Thank you for your interest in the Entrepreneurship Programs at Marietta College. We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is key to individual success, rapid economic growth, and improved social well-being. That is why we are committed to fostering and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit on our campus as well as among other members of the community through a series of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

Our programs are designed to inspire you while empowering you to inspire others. They will provide you the tools to search for new ideas and to transform those ideas into actions while enabling you to do the same for others. In short, our goal is to create a community of mentors, creators, and innovators who support, encourage, and prepare each other for successful entrepreneurial activities in new or existing, for-profit or non-profit, organizations of all sizes.

Our programs were created, in part, through a generous gift from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

Jacqueline Khorassani, Ph.D.
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

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