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During the summer preceding the academic year, each student receives a complete bill for tuition and fees. Scholarship and grant awards from Marietta College and federal and state sources are noted on college bills. Outside awards, campus jobs, and loans are not shown as credits until funds are received.

Advance payment is required.

Marietta College's students and families have a variety of options for making payments. For more information, read When financial aid doesn't cover everything.

2023-24 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Housing (average)$8,232
Food (21 meals per week)$7,962

Total Standard Cost:$55,068

* Additional meal plans and housing options are available, which may increase or decrease a student's total cost from the standard rates above.
** Food and housing costs are based on guidance from the FAFSA Simplification Act. Housing costs are based on the average amount assessed for Marietta College students. Food costs are based on a standard food allowance that provides the equivalent of three meals each day.
*** The College also charges a $420 new student onboarding fee.

2023-24 Direct Costs of Attendance

Standard Housing & Food

Housing (standard)$7,234
Freedom 14 Meal Plan (standard)$5,310

Total Standard Cost:$51,418

Upgraded room Rates

Suite (Suite Bathroom/No Kitchen)$8,530
Apartment (Bathroom/Kitchen)$8,930


Freedom 19 Meal Plan$5,496
Freedom 10 Meal Plan$5,230
50/50 Plan$1,050

2024–2025 Cost of Attendance
Traditional Undergraduate

Estimated Direct ChargesOn-CampusOff-Campus
Room (Standard)$7,668--
Board (14 Meal Plan)$5,628--
Total Estimated Direct Charges$52,948$39,652$39,652
Onboarding (New Student)$445$445$445
Onboarding (Transfer)$110$110$110
Estimated Indirect Charges
(Not Billed by MC)
Total Estimated Indirect Charges$7,366$14,020$21,162
Loan Fees (Direct Stafford)$80$80$80
Loan Fees (Direct PLUS)$576$576$576
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance$60,314$53,672$60,814

Indirect Costs

The Cost of Attendance (COA) for a student is an estimate of educational expenses for the period of enrollment.

You will only be billed Direct Costs by Marietta College. Indirect Costs are estimates of additional costs that you will likely be paying to attend college depending on your unique circumstances. Indirect costs are not billed by Marietta College. Please see below for additional information about Indirect Costs.

Living Expenses (Food and Housing)
For students who choose institutionally owned or operated food services (e.g., board or meal plans) or students who do not choose institutionally owned or operated food services and choose to purchase food off campus. A standard allowance is included and provides the equivalent of three meals per day.

For students who reside in institutionally owned or operated housing, standard allowances are provided for additional housing charges (upgrade to suite or apartment-style rooms).

For independent students living off campus (not in institutionally owned or operated housing), a standard allowance for rent or other housing costs are provided.

For dependent students residing at home with their parents, a standard allowance for living expenses are determined by Marietta College.


Additional costs of books and supplies are included and are determined by Marietta College.

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses (only for students enrolled at least half time)
Miscellaneous personal expenses may include costs incurred by a student for a prior learning assessment (for example, an exam or a portfolio evaluation).

The transportation allowance may include costs incurred by a student for transportation between school, residence, and place of work (including costs associated with operating and maintaining a vehicle used for such transportation), and other costs for transportation that are required as part of a student’s program of study (for example, transportation to conferences or medical residency interviews). However, the transportation allowance does not include costs for the purchase of a vehicle.

Loan Fees (Direct Loans)
For students receiving Direct Loans or loans under any other federal student loan program, the COA includes fees required to receive the loans (for example, the loan fee for a Direct Loan). Fees for non-federal student loans are not included. Marietta College includes the average of fees charged to borrowers of the same type of loan.

For additional information on how Cost of Attendance is calculated, please see the Federal Student Aid Handbook.


Definitions of the various student aid sources and terminology used to describe your aid package at Marietta College are shared below:

  • Scholarships and Grants are funds that are directly applied to your billing charges, and while you do not have to repay them, there is an expectation that you maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout your enrollment.
  • Loans are funds that must be repaid according to the terms of the loan. Direct Loans are funds in which the US Department of Education is the lender. The net proceeds of the loan will be applied directly to your billing charges.
    To accept your Direct Loans, you must complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling by logging in to
  • Federal Work Study is a program in which an eligible student earns funds up to the amount noted on the eligibility notice, and is paid for such earnings via a paycheck, or the student can authorize the school to apply such earnings to their billing account.
  • Net price is the amount you are required to pay after all applicable student aid has been applied to your account.
  • The Cost of Attendance is a budget used to calculate your eligibility. This is NOT the same as your total direct cost of education. We encourage you to budget your funds. Please see helpful budgeting tools available to you here: Financial Literacy and Education Resources.

