Good communication skills help you to more effectively share communication with others in class, in team or group projects, and professionally. The purpose of the Communication Resource Center (COMM Center) is to empower all Marietta College students to become better, more confident, and more engaged communicators.

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Peer Consultation and Coaching Services

Communication is an interactive pursuit! Work with our peer consultants — Marietta College students recommended by faculty members — who have completed training to provide effective communication coaching!

Making an Appointment
Meet the Tutors

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Facilities and Resources

The Communication Center is on the second floor of Mills Hall in room 205. The Center includes a rehearsal area, the ability to record your rehearsal for critique, a quiet study area, computers for research and designing presentation aids/posters, and space to work on group communication projects.

Hours: Monday – Friday hours are posted each semester at the door

Self-help and Tips from Tutors

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Faculty Support

The Communication Center assists faculty members by providing support for students outside of the classroom and through workshops, classroom visits, and consultations on ways to include and assess oral communication projects/assignments in specific courses. Students may be referred to the Center by their professors.

Services and Resources for Faculty

Meet the Tutors

Spencer Hall Portrait

Spencer Hall (he/him)

Major: Strategic Communication
Minors: Marketing, Management
Certificate: Health Communication
Specialties: Speech outline, speech delivery, English conversation partner

Rebecca Phelps Portrait

Rebecca Phelps

Major: Sports Medicine
Minors: Health Communication
Specialties: Speech outline, research and citation, visual aid design (PowerPoint, poster), English conversation partner

Addison Painter Portrait

Addison Painter

Major: Broadcast Journalism
Minors: Coaching
Specialties: Speech outline, speech delivery, visual aid design (PowerPoint, poster)

Ang Dotson Portrait

Ang Dotson (they/them)

Major: Environmental Science
Minors: Gender Studies
Certificate: Leadership Studies
Specialties: Speech outline, speech delivery

About the Center


Empowering students to become better, more confident, and more engaged communicators.


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Dr. Cheongmi Shim (Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas) is the Director of the Communication Center and the Fundamentals of Communication Program. Her multinational experience in diverse organizations has taught her the power of artful public speech in human relations. She encourages MC students to take advantage of the Communication Center to empower themselves to deliver messages that make a difference.

The Communication Center operation is guided by the student staff, who serve in organizational roles from marketing to content development, in addition to working as communication consultants. The Center provides a learning lab where staff members hone professional communication leadership skills.

Contact the Center

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CONTACT: Dr. Cheongmi Shim, DIRECTOR

Phone: 740-376-4546 | Email: