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David McShaffrey

David McShaffrey


Dept: Biology




Office: SELBY 242

Degrees: Ph.D in Ecological Entomology (Purdue), 1988; Master's in Biology (Akron), 1983; Bachelor's in Biology (Akron), 1981

Year appointed: 1989

Dr. McShaffrey has been in Marietta College's Biology and Environmental Science Department since 1989. He has taught more than 15 different courses, including zoology, aquatic biology, insect taxonomy, scientific imaging, leaders in environmental activism, and microbiology.

He was the president of the Ohio Odonata Society in 2000 and co-edited a scholarly book and an informational pamphlet on the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio. He is Marietta College's representative to the advisory board of the Ohio Biological Survey as well as an executive board member of that organization.

You can visit Dr. McShaffrey's personal website at www.marietta.edu/~mcshaffd/.