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If you’re new to the college, and need a parking permit, fill out this form and then email (, fax (740.376.4910), drop-in campus mail, or stop by our office. Please use your Marietta College email address on the form. Within 72 hours, we will email you with instructions to read over the rest of this web page and then visit our Parking Portal to complete your request.

If you already have a Marietta College parking permit from last year, there no need to fill out any forms, just read the rest of this page and then visit our Parking Portal.

Parking permits are available to Marietta College students and employees at no cost.

Do not move a permit from one vehicle to another without notifying Marietta College Police Department.

If you need to pay a college parking citation, visit the Parking Portal within 72 hours or you will incur an additional $10 fee. More information is provided below. You cannot pay a citation at our office.

Employees of Marietta College, dining services, and the bookstore do not need to obtain a new permit from year to year.

Temporary permits may be issued to you if you’re not driving your registered vehicle and to any guests that you have on campus. Stop by the Marietta College Police Department to obtain one.

Having a valid permit does not guarantee a parking spot, only the privilege to park on campus.

All parking lots are the property of Marietta College and are designated as faculty/staff lots or student lots. Vehicles parked in all Marietta College parking lots must display a valid parking permit.

Campus speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

Persons are prohibited from operating any motor vehicle on the Christy Mall (Fifth Street mall) without first receiving permission from College Police. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis and last one day.

All construction lanes are restricted to construction vehicles only. Violators may be issued a summons to Marietta Municipal Court.

Roadways within Marietta Hall circle are designated one-way due to safety concerns.

Vehicles may be towed for repeated violations.

All handicap parking spaces are marked with blue stripes and should be used only by persons displaying state registered handicap permits or license plates. Handicap permits must be prominently displayed. Violators are subject to towing and/or fines.

Student Parking: Marietta College Students are issued a student parking permit. Parking permits for commuter students are also available. Students are permitted to park in any lot that is labeled for their respective parking permit. Students are not permitted to park in lots that are designated Faculty/Staff only at any time, or they will be subject to being cited or towed at the owner's expense.

Parking in yellow lots or within spaces marked with yellow paint is reserved for faculty and staff members.

Student parking permits, as well as dining services and bookstore employees, must be displayed in the rear window on the lower passenger's side corner. Marietta College employees must display their permit on their rearview mirror with the permit number facing out. Temporary permits will be placed on the dashboard. Citations may be issued for improper permit placement. Check signs at the lot entrances to see if you are permitted to park in the lot.

On occasion, a student may have a guest or need to have their own vehicle repaired, making their own sticker unavailable to them. Students may come to the Marietta College Police Department office to obtain a temporary parking permit at no cost.

Visitor permits can be obtained at the Marietta College Police Department office. Anyone parking a vehicle in a campus lot must display a parking permit. Short-term visitor spaces are located at Fayerweather Hall. All vehicles without a permit may be towed at the owner's expense.

All campus parking or traffic violations are subject to either a campus citation or a State of Ohio traffic citation. Campus citations must be paid within 72 hours, or an additional charge of $10 will be added to the citation. However, citations may be appealed via the Parking Portal within 72 hours of the citation.

Fines issued to students must be paid within 45 days or they will be added to the student's account. Fines must be paid via the Parking Portal. All State of Ohio traffic citations must be paid at the Marietta Municipal Court, 301 Putnam Street; 740.373.4474.

Immediate tow zones include, but not limited to, fire lanes around Freshman Housing, Harrison Hall, behind McCoy Hall, and the Christy Mall. No parking or driving is permitted on those roadways as they are for emergency and maintenance vehicles only. The driveway between DBRC (the rec center) and Gilman Hall (the dining hall) is also a fire lane and must be clear to allow emergency vehicle access at all times.

Campus Citation Fee Schedule

1st Offense $25
2nd Offense $50
3rd or More $75
Handicap $150
4 or more citations car is towed