Board approves a Three-year contract extension for President Ruud

— A message from the Board of Trustees

Dear Marietta College Community:

It is my honor and pleasure to announce today that Marietta College’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a three-year contract extension for President William N. Ruud that runs through June 30, 2025. President Ruud’s current contract — which was extended in 2018 — runs through June 30, 2022.

The Board continues to be extremely pleased with the direction of the College under President Ruud’s leadership, and that has never been more evident than during this challenging period for higher education. In the face of a pandemic, Marietta College has risen to the challenge under President Ruud’s steadfast leadership.

The Trustees are impressed by the vision created and realized by President Ruud, such as stabilizing enrollment, achieving steady increases in fundraising, and creating an environment to explore new majors and robust partnerships with other institutions. He has also developed strong relationships within the Mid-Ohio Valley that have strengthened the College’s standing and reputation, while also expanding the institution’s reach around the state by serving on Governor Mike DeWine’s Task Force on Testing.

We believe President Ruud’s leadership is critical to completing and implementing a strategic plan, as well as reaching lofty fundraising goals that will further enhance the educational experience of our students and transform the campus.

We also credit many of the College’s recent successes with the strong senior leadership team he has assembled, and the positive attitude he continues to propagate across the campus. We are pleased that President Ruud and his wife, Judy, are excited to continue being valuable members of the Marietta College community now and into the future.


Matt Weekley ’81
Chair, Board of Trustees
Marietta College