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Marietta College provides a strong foundation for a lifetime of leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. We achieve this mission by offering undergraduates a contemporary liberal arts education and graduate students an education grounded in advanced knowledge and professional practice. Intellectual and creative excellence defines the Marietta experience.

Seven Core Values

At the center of a Marietta education are Seven Core Values that form the foundation for all the College does. They are:

1. Liberal Arts Foundation

MARIETTA COLLEGE reaffirms the liberal arts as foundational in an education of the highest quality. Undergraduates in traditional majors and professional programs take a variety of general education courses in the primary areas of knowledge. This time-tested approach to learning stresses the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication, and upholds the value and breadth of our intellectual heritage.

2. In-Depth Programs of Study

MARIETTA COLLEGE is committed to offering programs of study that prepare undergraduates for challenging careers or admission to well-respected graduate and professional schools. It offers select graduate degrees consistent with the mission of the College and where it has the expertise and resources to meet or exceed baselines of excellence. Both graduate and undergraduate degree programs promote an active engagement with learning and opportunities to apply knowledge to practical experiences.

3. Global Perspective and Diversity

MARIETTA COLLEGE prepares students to thrive in a diverse society and in a world where social interaction, work, and exchange occur across geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn that economic growth, political stability, human adaptation, and sustainability all rely upon cooperative efforts among the nations and peoples of the world.

4. World of Work

MARIETTA COLLEGE maintains its founders' emphasis on education "in the various branches of useful knowledge," and we believe that the liberal arts remain the best preparation for any career. Through classroom instruction, the use of technology, independent research, and practical experiences in their chosen fields, as well as through a wide variety of opportunities to lead and serve in collaboration with others, students prepare for productive lives. "A contemporary liberal arts education" means preparation for the world of work and the ability to translate knowledge into effective action.

5. Community

MARIETTA COLLEGE, primarily a residential college for its undergraduates, is dedicated to the development of the whole student and affirms the interdependence of life inside and outside of the classroom. In this dynamic community, students, faculty, and staff share a commitment to integrity and respect for others and develop our distinctive ethos. Believing that the work of all employees at the College contributes to the students' educational experience, we strive to provide the necessary tools and working environment and promote a commitment to service and self-direction among College employees. Graduates of the College comprise "the long blue line," an alumni community forged in friendships and common experiences.

6. Leadership

MARIETTA COLLEGE offers students opportunities to be citizen-leaders both on and off campus and thus to prepare themselves for leadership and responsible citizenship in their professions and their communities. Professional programs convey the ethical standards appropriate to their professions and in other ways prepare students for leadership in their fields.

7. Service

MARIETTA COLLEGE is part of a historic town and for almost two centuries has served its region through the education, arts, and intellectual enrichment it brings to the surrounding community. Likewise, the students, faculty, and staff of MARIETTA COLLEGE find opportunities for civic engagement and for learning through service on the campus, in the region, and beyond.


In order to provide the students with the tools needed to function effectively in a rapidly changing world, the College offers programs and activities to foster an environment in which students can

  • Address global and multicultural issues
  • Develop a basic understanding of science and technology
  • Investigate different models of social and personal behavior
  • Sharpen the aesthetic sense
  • Enhance their own social and personal development

Marietta College faculty members from all disciplines contribute to this environment by integrating the following into their teaching:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Oral and written communication
  • Locating, evaluating and using information
  • Historical and philosophical perspectives
  • Ethical issues
  • Leadership
  • Relationships with other disciplines
  • Preparation for life-long learning and professional growth

Through teaching and advising, as well as close personal interaction with students, the faculty provides educational leadership for the campus.

Other campus groups, ranging from Student Life to service organizations, contribute to the richness of a Marietta education by offering experiences to help students grow as individuals and develop effective leadership skills. Leadership as a theme is an essential component of the contemporary liberal arts education offered at Marietta College, providing a bridge between the world of thought and the world of action.