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Marietta College is offering test-optional admission to students. An SAT or ACT score will not be required for students applying for undergraduate admission.

We have prepared this page to address many common questions. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to your admission counselor or contact the Office of Admission at

Why has MC made standardized test scores optional?

Our test-optional policy was adopted in 2021 to ensure every applicant has an equal opportunity for admission and can have more control of their application. Applicants can decide to submit standardized test scores if they believe the scores add value to their application.

How will MC evaluate students who do not choose to submit their test scores?

We have and we will continue to take a holistic approach to evaluating prospective students for admission. Standardized test scores have always played a role in our decision-making process, but they made up only a small part. In the absence of a test score, our Admission counselors will continue to review your application holistically including the completion of a core curriculum (English, Math, Science, Social Studies and quality electives), grades earned, your decision to take rigorous coursework, application essays, extracurricular activities and other achievements.

Are there any students who must submit a test score?

If you have been homeschooled or have attended a school with non-traditional evaluation methods where traditional alpha or numerical grades are not assigned will be required to submit an ACT or SAT score.

International students are still required to provide proof of English ability, as outlined on our international admission web page.

How do I decide if applying test-optional is right for me?

When we review an application, our team’s goal is to get a better understanding of who the applicant is, the likelihood they will be academically successful, and what qualities the student will bring to our campus community.

Therefore, we cannot tell any prospective student if they should or should not submit their test scores. Ultimately, it is up to you to conclude if the test score is an accurate and significant representation of your academic ability.

Will I still be considered for merit-based scholarships if I apply without test scores?

Yes you will be considered for scholarships.

How do I denote that I would like to apply as test-optional?

You will be able to tell us in your application whether you want your test score to be included or excluded from the admission review process.

What if I change my mind if I want to switch from either test-optional or submit test scores?

While we encourage you to carefully consider your decision before submitting an application, we will accommodate a request to include test scores or to exclude them from the review process.

What if I want to apply test-optional but my scores have already been submitted?

If you signify on your application that you do not want your test scores to be considered, our Admission team will not include the scores as part of our review process — regardless of whether you send them to us from a testing agency.

How do I report my ACT or SAT scores if I want them to be considered as part of the admission review process?

For test scores to be considered for admission into Marietta College, they must be received on an official score report submitted by either the ACT or College Board, or from your official high school transcript. Self-reported scores will be not be considered by our Admission Team.