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NameDateDegreeBiographical Information/ Location
Edward Beecher1841Doctor of DivinityClergyman; college president
John Payne Cleveland1844Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Peter Hitchcock1845Doctor of LawsOhio senator, supreme court judge
Samuel Finley Vinton1847Doctor of LawsLawyer
Diarca Howe Allen1848Doctor of LawsMarietta College faculty
Edwin Francis Hatfield1850Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Gustavus Swan1851Doctor of LawsDirector, State Bank Columbus
Reuben Wood1851Doctor of LawsLawyer, state senator, judge supreme court, governor of Ohio; U.SD. Counsel, Valparaiso.
Edward Deering Mansfield1853Doctor of LawsLawyer, Editor, college professor
Jacob Little1855Doctor of DivinityTrustee
George Edward Day1856Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor and dean
Joseph Eldridge1856Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Charles Brandon Boynton1859Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Samuel Prescott Hildreth1859Doctor of LawsPhysician, legislator, author
Joseph Hardy Towne1859Doctor of DivinityClergyman
William Dennison1860Doctor of LawsLawyer; Ohio Legislator, governor and postmaster general
William Virgil Peck1860Doctor of LawsLawyer, judge, Supreme Court of Ohio.
Theron Baldwin1862Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Thomas Rees1862Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Wales.
John Guest Atterbury1863Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Noah Haynes Swayne1863Doctor of LawsLawyer, U.S. district attorney, judge U.S. supreme court
Samuel Wolcott1863Doctor of DivinityClergyman, missionary
Aaron Fife Perry1865Doctor of LawsLawyer
William E. Rees1866Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Liverpool, England
Daniel Rice1866Doctor of DivinityClergyman, professor
Wilbur McKaig1867Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Chauncey Newell Olds1869Doctor of LawsLawyer, professor, Attorney General of Ohio.
Clement Gagg1870Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Theodore George Wormley1870Doctor of LawsCollege professor, chemist
Ebenezer Bushnell1871Doctor of DivinityCollege tutor
Carroll Cutler1872Doctor of DivinityProfessor, College president
Edward Follensbee Noyes1872Doctor of LawsLawyer, Ohio governor, U.S. Minister to France
William Eves Moore1873Doctor of DivinityTrustee
Hugh Evans Thomas1873Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Augustus Alexis Bloomberg1874Doctor of PhilosophyCollege professor
Henry Smith1874Doctor of LawsFormer faculty, trustee
Nathaniel Alden Hyde1876Doctor of DivinityClergyman
William Irwin1876Doctor of LawsState Senate, lieutenant governor and governor of Cal.
Emerson Elbridge White1876Doctor of Laws Trustee
Alfred Traber Goshorn1877Doctor of LawsTrustee
Robert Grosvenor Hutchins1877Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Marietta College trustee
Jeremiah P. E. Kumler1877Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Haskell Shedd1878Doctor of DivinityClergyman; missionary; President, Oroomiah College, Persia
James Garland Hamner1880Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Eleroy Curtis1881Doctor of DivinityClergyman
James Eells1881Doctor of LawsClergyman, professor
David Jones1881Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Samuel Steele Thomson1882Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor, librarian.
George Holmes Howison1883Doctor of LawsPublic school administrator, college professor
Manning Ferguson Force1884Doctor of LawsLawyer, Ohio common pleas and superior court judge
Charles E. Lindsley1884Doctor of DivinityClergyman, teacher
William Gay Ballantine1885Doctor of DivinityCollege professor and president
George Foot Moore1885Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor
Owen Evans1886Doctor of DivinityClergyman, London, England
Joseph Benson Foraker1886Doctor of LawsOhio governor, superior court judge, U.S. senator
Edward W. Jones1886Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Benjamin Labaree1887Doctor of DivinityMissionary, Persia; linguistics
William James Lee1887Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Samuel Bingham Shipman1887Doctor of DivinityMarietta College faculty member
Henry Charles Heskell1888Doctor of DivinityClergyman, missionary
Hiram Collins Haydn1888Doctor of LawsClergyman, college president, author
William W. Houston1888Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Mortimer Dormer Leggett1888Doctor of LawsLawyer, public school administrator, college professor
William Edwards Park1888Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Wilson Simpson1888Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Marietta College president 1892-1896
John Gaius Fraser1889Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Edward William Huntington1889Doctor of LawsLawyer, Louisiana state legislator
Joseph Nelson McGiffert1889Doctor of DivinityClergyman
George Rufus Gear1890Doctor of DivinityFormer faculty, trustee
James Wakeman Hubbell1890Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Marietta College trustee
Reese S. Jones1890Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Reuben Delavan Mussey1890Doctor of LawsLawyer, educator, journalist, private secretary to Pres. Andrew Johnson.
