Angela Shrader

Admission Counselor
BA-Theatre, Marietta College (2015); BA-Psychology, Marietta College (2015)
Year Appointed


A Parkersburg, West Virginia native, Angela Shrader returned home to Marietta College in 2021 as an Admission Counselor. Angie has a variety of interests including psychology, theatre and study abroad. In 2018, Angie fulfilled a lifelong goal to live abroad in Japan when she obtained a position working in the village Ginoza in Okinawa, Japan. This experience, alongside her study abroad experience in Kyoto, Japan, allowed her to meet people from around the world and paved the way to her goal of working with international and study abroad students. She encourages everyone to consider traveling or studying abroad, whether it be during their time at Marietta College or beyond.

In her free time, Angie loves to perform at her local theatres, write poetry and fiction, play volleyball, play video games and board games, study Japanese, and spend time with her two cats, Russell and Artemis. Her favorite places on campus are the third floor of the Legacy Library and the Friederich Theater.


Ohio counties: Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe and Noble

States: California, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia

Additional territories: International students and APO or domestic students living/studying abroad.

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