Marietta College's Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing is dedicated to telling the Marietta College story and managing the Marietta College brand through internal and external communications and the execution of integrated marketing campaigns and strategies. The office is your place to get assistance with media relations, website development, graphic design, advertising and printing.

We are an award-winning team of highly skilled marketing and communication professionals. We’re here to put Marietta College people who are doing ground-breaking research, or just have a good story to tell on news programs and on magazine covers. We also want to bring these stories to life in videos and photos, and to tell — and also tweet — the nation about Marietta College's growing reputation anywhere we can find an audience.

Our team of highly skilled marketing professionals is committed to enhancing the national visibility and reputation of Marietta College. Our team has created resources and guidelines (see below) that should be useful tools for our partners across campus. If these don't help, please contact us at 740.376.4717.

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