The Greek Community has been a large part of campus life throughout most of Marietta College’s history. The first fraternal organization started on campus in 1855, and since then the members of the Greek Community continue to take the lead in almost every aspect of campus life.

There are many opportunities available to the members of the Greek Community which help prepare them for success after college. Many of Marietta College’s alumni are members of our Greek Community, and their personal and professional successes can often be traced back to the decision they made to join their fraternity or sorority while attending Marietta College.

Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship, and Service are the foundations of our Greek Community, and the values of each organization help to make us all better students, employees, servants of the community, and friends. While many things have changed since the first fraternities were founded in the mid-1800s, the values of the Greek Community continue to be a leading force on this campus. 

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