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Marietta College has offered Continuing Education opportunities to the residents of the Marietta/Parkersburg area for more than a half a century. A wide variety of degree and certificate programs are available for adult students 24 years of age or older. In addition to all the majors offered in the bachelor's degree programs, continuing education students may choose from two associates' degrees and several certificate programs. Classes are offered in convenient day and evening sessions, and in some cases, credit is given for prior learning experience.

For information about degrees and certificates, how to apply to the Continuing Education program, and other methods of Non-Traditional Study, please e-mail or call 740.376.4740.


Institute for Learning in Retirement

The Institute for Learning in Retirement is a community based organization of retirement age people who share a love of learning. At its heart is an academic program designed by its members to suit their interests and taught by knowledgeable instructors.

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The cost is $30 per course. You may take as many courses as you wish. Classes will take place at various locations.

To view available courses, visit