During the summer preceding the academic year, each student receives a complete bill for tuition and fees. Scholarship and grant awards from Marietta College and federal and state sources are noted on college bills. Outside awards, campus jobs, and loans are not shown as credits until funds are received.

Advance payment is required.

Marietta College's students and families have a variety of options for making payments. For more information, read When financial aid doesn't cover everything.

2022-23 Costs

Tuition and Fees $38,022
Standard Room $6,890
Board (Freedom 14 meal plan) $4,980
New Student On-Boarding Fee $400

Total Standard Cost: $50,368

*Additional meal plans and housing options are available which may increase or decrease a student's total cost from the standard rates above.

Net Price Calculator

To obtain an estimate of what your family will pay if you choose to attend Marietta College, use our Net Price Calculator. This Net Price Calculator is designed to estimate the costs for the first-time freshman from the U.S.A. who are enrolled full-time and living on-campus. If you have questions about the calculator for affording a Marietta education, please contact our Student Financial Services Office at 740.376.4712 or 1.800.331.2709 or by email at finaid@marietta.edu.



Indirect Costs

An estimated allowance of $2,888 for personal expenses, travel and books brings the average cost of attendance to $52,636 for the year.

Variables such as different room charges for singles, upper-class suites or apartments, choices in personal expenses, and distance from the college affecting travel costs may change this total. You can contact the Student Financial Service Offices for complete details and a breakdown of indirect expenses.