To grasp what's happening in the world today, you have to see issues from a broader context than what you get on the nightly news. You have to understand the purposes and problems of politics. As a political science major at Marietta, you'll take courses in such wide-ranging fields as American politics, public policy, comparative and international politics, and political theory.

By studying so many different facets of politics, you'll learn to analyze political issues in terms of the big picture. But you'll go beyond analysis and learn to evaluate the controversial issues of political life and relate them to ethical decisions. Along the way, you'll apply what you're learning through internships, study abroad programs, or our Washington Semester program. These opportunities also prepare you for law school, graduate studies in public policy, or careers in business, government, or education.

Special Feature
Marietta offers a Washington Semester through American University. As part of this program, you can spend a semester in Washington, DC, studying different aspects of American politics and government. You can also take part in internships and individual research projects that will introduce you to leaders in government and the private sector.

At Pizza and Politics, an informal discussion series, faculty with expertise on current events answer student questions and lead informal discussions about current topics, such as European attitudes on U.S. foreign policy and the State of the Union Address.