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Jacqueline Khorassani

Jacqueline Khorassani

Professor of Economics

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 104

Degrees: Ph.D. in Economics (West Virginia University), 1997; Master's in Economics (University of Oregon), 1982; Bachelor's in Public Relations and Social Affairs (College of Mass Communication, Tehran, Iran), 1975

Year appointed: 1994

Dr. Khorassani’s current research focuses on the inverted classroom pedagogy. She also has conducted research on the causes and effects of the shadow economy as well as the moral hazard effects of deposit insurance.

Dr. Khorassani is the recipient of the “Innovative Teaching Award” at Marietta College. She has also been recognized twice as a finalist for the McCoy Teaching Award. In addition to Marietta College, Dr. Khorassani has conducted classes and seminars at various domestic and foreign universities such as Ohio University, West Virginia University, University of International Relations in Beijing, China, South West University of Economics & Finance in Chengdu, China, Methodist University in Piraciaba, Brazil, and Centro Universitario Metodista Izabela Hendrix in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Dr. Khorassani has presented in the international meetings such as “The Symposium on The Reform of Curriculum for Academic Finance Programs and Bilingual Teaching in Finance” in China. She has published in the Journal of Economic and Finance.