Thomas Dwight Biscow1891Doctor of LawsMarietta College faculty
Norman A. Calkins1891Doctor of LawsEducator, school administrator
Thomas C. Edwards1891Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college president, poet
William Henry Goddard1891Doctor of LawsLawyer
Henry Allen Hazen1891Doctor of DivinityClergyman, editor
Thomas Carskadon Johnson1892Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Dudley Ward Rhodes1892Doctor of DivinityClergyman, author
Edwin Knox Mitchell1893Doctor of DivinityTrustee
Edward Caldwell Moore1893Doctor of DivinityTrustee
Henry Rumer1893Doctor of DivinityTrustee
Frank Hall Scott1894Doctor of Humane LettersPresident, publishing company
Charles Franklin Thwing1894Doctor of LawsClergyman, college president, publicist.
George Stockton Burroughs1895Doctor of LawsClergyman; college professor and president.
Joseph Hanson Chamberlin1895Doctor of LiteratureEducator, Marietta College faculty
Wilbur F. Crafts1895Doctor of PhilosophyClergyman, Lecturer, Editor, Author
William H. Fishburn1895Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Frank Spencer Brush1897Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Richard Nicholas1897Doctor of DivinityFaculty, Marietta College trustee
David Felix Davis1898Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor
William Wells Jordon1899Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor
William DeFletcher Lummis1899Doctor of LawsClergyman, teacher
James Alexander Chamberlin1900Doctor of DivinityClergyman, college professor
Henry Woodward Hulbert1900Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Marietta College faculty
Charles Alfred Stanely1900Doctor of DivinityMissionary
Henry Bartlett Gage1901Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Temple Cutler1902Doctor of DivinityClergyman, missionary
Henry Hopkins1902Doctor of LawsClergyman, chaplain, college president, author
George Ludington Weed1902Doctor of DivinityTeacher, principal of schools for deaf and dumb.
Samuel Fallows1903Doctor of DivinityClergyman, public schools administrator, college president.
Francis Fox Oldham1903Doctor of LawsLawyer
Rhys Rees Lloyd1903Doctor of DivinityClergyman, professor, lecturer
Charles Edgar Walton1903Doctor of LawsPhysician
Charles Burke Elliott1904Doctor of LawsLawyer, judge, college professor
Charles Sparrow Nickerson1904Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Herbert Phillips1905Doctor of LawsPublic school administrator
Oscar R. Hundley1907Doctor of LawsLawyer, federal judge
Thomas G. Ritch1907Doctor of LawsLawyer
William Ambrose Shedd1907Doctor of DivinityClergyman, missionary, teacher.
Charles Hughey Small1908Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Stewart Lyndon Woodford1908Doctor of LawsLawyer, Minister of Spain
Henry Eldridge Bourne1910Doctor of Humane LettersAuthor-Lecturer
William Waddell Boyd1910Doctor of PedagogyEducator
Edward Dwight Eaton1910Doctor of LawsClergyman
Frank Goodrich1910Doctor of Humane LettersEducator
Edwin Augustus Grosvenor1910Doctor of LawsLecturer, author
Frank Wakely Gunsaulus1910Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Judson Harmon1910Doctor of LawsLawyer, politician
Alexander Brown Riggs1910Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Elbert Sater1910Doctor of LawsLawyer
Albert Shaw1910Doctor of LawsLecturer, author
William Howard Taft1910Doctor of Civil LawsPresident of U.S.
