Faculty at Marietta College

Marietta's faculty are one of the main reasons this College is an extraordinary place to earn an undergraduate degree. Dedicated to academic rigor, undergraduate research, and building lasting relationships with their students, our professors are respected members of their specialized fields and have chosen to share their knowledge with future generations of leaders in their fields.

The faculty is made up of more than 100 professors — seventy-six percent of whom possess a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field. In addition to being scholars, these dedicated individuals have attained recognition as experts and conduct important research that benefits their fields. Because our professors' top priority is teaching, our students benefit from faculty research because they are frequently collaborating with their mentors on these projects.

Because the student-to-professor ratio is 10:1, our faculty have more opportunities to work closely with students and develop stronger connections that last well beyond Commencement.

Our students also give Marietta's faculty high praise for their hard work and dedication as advisors. During orientation, first-year students are paired with an advisor who will remain with that student until a major is declared. Faculty advisors help students map out a plan in their chosen field of study, provides mentoring about internships and other ways to gain experiential education, and also informs students about post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school or career possibilities.