Greek Life is an active part of Marietta College student life. Currently, Greeks represent approximately 20 percent of the Marietta student population. Our four fraternities and three sororities provide their members with opportunities for civic engagement, leadership development, and academic excellence.

Our fraternities and sororities were founded on the basic principles of leadership, scholarship, service, and friendship. Greek organizations provide students with a multitude of opportunities to participate in community service and philanthropy projects. Each of our organizations also promotes good scholarship, and thus, each chapter has an officer whose sole responsibility is to ensure the academic growth and excellence of the individuals in the chapter. Through all of these experiences, fraternities, and sororities are able to form their identities and build a solid brotherhood or sisterhood, and a network that will last a lifetime.

Rarely is one of our Greek students known solely for being a member of their chapter—all across campus and in the community, we know that #GreeksLead. Start your journey as a leader by being a part of Greek Life at Marietta College.

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If you have questions about Greek Life, contact:

Robert Marias, Assistant Director for Campus Involvement
Andrews Hall 114A