon serious violation of the College Creed or College Housing Policy. Your parents will be notified immediately if you are at risk of being removed from College Housing or from the College. The Dean of Student Life reserves the right to notify parents at any time when in the best interest of the student.

When is family weekend?

Family weekend is usually in the early Fall. Check the Event Calendar for details and this year's schedule.

How safe is the campus?

Marietta is a small community, our students feel very safe even at night. For more information, visit the Safety & Well-being section of the website. In addition, the MCPD makes available information on Campus crime statistics.

When do we get our email addresses?

Students receive their email address when they submit their enrollment deposit.

Is the Campus Wi-Fi equipped?

Yes! All campus-owned housing units have both wired and wireless access the Internet and to College systems such as the library, e-mail and College web site. Marietta College has wireless access available in the library and several classrooms and labs. We encourage students to bring a laptop with a wireless Wi-Fi card. If a desktop computer is what you would prefer, there is no need for a wireless network card. To connect to the campus network services, we suggest your computer meet the following system requirements:

IBM Compatible (PC)

  • Pentium-class (or higher) processor
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi card (802.11b or 802.11g compatible)


  • PPC, G3, or G4 processor
  • MacOS 10.3 (or Higher)
  • Ethernet
  • Airport or Airport Extreme (802.11b or 802.11g compatible)

Note: The 802.11b/g card is NOT needed for a desktop computer.

You will also need a patch cable to connect your computer to the Ethernet connection in your room. The length of this will vary depending on where you plan to put your computer. These cables are available in the campus bookstore. If you plan to bring your own, make sure that it is a standard patch cable and not a crossover or crossconnect cable. Visit the Technology Department for more information, or if you just need to know how to set up your wireless connection, click here. And for any Technology related questions or problems, you can always contact the IT Help Desk at 740.376.4860.

Do you provide Campus escorts?

Personal escorts are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year around the campus. If you would like an escort, call extension 3333 and a member of the Marietta College Police Department will gladly provide you with an escort. In addition, there are blue emergency call boxes located on campus, so if you decide you would like an escort while you are walking, you can call for one.

What happens if I get in trouble, either on campus or off?

This is a complex question to answer. If you get into trouble off campus, the police agency that you dealt with will handle any criminal charges that may be filed against you. Additionally, if you get in trouble off campus and it is a crime of serious nature, you will have a campus creed charge placed against you for Conduct Unbecoming of a Marietta College student. On campus, if you are violating Federal, State or City laws or violations of the Marietta College Student Code of Conduct, we may handle the charges. Generally, MCPD tries to handle all violations on campus. We will issue you a citation for the violation or infraction and turn the information over to the Student Conduct Officer to handle the judicial proceedings. However, if a violation of Federal, State or City law is severe, you could face criminal charges and be arrested by MCPD for the violation. It is a case-by-case procedure. On campus or off, Marietta College expects you to act as an adult and take full responsibility for your actions.

May freshmen have a car on campus? Does it have to be registered? What about a parking permit? How much does it cost?

Parking is limited. Freshmen students must apply for a permit. Visit the Parking page for more info.

How do I add Dining Dollars to my account?

Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased with cash, check or credit card in the Dining Services Office on the upper level of the Gilman Student Center or by calling 740.376.4786.

Is Marietta a suitcase college? Do students leave on the weekends or do they stay on campus?

We are not considered a suitcase campus since we house the majority of students (approx. 92%) on campus. Few students commute so the student life office attempts to offer a variety of activities for students. For further information about what some students may do on the weekends, please see What do students do on the weekends?

What are Marietta's Mainstage theatre productions this year and where can I find a schedule? (General Fine Arts questions)

All plays, concerts, comedians, art shows, and other events are listed in the Events Calendar.

Are there religious services on campus?

Marietta College is non-secretarian and therefore has no religious affiliation. There are, however, student organizations on campus devoted to different religious identities. In addition, there are houses of worship associated with a variety of religious traditions that can be found within easy walking distance of campus or a short drive away in the neighboring communities of Belpre, Ohio, and Williamstown and Parkersburg, West Virginia.

I have been accepted and returned my financial aid award papers. When will I receive my info packet?

Our welcome packets, with all important information for incoming students, are sent to students by the beginning of May. If you have not received your packed, please contact Admission.

Are there any Medical requirements (shots needed, tests etc.)

Students living in residence halls are strongly urged to have up-to-date immunizations, including the Hepatitis B and the meningococcal vaccines. The College's Health Center, which is located in Suite 200 at 210 Seventh St., can refer students to the Marietta City Health Department for vaccinations.

Where can I buy groceries?

There are several locations within walking distance to the campus that sell food and groceries. Giant Eagle, Food for Less, Speedway, and several downtown shops provide a complete food service outside the college's meal plans. You can also use declining balance to purchase food in Gilman Express, Izzy's, and the Chlapaty Café.

Having trouble locating the sheets to fit the bed size. Any suggestions of a store to get them from?

All mattresses are 39" by 80". To ensure that your sheets fit properly, we recommend that you bring oversized twin sheets. Most stores that sell bedding materials should have these in stock. They are often labeled as "XL Twin."

What local restaurants are there?

Like most urban areas, Marietta's drinking and dining options range from fast food to five-star. Your best bet is to explore the city (and nearby Parkersburg, WV) and discover for yourself.