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Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Chair of the Department of Political Science

Dept: Political Science




Office: THMS 314

Degrees: Ph.D. in Political Science (West Virginia University), 2005; Master of Arts in Political Science (West Virginia University), 2003; Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (West Virginia University), 1999

Year appointed: 2005

Dr. Schaefer has been at Marietta College since 2005. He teaches courses in International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, and International Political Economy. Some of his course offerings include: Issues in International Politics, American Foreign Policy, Political Systems of Developing Nations, International Political Economy, the Politics of War and Peace, and Middle East Politics.

Dr Schaefer's research interests are in American grand strategy, alliances, and the causes of war. His current research deals with emerging powers, specifically the BRICS states. Dr. Schaefer is a co-sponsor of the Model United Nations team. He is also the coordinator of the Pizza and Politics program, which brings campus and community members together to discuss current events and special issues.