This interdisciplinary program will provide you the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in one of the many areas of the sport industry including: event management, ticketing and sales, YMCA and other voluntary organizations, the private fitness sector, collegiate sports, sports marketing and youth sports.

Through a rigorous selection of courses that encourage and develop critical thinking and problem solving, you will develop into the type of leader who will apply business practices to the sports industry. And because you will have a degree from Marietta, we know you will possess the competitive knowledge and ability to communicate your ideas through both written and oral presentations.

Our graduates work in a variety of positions within the sports industry such as BSN Sports, Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field, CEO of YMCA, Anheiser Busch Events Coordinator and C-Side Sport facility just to name a few. Other graduates continue their education in graduate programs in sports management or professional programs related to business and law.