Marietta theatre graduates are TV actors, theatre actors and company owners, and are employed on Broadway, at Disney and more.

Whether you choose our Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts program, you will become an exceptionally well-rounded theatre artist. Many programs insist on students choosing a “track” as an actor, stage manager or technician, but at Marietta you will receive an immersive, hands-on education in theatre as a whole. This will better prepare you to enter the professional world of theatre immediately after graduation and make you more attractive to companies looking for flexibility.

Faculty work professionally in multiple areas of production and share that expertise and experience with each student. We believe that knowing how to design and construct lights, costumes and scenery will make you a better director. Experiencing the challenges and triumphs of performing a role onstage will make you a better theatrical designer and technician.

You will have opportunities to audition for campus productions from your first semester, as well as to apply for a renewable Fine Arts Talent Scholarship.