The Marietta College Engineering Dual Degree Program provides students an opportunity to earn a liberal arts education that is combined with an engineering focus — opening up countless employment opportunities following graduation. Today's employers regularly state the need for broadly educated employees with the kind of communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that are the hallmark of a Marietta College education.

The program is typically completed as a 3-2 sequence — three years at Marietta College and two years at either Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis or West Virginia University. A student completing the Engineering Dual Degree Program earns a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Biology from Marietta and an Engineering degree from the engineering partner school after completing all five years.

This attractive option enables engineering students to begin their academic career with a solid foundation because of the attention they receive in Marietta’s smaller classes and labs. Students work closely with their advisers to make sure they are taking the right classes to keep on target to finish in three years at Marietta and also qualify for the Engineering program of their choice. Marietta also has a world-class Petroleum Engineering program, which allows us to offer general engineering and science courses that other liberal arts colleges can’t.  Articulation to the engineering school is contingent upon maintaining a specified GPA, completing all required courses, and receiving appropriate recommendations while at Marietta.