Williston Walker1910Doctor of Humane LettersEducator
Arthur Granville Beach1911Doctor of DivinityClergyman; Marietta College faculty
Henry Hopkins Kelsey1911Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Abbott Yates Wilcox1911Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Marietta College lecturer 1914-1916
William Thomas Wilcox1911Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Edward Bell Haskell1912Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Elias Williams1912Doctor of DivinityClergyman
David Hugh Jones1913Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Charles Edwin Walker1913Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Lawrence Y. Sherman1914Doctor of LawsLawyer, state legislator, U.S. senator
George Davidson1917Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Robert M. Labaree1917Doctor of DivinityMissionary, teacher
Chandler Belden Beach1918Doctor of LawsPublisher
Ralph Dayron Cole1919Doctor of LiteratureCongressman
James Middleton Cox1919Doctor of LawsTeacher, Journalist, Politician
Charles Gates Dawes1919Doctor of Civil LawLawyer, diplomat, Vice President of the United States, 1925-1929
James Michael Rees1919Doctor of LiteratureTeacher, journalist, politician
Emmet Belknap1920Doctor of LiteratureAdministrator, public schools
William Welles Bosworth1920Doctor of LawsArchitect
William Webster Mills1921Doctor of LawsBanker, Marietta College trustee 1888-1931
Frank Willis Ober1921Doctor of LiteratureAuthor
John Lewis Davis1922Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Charles Edward Humiston1922Doctor of SciencesPhysician
Evan Walter Scott1923Doctor of DivinityChaplain, U.S. Navy
Ernest Milton Halliday1924Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Arthur James Folson1925Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Charles Augustus Hanna1925Doctor of Humane LettersBanker
John Lloyd Hopwood1925Doctor of DivinityClergyman
William James Hutchins1925Doctor of LawsClergyman, professor, college president
Thomas Jesse Jones1926Doctor of LawsSociologist
Michael Idorsky Pupin1926Doctor of Laws 
Wilson Waters1926Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Samuel Morse Felton1927Doctor of LawsRailroader
James Guthrie Harbord1927Doctor of LawsMajor General USA, former President RCA
David Dale Johnson1927Doctor of Humane LettersEducator
Leonard Waldo1927Doctor of SciencesEngineer, inventor
Edward Morgan Lewis1928Doctor of LawsEducator
William Gidding Sibley1928Doctor of Humane LettersNewspaperman, author
Albert Barnes Anderson1929Doctor of LawsLawyer-Judge District Court of Appeals
Frank Craig Jordon1929Doctor of SciencesScientist
John Mills Jr.1929Doctor of LawsTrustee, Marietta College 1910-1936
Louis Bertram Hopkins1930Doctor of LawsIndustrialist
Archer Butler Hulbert1930Doctor of Humane LettersHistorian
Alfred Morris Perry1930Doctor of DivinityClergyman, teacher
Henry Bentley1931Doctor of LawsLawyer
George White1931Doctor of LawsBusinessman, politician, former governor of Ohio.
William Spencer Beard1932Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Edward Emerson Phillips1932Doctor of Humane LettersEducator, Marietta College faculty member
Rufus Cutler Dawes1933Doctor of LawsExecutive, Marietta College trustee 1906-1940
Johns Champness Wightman1933Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Florence Ellinwood Allen1934Doctor of LawsLawyer-Judge U.S. Court of Appeals
Frank Earl Adair1934
Doctor of Sciences
Doctor of Laws
Surgeon and cancer specialist.
Alfred M. Landon1934Doctor of LawsGovernor of Kansas, 1933-1937.
