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Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson

McCoy Professor of Accounting

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 119

Degrees: Master of Accountancy (University of South Florida), 1988; Bachelor's in Accounting (University of South Florida), 1986

Year appointed: 1989

As well as teaching financial accounting, Professor Johnson is responsible for courses in accounting information systems and accounting research, and is affiliated with the College's Asian Studies Program. She has been published in Journal of E-business, Decision Management, Journal of Education for Business, Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, and is an active presenter at accounting and international business conferences. She co-authored a Portuguese language management information systems textbook, Sistemas de Informações: Administraçõo em Tempo Real (Information Systems: Realtime Management). Her new textbook, Fundamentals of Accounting Information Systems: An Internal Control Approach, was published in November 2013 by North American Business Press.

Johnson spent her 2009-2010 sabbatical working in Korea on projects related to accounting education and marriage migration. She collaborated with several Korean colleagues on papers comparing American and Korean accounting education. Her studies on migration are ongoing.

Johnson's current research interests include studies of Chinese rural development, migration in China and Korea, and experiential accounting education.