At Marietta, you will get into the lab to address complex questions from your first introductory courses. You will have opportunities such as field research in Costa Rica, service learning at the local humane society, attending physician rounds at Marietta Memorial Hospital, presenting at the Ohio Natural History Conference and camping with the Biology Club. The hands-on experience you gain, combined with the breadth of the liberal arts core curriculum, will prepare you for graduate school or immediate entry into a career as a lab technician, medical sales manager, health educator and more.

You will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment for microbiology, anatomy, cell biology, molecular biology and other research, as well as our Beiser Field Station for environmental studies. Marietta students also intern at sites such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, physical therapy centers, the National Aquarium, the Ohio River Islands Refuge and Strecker Cancer Center.

The biology major culminates with a capstone experience, where you will design, execute and present either a hands-on research project or a critical review of the scientific literature, comparable to a graduate-level thesis. The best capstone research projects have been presented at state, national and international scientific conferences.