Welcome to the intellectual heart of Marietta College. College is a time to explore as well as a time to prepare for a prosperous future. At Marietta College, we strive to help our students develop the knowledge and skills that will lead to success in the classroom, the work world, and in all aspects of life. My great hope is that students will find their passion and follow it into a future they create for themselves.

To be educated requires a pioneering spirit. I hope our students will seek out what is new: learn a new language, study abroad, conduct research with a faculty mentor, perform service learning, take a class in a subject they know nothing about, explore the Legacy Library. The faculty and staff members in Academic Affairs are all here as guides in the exciting journey of intellectual exploration that we hope will never end for us as well as for our students. At Marietta College, academics partner with all areas of the College to ensure that academic and co-curricular experiences are a rich and rewarding preparation for a future career and life guided by the pioneering spirit that founded Marietta College.

Be Brave. Be Curious. Be creative. Be entrepreneurs. Be scholars.

Be Pioneers.

Marietta's Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to supporting the academic mission of the College and advances learning in the liberal arts by:

  • Recruiting, developing, and evaluating faculty
  • Fostering the advancement of academic programs
  • Nurturing excellence in the academic and intellectual life of the Marietta community.

The Office of Academic Affairs supports the academic curriculum of Marietta College, guiding the faculty and the academic departments, as well the Worthington Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office of Education Abroad, Career Center, Academic Resource Center, and Writing Center.

With a curriculum based in the liberal arts, a Marietta College education inspires intellectual confidence and flexibility to follow any path a student chooses, and at the same time provides the necessary skills for a successful career.

Offices are located on the first floor of the Irvine Administration Building.