Your digital portfolio must include images of the following items:

  1. Using only pencil or charcoal, create the following drawings:
    • self-portrait (use a mirror, not a photo)
    • a vehicle
    • an interior
    • a landscape
  2. Submit 10-24 additional pieces of artwork, including drawings, paintings, photographs, designs, and/or three-dimensional work.

Digital Files

Each portfolio piece must be documented with a high-quality photograph or digital file. Please save files in the "high quality" jpeg format. Name digital files with your Last Name, First Initial and File Number, for example "LastFirst_01.jpg"

Submit digital files on a CD or DVD labeled with your name, address and phone number. Also include a Work ID sheet, with your name on it, which lists the following information for each work example: Digital File Name, Title, Medium, and Dimensions.

Application Check List:

  • Portfolio CD/DVD
  • Work ID Sheet
  • Resume
All applications should be postmarked by February 1st

Send to:
Marietta College Art Department
215 Fifth Street
Marietta, OH 45750