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Pre-Professional Programs


Although most pre-health professions students at Marietta major in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Health Science, students can also select other majors. Because some students later decide not to pursue a career in the health professions, a major should be chosen based on genuine interest. Although most graduate programs do not specify a preference for a particular major, they require the student to complete a certain core group of courses. When coupled with a major, the curricular tracks listed below will meet most graduate programs' admissions requirements.

However, because the requirements vary among schools and according to the type of health profession, pre-health professions students should seek advice about course selection from their academic advisor. Completing certain of these courses by the spring of the junior year will help prepare students adequately for the national admission examinations (MCAT, DAV, VAT, or GRE).

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Are you thinking about going to law school? Did you know Marietta College has a proven track record of mentoring students like you and helping place them in some of the top law schools in the region? Marietta’s Pre-Law Program is open to all students, regardless of major. This highly successful program helps students prepare for success with LSATs, as well as the interview process for acceptance to law school.

In any major at Marietta, you’ll begin by studying a variety of fields, broadening your knowledge and perspective, and gaining vital skills that will be beneficial as you get closer to applying to law schools.

So, if you want to major in Music at Marietta and prepare for law school, we will help you do that. We provide the personal attention that you need. We help prepare you for the LSAT. The 15 to 20 students in the Pre-Law program meet throughout the semester to discuss strategies that will help all of our Pre-Law students get into law school.

And our approach works. Since Dr. Mark Schaefer took over as the adviser in 2008, every student who has worked with him has been accepted to law school — including top programs like the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Indiana University, Ohio State University, and West Virginia University.

Pre-Law isn’t a major at Marietta College but rather a holistic approach to your undergraduate experience. You will work with a faculty member to design the best schedule for you while making sure you take the courses that will help prepare you for admission to the law school of your choice.

During your four years in Marietta’s Pre-Law program, you will see how much we care about your success and your future.

Learn about our 3+3 Law Programs

Cleveland State University College of Law 3+3 Program

University of Toledo College of Law 3+3 Program


Thanks to an articulation agreement with Marshall University’s Lewis College of Business, Marietta College students earning an undergraduate degree with a 2.500 or higher grade point average may apply for admission to Marshall University's MBA degree program. Marshall encourages all students participating in this program to complete the Business Foundation Courses while enrolled at Marietta and earn a B or better for each course. Doing so may shorten the time to complete the MBA degree and lower the program's total cost.

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The Engineering Dual Degree program at Marietta College gives students a remarkable opportunity to earn two undergraduate degrees within five years. Marietta College has entered into cooperative agreements with Case Western Reserve University, Washington University at St. Louis, and West Virginia University to offer dual degrees in engineering. Through partnerships with these research universities, Marietta offers students the chance to pursue their passion for engineering while still gaining the benefits of a liberal arts education.

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Environmental Science

Marietta College is a cooperative institution in Duke University’s Cooperative College Agreement, which is designed to allow qualified undergraduate students to begin enrollment in the Master of Forestry (MF) or Master of Environmental Management (MEM) program at the Nicholas School of the Environment after completion of three years of applicable undergraduate coursework.

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Student Resources

The Career Center provides career advising; access to experiential education; state-of-the-art job search and graduate school resources and programs; and the necessary tools to transition from Marietta College to the World of Work.


Marietta College welcomes the use of Handshake to meet your career development needs. Handshake works for you to develop customized opportunities and meet your personal interests, and you can find opportunities for:

  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Graduate school & research
  • On-campus student employment
  • So much more

To get started, log in with your Marietta College email and password and begin filling out your profile:

  • Upload your resume.
  • Create your profile.
  • Start your search for on-campus jobs (all open positions will go live on August 1).
  • Make appointments with the Career Center!

Questions or issues? Please contact the Career Center at or 740.376.4480.

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If you’re unsure about your career direction/plans:

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  • Utilize FOCUS, our online interactive career assessments to learn more about how your skills, interests, and values correlate to different occupations.
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Tutorials (PDFs)

Internship Resources

An academic internship is a learning experience shaped by reflection, goal-setting, and evaluation. Performed under the mentorship of an instructor and an on-site supervisor in the workplace, these experiences earn academic credit.

Academic internships = partnership among students, faculty, and employers.

Internships help the College fulfill its mission and Core Value # 4: World of Work:

Marietta College maintains its founders' emphasis on education "in the various branches of useful knowledge," and we believe that the liberal arts remain the best preparation for any career. Through classroom instruction, the use of technology, independent research, and practical experiences in their chosen fields, as well as through a wide variety of opportunities to lead and serve in collaboration with others, students prepare for productive lives. "A contemporary liberal arts education" means preparation for the world of work and the ability to translate knowledge into effective action.

Special Internship Programs

  • The Robert Evans Internship Endowment awards $5,000 to one qualified student for a summer internship in a for-profit organization, specifically a major national or global organization. The $5,000 can be used for relocation travel, housing, meals, related equipment purchases and other living expenses. Eligible applicants must be junior or senior status in any undergraduate major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Washington Center Internship Program 
    Campus Liaison is Andrew Smith, Career Center,;
  • Washington Semester Program at American University
  • The Marist in Manhattan Internship Program 
    Marist in Manhattan, offered by Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, provides Marietta College students with an opportunity to study, live, and intern in New York City with a focus on careers in media and entertainment. Some companies where students have interned in the past include MTV, ABC, HBO Sports, and Warner Brothers Records.

Internship Resources