James Percival Berkeley1935Doctor of DivinityProfessor-Minister
William Augustus Bosworth1935Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Spencer Evan Evans1935Doctor of DivinityClergyman
John Huston Finley1935Doctor of LawsEditor, educator, author
Robert Lincoln Kelly1935Doctor of LawsExecutive
Francis MacMillen1935Doctor of MusicMusician, violinist
Howards Hawks Mitchell1935Doctor of SciencesProfessor
Paul Dwight Moody1935Doctor of LawsEducator
Edward Smith Parsons1935Doctor of LawsEducator, President of Marietta College 1919-1936
David Sarnoff1935Doctor of SciencesExecutive, President, RCA
Beverly Oden Skinner1935Doctor of LawsEducator
Willard Long Thorp1935Doctor of LawsGovernment official
Albert Blakeslee White1935Doctor of LawsLawyer, former governor of West Virginia.
Owen D. Young1935Doctor of LawsExecutive
Berton Swetland Levering1936Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Chester Jay Oxley1936Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Henry Pearce Atkins1937Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Rollo Water Brown1937Doctor of Human lettersLecturer-Author
William James Campbell1937Doctor of LawsClergyman, teacher
Frank Lissenden Eversull1937Doctor of DivinityClergyman
James Gordon Gilkey1937Doctor of LiteratureClergyman, author, teacher
Henry Joseph Haskell1937Doctor of LawsNewspaperman
Charles Edwin Keyes1937Doctor of LawsEducator
Joseph Manley1937Doctor of LawsEducator
Merrill Church Meigs1937Doctor of Humane LettersNewspaperman
James Ball Naylor1937Doctor of LiteratureAuthor
Daniel Sommer Robinson1937Doctor of LiteratureClergyman, author
Charles Phelps Taft II1937Doctor of LawsLawyer
James Edward Atkinson1938Doctor of LawsLawyer
Henry May Dawes1938Doctor of LawsOil, Pure Oil Company
Charles Samuel Deneen1938Doctor of LawsLawyer-Politician
Arthur Holmes1938Doctor of LawsClergyman, teacher
Walter Lawrence Peirpoint1938Doctor of LawsAdvertising service
Russell Wilson1938Doctor of LawsPolitician
Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth1939Doctor of Humane LettersActor-Director
Harry Barnes Gear1939Doctor of LawsEngineer
Miles Henry Krumbine1939Doctor of LiteratureClergyman
Earl Franklin Nauss1939Doctor of DivinityClergyman, U.S. Navy chaplain
Aute Richards1939Doctor of SciencesEducator
Arthur Raymond Robinson1939Doctor of LawsLawyer
Albert Jesse Ringer Schumaker1939Doctor of LiteratureClergyman
Arthur Atwood Ballantine1940Doctor of Civil LawsLawyer
Edward Ballantine1940Doctor of MusicProfessor music, Harvard University
Henry Winthrop Ballantine1940Doctor of LawsLawyer-Prof. Law (University of California)
Russell James Clinchy1940Doctor of DivinityClergyman.  Milwaukee, Wis.
Thomas L. Harris1940Doctor of SciencesPhysician
Anthony Gewnlan Lewis1940Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Warren Wheeler Pickett1940Doctor of LiteratureClergyman
Leon Edgar Smith1940Doctor of LawsClergyman
Edwin Byron Townsend1940Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Frank Washington Ballou1941Doctor of LawsEducator-Administrator
George Madill Gadsby1941Doctor of LawsEngineer - Executive
Harold Nash Geistweit1941Doctor of DivinityClergyman. Oakland, California.
Melvin Maynard Johnson1941Doctor of Humane LettersLawyer. Brookline, Mass.
Oswald Walter Samuel McCall1941Doctor of LiteratureClergyman, author
Joseph Lyle McCorison Jr.1941Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Charles Callighan White1941Doctor of LawsLawyer
Edward Lawrence Chrisitie1942Doctor of DivinityEducator-Clergyman-Marietta College faculty
Douglas Horton1942Doctor of LiteratureClergyman, author
Frank Tilghman Rhoad1942Doctor of DivinityClergyman. Delmar, N.Y.
