Academic Resource Center

Who We Are

The Academic Resource Center, or ARC, began operating in 1999 with the primary mission of providing resources and services to assist all Marietta College students in the acquisition of information and development of skills to achieve their academic potential. In addition to the individualized services for students, the resources are available to all members of the campus community.

Quite simply, the ARC strives to help students become better students. Those students who choose to use the services and resources of the ARC are successful. We are here to help!

Students can take advantage of our services on any level, from the more intensive individual advising and academic support, to the occasional participation in a workshop or tutoring session, to a lower level, by using our quiet computer lab to study. There is something for everyone!

Services Offered by the ARC

Individualized Academic Assistance

  • Individual meetings to discuss academic performance and concerns
  • Study strategy assistance
  • Learning Style assessment
  • Academic success plan


Tutoring Services

  • Individual
  • Group/Study Tables
  • Drop-In


Workshops and Seminars

  • Time-management
  • Study skills development
  • Prepping for exams
  • Test-taking skills
  • Motivation
  • Note-taking
  • Academic Reality Check


Notifications & Referrals

  • Academic Alert and Intervention where faculty alert the ARC when a student may be experiencing difficulty in order to provide assistance
  • Outside referrals as necessary to support the student in all aspects of academic need