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Marietta College is committed to your success from the day you first arrive until your graduation. Starting with Enrollment Days, held during the summer, New Student Orientation, held the first week of your arrival, and continuing with your First Year Seminar and Lab, we will assist you in making a successful transition from high school to college. Please continue to check our website throughout the semester with information regarding the Enrollment Days and Orientation schedule.

Enrollment Days

Enrollment Days, held during the summer, is your first step in transitioning to Marietta College. You will receive a Welcome Packet in mail either late Spring or early Summer explaining the necessary forms that need to be completed as well as asking you to register for one of five enrollment days. Enrollment Days begins the transition for both students and parents as well as begins to connect you to faculty and staff here at Marietta College. You will not only have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into life at Marietta but also embark on your academic career. During these sessions, you will complete your math placement testing, learn about the general education requirements, and meet with an academic advisor to schedule classes for the fall semester. Additionally, you will all obtain your student ID and Marietta College e-mail address.

Overnight Enrollment Days will take place on: June 20-21 and July 18-19..

Enrollment Days and Orientation is required for all entering freshmen and transfer students.

Fall Orientation 2014

Fall Orientation, held prior to the beginning of classes, is designed to continue your transition to Marietta College and connect you to roommates and classmates, introduce you to extracurricular activities at Marietta, and reconnect you with faculty and the academic arena that you are entering in to as a student. It also is the start of your First Year Experience, a required 3 credit-hour academic class.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a long standing tradition at Marietta College, the Matriculation ceremony. The annual Matriculation ceremony marks a student’s formal enrollment in the College. The Matriculation ceremony includes the Charge to New Students from the Dean of the Faculty as well as official greetings from the President, Dean of Students, the Mayor of Marietta and the President of Student Senate. The ceremony concludes with each student adding his or her name to the Marietta College Matriculation Book.

The cost of the Orientation program is $290, which covers the program, socials, food, housing, materials and staffing. The fee will appear on your initial bill for the fall, which you will receive in July.

Shortly after Orientation, the student organization fair, called "Club Marietta," is held. Students from most campus organizations offer information about their organizations during this activity fair. You can "shop" for the clubs and groups you're interested in, and sign up!

Fall Orientation will take place: August 21-24, 2014