Welcome HOME! From the time you move in to Marietta to moving out of your first year into your second year as a Pioneer, your First Year Experience will:

There are two pre-semester events to help you move in to your new home!

PioSOAR is an informative, overnight program designed to help entering students and their families acclimate to Marietta College. You will meet other incoming and upper-class students, faculty and staff who will help you feel at home!

HOME. Develop meaningful and lasting friendships during this 5-day program as you focus on your strengths as a student and leader! You will learn “how to college” through activities and sessions ranging from your first FYS to a once-in-a lifetime experience trip.

First Year Seminar (2 credits) and First Year Seminar Lab (1 credit)

Build your social and intellectual community through active engagement in these two classes! In the First Year Seminar you will form bonds with your advisor and peers over a topic that sparks your curiosity--from the History of Rock and Roll to the Scientific Mindset. In the process, you will learn to read and think critically, discuss civilly and interact with a variety of points of view, and understand expectations for college-level work.

The First Year Seminar Lab will equip you to answer the enduring questions of college--and to apply what you learn in meaningful ways.

How do I…

  • Balance my time?
  • Study smarter not harder?
  • Bounce back from failure?
  • Live with someone who is different than I am?
  • Get involved on campus if I do not live on campus?

Where do I go to….

  • Find out about work study opportunities?
  • Understand my financial aid package?
  • Learn about study abroad?
  • Get a tutor?
  • Find a counselor?

When do I need to…

  • Register for next semester?
  • Choose a major?
  • Start looking for internships?
  • Make a 2-4 year plan?
  • Ask for help?