For additional terms and definitions related to student aid, please visit the Federal Student Aid Glossary.

Merit Scholarships & Grants

All Students
(Eligible for 1 Scholarship Listed Below)

Competitive ScholarshipsAmount
John G. and Jeanne B. McCoy ScholarshipEqual to full tuition, fees, standard room, 14 meal plan
Virginia “Jinny” McCoy ScholarshipEqual to full tuition, fees, standard room, 14 meal plan
Trustees’ ScholarshipEqual to full tuition
Rickey Scholarship in PhysicsEqual to full tuition
Charles Sumner Harrison ScholarshipEqual to full tuition
*Students who receive a competitive scholarship listed above are required to live on-campus.
Merit ScholarshipsAmount
1835 Founders Scholarship$24,000
Marietta Distinction Scholarship$23,000
Compass Scholarship$21,000
Riverside Scholarship$18,000
Pioneer Scholarship$14,000
Transfer 1835 Founders Scholarship$24,000
Transfer Marietta Distinction Scholarship$23,000
Transfer Compass Scholarship$21,000
Transfer Riverside Scholarship$18,000
Transfer Pioneer Scholarship$14,000
International 1835 Founders Scholarship$24,000
International Marietta Distinction Scholarship$23,000
International Compass Scholarship$21,000
International Riverside Scholarship$18,000
International Pioneer Scholarship$14,000

Additional Scholarships & Grants
(Stack With All Other Scholarships & Grants)

Long Blue Line Scholarship$1,000
Visit Grant$500
International Grant$2,000
Premier Attendance$500
Charles Sumner Harrison Attendance$500
*The Premier Attendance and Charles Sumner Harrison Attendance Scholarships do not stack with each other.
Students are only eligible to receive one.

Additional Scholarships & Grants
(Eligible for 1 Scholarship/Grant at Highest Amount)

Legacy Grant$2,500
McDonough Leadership Scholarship$2,000
Fine Arts Scholarship$1,000 - $5,000
Music Scholarship$1,000 - $5,000
Theatre Scholarship$1,000 - $5,000
eSports Scholarship$2,000
West Virginia Pioneer$2,500
Marietta College Grant

Additional funding in the form of the Marietta College Grant is awarded to students who have a determination of need provided to the Office of Student Financial Services through the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must continue to have demonstrated financial need to continue receiving this grant in subsequent years.

When a student is awarded additional institutional scholarships or grants, the Marietta College Grant is recalculated. Students who are awarded an additional scholarship or grant will continue to receive these awards in subsequent years even if the financial need as determined by the FAFSA decreases. These additional awards ensure financial security to students and their families during their time at Marietta College.

Off-Campus Residency
As a residential campus, Student Financial Services calculates the Marietta College Grant for students as on-campus. If a student is approved to live off-campus, the Marietta College Grant will be reduced by $10,000. This reduction is due to the decrease of direct charges (room/board) from on-campus to off-campus. Marietta College does not provide additional financial aid for indirect costs.

Endowed Scholarships

Students who receive institutional grants and/or scholarships may be eligible for named endowed scholarships as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services. When a student receives a named endowed scholarship, the total amount of institutional aid awarded to the student does not increase. The awarding of an endowed scholarship identifies the actual source of funding for the student. Without the generosity of donors, our total scholarship and grant assistance would not be possible.

Outside Scholarships

Students who receive scholarships from outside organizations can inform Student Financial Services of such scholarships. These scholarships are applied directly to your billing account. Marietta College includes these additions to other financial aid awarded at Marietta College as permitted by federal regulations.

For more information regarding the awarding of outside scholarships, please see the Federal Student Aid website.


Students who receive institutional-funded scholarships/grants equal to full tuition are ineligible to receive any additional Marietta College grants and scholarships. The total institutional-funded scholarships/grants cannot exceed the cost of full tuition.

Net Price Calculator

To obtain an estimate of what your family will pay if you choose to attend Marietta College, use our Net Price Calculator. This Net Price Calculator is designed to estimate the costs for first-time freshmen from the United States who are enrolled full-time and living on-campus. If you have questions about the calculator for affording a Marietta education, please get in touch with our Student Financial Services Office at 740.376.4712 or 1.800.331.2709 or by email at