Marietta College's traditional graduation ceremony takes place in May. A commencement speech offers encouragement to the students before they receive their degrees and become members of Marietta College's Long Blue Line.

Marietta also has an informal December Graduation ceremony for students who complete their academic requirements before the spring.

2020 Commencement

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Marietta College will be conducting a virtual commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 3rd.

The graduation ceremony, along with Strawberries & Crème, help mark the culmination of a student’s time on campus and celebrate an important milestone. The College will be holding the virtual ceremony so our students’ achievements are recognized. Later in the summer, the College will mail each graduate their diploma.

However, President Bill Ruud understands that this milestone must also include an on-campus ceremony. The College is still working out the details, but there will be a a traditional commencement scheduled at a later date.

All of us at Marietta College recognize that the disruption caused by COVID-19 has touched every aspect of life and that this is not the commencement that graduates, their families, and their friends were looking forward to. Marietta College hopes that these alternative plans will allow graduates to celebrate their accomplishments