SAAAPA Origins and Structure

The involvement of physician assistant students in the American Academy of Physician Assistants has been valued and encouraged since the Academy was founded in 1968 by several students at Duke University. Since then, students have had an influential voice in the Academy's direction, serving in important leadership positions.

The student academy has its own structure within the AAPA, starting with PA students at each PA educational program, whether organized as student societies or student contacts.

The PA Student Society is formed by each new class of Marietta College PA Students. The group works to promote the physician assistant profession. Attached are excerpts from The Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants Student Society Handbook explaining the function of the society, etc.

The Marietta College PA Program Class of 2016 Officers

President: Paige Carpenetti

Vice President: Coulton Waite

Secretary: Brenna Burkhart

Treasurer: Amanda Homady

Outreach Chair: Breea Buckley

OAPA Student Rep: Casey Kolp

AOR Representative: Ashley Dixon

AOR Alternate: Chelsea Laswell

Historian: Kate Ludwig

Student Diversity Committee Representative: Emily Delk

Green Chair: Laura Lewis

The Marietta College PA Program Class of 2015 Officers

President: Brian Peppel

Vice President: Kristyn Heagan

Secretary: Allison Heck

Treasurer: Cora Wayman

Outreach Chair: Danielle Lang

OAPA Student Rep: Krissy Rowe

AOR Representative: Vera Filatova

AOR Alternate: Amanda Swickard

Historian: Kendra Hentkowski

Student Diversity Committee Representative: Chelsea Remster

Green Chair: Arica Taylor