The purpose of the Communication Resource Center (COMM Center) is to empower all Marietta College students to become better, more confident, and more engaged communicators.

What We Do

Located in MILLS 205, the COMM Center provides a collaborative, supportive, and instructional environment where students work closely with Peer Communication Consultants to help them prepare for, become more familiar and comfortable with public speaking and oral communication in academic and professional situations.

The COMM Center also offers an opportunity for students whose first language is not English to practice English conversation skills for personal use and classroom participation.

Students may want to visit the COMM Center as they prepare for:

  • class presentations (including, but not limited to communication classes)
  • honors, internship or capstone presentations in any major
  • All Scholars Day presentations
  • conference presentations
  • speech competitions
  • participation in classroom discussions in English

Peer Communication Consultants

Students can sign up for free face-to-face peer consultation and coaching in one-on-one or group sessions for several types of academic or professional communication assistance, including:

Speech development consultation

Assistance to develop effective speech/presentation content, including help with:

  • Stating a clear central message
  • Organizing information and proper outline format
  • Writing strong introductions and conclusions
  • Using appropriate and effective language
  • How to find and use quality supporting material and provide proper citations

Speech delivery consultation

Critique and assistance to develop effective delivery of speeches/presentations, including help with:

  • Effectively using verbal and nonverbal skills
  • Easing public speaking anxiety
  • Using presentation aids effectively
  • Using the stage/podium/technology effectively
  • Providing video recording of your practice session for self-critique purposes

Presentation aids development consultation

Assistance in the effective development of presentation aids (PPT, PREZI, posters, etc.), including:

  • Design basics
  • Copyright and citations
  • Visual message
  • Poster session prints

English conversation partners

Consultation/discussion to help students whose first language is not English develop conversational English skills, including:

  • Holding topical conversations in English
  • Discussing cultural contexts of American English conversations
  • Practicing fluency and word use with someone who can answer questions
  • Practicing and learning cultural differences in nonverbal communication (eye contact, gestures, etc.)

Schedule an appointment

To see when peer consultants are available, and to make appointments use the “Schedule Appointment” button in the banner above.

Contact Information

Director: Dr. Linda Lockhart
Phone: 740.376.4692
Location: Mills 205

Become A Peer Communication Consultant!

The COMM Center is currently hiring! To be considered for a position as a Peer Communication Consultant, please complete this application form and submit it to the COMM Center Director by emailing or dropping off your form to Mills 206.