The purpose of the Communication Resource Center (CRC) is to enhance oral communication knowledge and skills for all Marietta College students.

Students can sign up for free face-to-face peer coaching in one-on-one or group sessions. Communication Assistants (CAs) offer peer coaching primarily in the development of the following:

  • a clear central message for oral presentations
  • organization of information
  • appropriate and effective language use
  • quality research and use of supporting material
  • dynamic delivery

CAs can offer support in preparing oral presentations for a variety of academic and professional endeavors including:

  • individual and group speeches for class
  • conference presentations
  • capstone and internship presentations
  • speech competitions

The CRC provides computers for researching and organizing speech information, video cameras for recording and viewing speech rehearsals, and a quiet space for writing speeches or studying.

Sign up for an appointment time for peer coaching using the banner link above.

Contact Information

Director: Dr. Alane Sanders
Phone: 740-376-4692
Location: Mills Hall 205