We welcome your application to Marietta. Candidates for admission should apply between May 1 of the junior year and April 15 of the senior year; admission after April 15 is offered on a space-available basis, so file your application as early as possible. If you wish to be considered for academic scholarships you should apply no later than February 1. Please read this entire page carefully before submitting your application.

Additional info is available here (PDF).


  1. Application Form. You may apply online here or use the 'The Common Application', or you may send your application materials by mail. Download Marietta's Freshman Application Form (PDF).
  2. Guidance Counselor Report and Transcript. Fill in the top portion of the Guidance Counselor Report (PDF) before giving it to your guidance or college counselor. He or she should complete and return this report directly to Marietta College along with your Secondary School Transcript. A decision can be made without first-term grades from your Senior year; however, these grades often enhance a student's record.
  3. Essay. Marietta requires an essay (PDF) as part of your application. Choose the question you find most intriguing. If possible, you should type your essay (a maximum of 250 words).
    • Identify a person or an experience that has had a significant influence on the formation of your values.
    • It has been said that high school is "four years of being misunderstood." What do you think?
    • Respond to the statement, "We do not read great books, they read us."
    • In lieu of one of the above questions, you may submit a graded paper from your 11th or 12th grade English class (3 or more pages.).
  4. Application Fee. $25 (non-refundable) must accompany your application. Your check or money order should be made payable to Marietta College. If it represents a financial hardship to you and your family, please ask your guidance or college counselor to request a fee waiver from Marietta on your behalf.
  5. Admission Tests. You are required to submit your scores on the SAT I or the ACT. You may ask that your scores be sent to us directly or they may be reported on your secondary school transcript. Marietta's SAT number is 1444; our ACT number is 3290. Your application will not be reviewed until the results of your SAT I or ACT are received. Although not required, if you have taken or plan to take SAT II Subject Tests, please indicate so on your application.
  6. Teacher Evaluation (optional). Complete the top portion of the evaluation form (PDF), and give it to a teacher who has taught you in an academic subject during your junior or senior year. If you wish to submit another recommendation from a teacher, coach, or club adviser, you may do so.
  7. Acceptance. We will notify you by letter if any required portion of your application is missing. You will be advised of the Admission Committee's decision within one month of the date your application is complete. If you are admitted to Marietta and plan to enroll, you must make a $200 deposit by May 1. Deposits made in advance of this date are refundable until May 1 if you select another college or university.

McDonough Leadership Program
Students considering application to this special program must complete a separate application form. Please visit the program's website to download the application.