Marietta College is interested in the total health of every student. Emphasis is placed on preventive medicine, wellness, and the maintenance of good health.

We believe a student’s physical and emotional health is key to a successful college career. These resources are here to support you if needed.

The Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) functions as a health care clinic serving the medical needs of Marietta College students. Our goal is to provide both medical care and education that support a healthy college experience.

The Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) provides individual, couples’ and group counseling focused on a range of clinical issues. The CHW has a diverse professional staff that works from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Marietta College students come to the CHW for a wide variety of reasons. Some students find that talking with a counselor once is sufficient to resolve the immediate concern. Many of the students who come into the CHW are experiencing academic difficulties, including time management issues, concentration problems, lack of motivation, or questions about study skills. Some students are having trouble adjusting to college life or are having a conflict with a roommate or their parents. Many of our clients have a specific concern related to depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse, eating concerns or a similar clinical issue. For more information, please contact the Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness at 740.376.4477.

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Counseling FAQ


All sessions are confidential and no information is released to anyone without your permission. The obvious exceptions to confidentiality include cases that involve imminent harm and danger to you or to others. To make an appointment, call during office hours. In emergency situations, students generally can be seen almost immediately.

Where and How to Contact Us

Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness
Harrison Hall
Entrance on Seventh Street Side of Building by 2 big pillars


CHW Hours:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
After Hours - contact MCPD @ 740.376.3333