The Entrepreneurship minor is designed to expose students to the mindset and behavior of successful entrepreneurs. It enables students to search for and identify various opportunities within their fields of interest. It then provides students with basic tools that allow them to turn their ideas into actions. In short, students will learn to:

  1. Recognize and evaluate opportunity.
  2. Turn ideas into valuable goods and services.
  3. Engage and persuade stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, suppliers, community members).


Who is this minor for?

This minor is for students that wish to use the technical and theoretical knowledge they gain in their major field of study into practice. In other words, the Entrepreneurship minor builds a bridge between theory and practice by enabling you to search for and identify various social or economic problems that require your expertise in order to be solved. It then provides you with basic tools that enable you to turn your solutions into actions. Effective solutions will lead to either starting a new business or improving the way an existing business operates. Either way, your solutions are likely to be rewarded by generating profits, higher wages and salaries, or higher levels of personal satisfaction.


In Fall 2016, the first group of students in entrepreneurship minor program finished their first class (ENTR 101: Entrepreneurial Mindset).