Summer is an excellent opportunity to fulfill a general education requirement or complete an elective. Taking classes during the summer can lighten your load during the academic year. Summer Sessions are designed to offer you short courses so that you will still have part of your summer study-free!

Did you Know...

  • Numerous online course offerings allow you to take courses from home.
  • Marietta College faculty provide the same quality instruction in a condensed format.
  • Our participation in the Acadeum consortium program allows us to supplement our MC offerings with additional courses taught by a variety of accredited institutions.
  • Tuition is a discounted per credit hour rate compared to full-time academic year tuition.
  • Transient students, alumni, and community members can take a course without formal application to the College

Please Note:

  • Textbooks are required for online courses. Students who will be traveling outside of the United States are encouraged to purchase textbooks before leaving the country.
  • Most online courses are delivered through Canvas, which may not be fully functional through iPhones or iPads. Please make sure that you have access to a laptop or computer throughout the duration of your online course(s).
  • If you decide not to take or complete a course after registration, you MUST contact the Records Office at to formally drop the course and avoid a failing grade and/or summer charges. See below for withdrawal and refund policy and deadlines.

Summer Session Course Dates

  • Session I: May 15 - June 25 (6 weeks)
  • Session II: June 26 - Aug 6 (6 weeks)
  • Session III: May 29 - July 23 (8 weeks)
  • Session IV: May 15 - Aug 6 (12 weeks)

Course Schedule for Summer 2022

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Summer Session 2022 Tuition

  • $375 per credit hour (Undergraduate)
  • $250 per credit hour (Audit)

Payment Terms

All students will be automatically enrolled in a summer payment plan with due dates June 1st, and July 1st. Students who register after June 1st must pay in full by July 1.

Payment for internships or consortium courses for which a student registers after July 1 are due in full by July 31st.

View your student account or make a payment

Please contact Student Accounts at or 740.376.4619 with any questions regarding billing or payment plans.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Please review the below policy carefully.

Dropping Classes after May 14, 2022: You must officially drop or withdraw from a course by emailing the Records Office at If you drop the course after it begins, please copy the instructor on your email. Do not assume that you are automatically dropped from the course if you never start it or do not pay for it!

  • Failure to formally notify the Records Office that you wish to drop the course will result in a failing grade. You also will be responsible for tuition fees.
  • NOTE: The instructor cannot withdraw you from a course. Only the Records Office can do that and only upon written request from the student.

Please note that full refunds are given only if the course is dropped before the second day of the course. Once the course begins, refunds will be prorated according to the schedule below.

Refund Schedule


Session Course Dates Dates to Drip With "W" Refund Schedule  
Session I May 15 - June 25
(6 weeks)
May 20 - June 11 May 15
May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20-22
After May 22
No refund
Session II June 26 - Aug 6
(6 weeks)
July 2 - July 23 June 26
June 27
June 28
June 29
June 30
July 1-3
After July 3
No refund
Session III May 29 - July 23
(8 weeks)
June 6 - July 2 May 29
May 30-31
June 1-2
June 3-5
June 6-8
June 9-10
After June 10
No refund
Session IV May 5 - Aug 6
(12 weeks)
May 29 - July 9 May 15
May 16-21
May 22-28
May 29 - June 4
June 5-11
June 12-18
After June 18
No refund

For further information, please call 740.376.4740 or email


Marietta College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is authorized to operate in Ohio by the Ohio Board of Regents,

As required by the United States Department of Education, contact information for the Higher Learning Commission is provided:
Telephone: 312.263.0456

Marietta College is not regulated in Texas under Chapter 132 of the Texas Education Code.

Registration for Transient and Non-traditional Students

Students enrolled at other institutions of higher education who wish to enroll in summer courses at Marietta College should complete the Transient Student Registration form below. The completed form should be faxed to 740.376.4729 or emailed to along with an Enrollment Verification, Transient Student Approval, or unofficial transcript from the home institution.

Transient Student Registration Form

Enrollment in courses with course prerequisites will require an unofficial transcript to verify eligibility to enroll or approval from the course instructor.

Please contact us at 740.376.4723 or with any questions.