The College offers insurance plans to full-time undergraduate and international students. All students are required to have insurance during their enrollment at Marietta College.

The College also offers Tuition Refund Insurance to protect your educational investment.

Student Health Insurance Program

All students must be covered by health insurance. The College offers student health insurance which is an excess coverage plan and is not intended to serve as primary coverage. The plan will look for payment first from other insurance or pre-payment plans.

Information regarding this option is mailed to each student along with their fall semester statement. Insurance offered through the College is automatically charged to the students account, but can be waived if details regarding current health coverage are provided and a waiver is completed by the required due date of September 1, 2012. If the student does not waive the insurance by the due date, the charge of $220 will remain on the student's account. The student must go online at to waive the insurance.

If waiving the Student Insurance Plan, the student must check with their insurance plan to confirm they will be covered while attending Marietta College and verify that network HMO or PPO doctors are available in the Marietta area.

For students that have health insurance coverage, please note many commercial insurance plans do not cover a student after a certain age. Please check with your insurance carrier before submitting a waiver to make sure your plan will cover you for the entire school year.


International Student Insurance

The international student insurance plan is administered by HTH Worldwide Insurance, Inc. Participation in the insurance plan is required of all international students unless the student can show to the satisfaction of the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance that s/he is covered by a plan in their home country which provides equal or near equal coverage.

Except for a co-pay, the plan covers all physician office and hospital visits, costs for testing, treatment, and medication (50 percent) associated with an injury/illness. The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, dental, or eye care costs. For more information on the insurance plan, students should contact the International Student Coordinator.


Tuition Refund Insurance

The College encourages all students to purchase Tuition Refund Insurance. If a student is unable to complete the semester because of medical reasons, the insurance allows the student to withdraw at any time from Marietta College and receive a 75 percent refund of tuition, room and board. A qualified physician must certify the disability. Without this insurance, a student could lose a significant investment in tuition and fees.

Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is optional. Those who wish to participate must do so before the first day of fall classes. Students will receive information about this insurance program through the mail during the summer.