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With more than 40 undergraduate majors, increasing enrollment, successful sports seasons, and new and exciting programs on the horizon, there's never been a better time to be a Pioneer... or to show your support and your strength as a member of The Long Blue Line. Make your gift below, or scroll to keep reading to learn more about what your gift can do.



Your gift has an immediate impact

Last year alumni and friends came together to provide over $2,297,000 in annual gifts to Marietta College. These donations have an immediate impact, and collectively had a spending power equal to more than $57,447,000 in endowment! Annual Fund gifts support top priorities, including student aid, supporting student-athletes, and ensuring the College has the flexibility to address its most pressing needs.

Your gift counts

Did you know that alumni giving makes up a full 5% of a college's ranking in US News and World Report? Your gift, no matter the size, helps ensure Marietta remains one of the best institutions in the Midwest. About 68% of Annual Fund gifts in the 2016-17 academic year were under $250, but together they added up to nearly $160,000 in support for students and faculty. No matter what amount you give, every dollar helps!

Your gift makes a difference

When you make a gift to Marietta College, you create opportunities for today's students to succeed. You provide scholarships, offer updated technology and facilities, and ensure Marietta College continues to blaze new trails.