Allen Arthur Stockdale1942Doctor of LawsBusinessman
Frank Metherall Whitlock1942Doctor of DivinityClergyman
Frank Justus Roemer1943Doctor of Humane LettersBusiness executive
David Fleming Turner1943Doctor of LawsLawyer, author of “Time-Honored Marietta”
Boynton Merrill1944Doctor of DivinityClergyman.  Columbus, Ohio.
Lester Thomas Miller1944Doctor of LawsMajor General in U.S. Army Air Force.
Charles Bedell Monro1944Doctor of LawsExecutive-Aviation. Washington, D.C.
Thomas Jefferson Summers1944Doctor of LawsLawyer, trustee
Michael Late Benedum1945Doctor of LawsOil Magnate
Anna Laura Denoon1945Doctor of SciencesEducator
Douglas Putnam1945Doctor of LawsOil
Draper Talman Schoonover1945Doctor of LawsEducator, former Pres. And Dean, Marietta College
Wilbur Lang Schramm1945Doctor of LiteratureEducator, author. Palo Alto, California.
Guy Everett Snavely1945Doctor of LawsEducator
Wilbert Snow1945Doctor of LiteraturePoet
Arthur T. Vanderbilt1945Doctor of LawsChief Justice
Thomas H. Cisler1946Doctor of LawsEducator-Musician
Herman Everett Gieske1946Doctor of LiteratureEditor, Parkersburg News.
Roy E. Larsen1946Doctor of LawsEditor, Time, Inc. New York, NY.
Charles Addison Ludey1946Doctor of LawsOil producer
Edward E. MacTaggart1946Doctor of LawsOil producer
Virgil E. Myers1946Doctor of DivinityClergyman. Springfield, Ill.
John Calhoun Baker1947Doctor of DivinityPresident, Ohio University. Athens, Ohio
Isaiah Bowman1947Doctor of LiteraturePresident, John Hopkins University
George Scott Chapin1947Doctor of Humane LettersMarietta College Professor Emeritus
Amanda Andrews Donaldson1947Doctor of Humane LettersScholar, author, teacher
William McLaurine Hall1947Doctor of SciencesEngineer
Charles Harold McCloy1947Doctor of SciencesPhysical Education director
Thomas Parran1947Doctor of SciencesSurgeon General, U.S. Public Health Services
H. Lester Smith1947Doctor of DivinityMethodist Bishop
Allan C. Hall1948Doctor of LawsIndustrialist, Marietta College Trustee
Merritt A. Hyde1948Doctor of SciencesScientist, Marietta College trustee. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Stanley C. Morris1948Doctor of LawsLawyer, Marietta College trustee
Oswald Ryan1948Doctor of LawsCivil aeronautics, lawyer.  Washington, D.C.
Bowman Corning Crowell1949Doctor of SciencesM.D., Pathologist
Louis A. Johnson1949Doctor of LawsSecretary of Defense
Gomer Rhys Lewis1949Doctor of DivinityClergyman
William M. McKay1949Doctor of DivinityMinister
Paul Griswold Macy1949Doctor of DivinityMinister
Arthur Allen Schoolcraft1949Doctor of LawsDean, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Robert Alphonso Taft1949Doctor of Civil LawsU.S. Senator
William Edward Byers1950Doctor of Civil LawLawyer
Robert Fry Clark1950Doctor of Humane LettersEducator, Marietta College faculty
Charles William Otto1950Doctor of LawsMarietta merchant, trustee.
Samuel Barrett Pettengill1950Doctor of Civil LawFormer Congressman
Murray Seasongood1950Doctor of LawsLawyer, former mayor of Cincinnati
Roy Barton White1950Doctor of LawsRailroad executive, B&O Railroad
William Henry Wolfe Jr.1950Doctor of LawsLawyer
Milo H. Crawford1951Doctor of LawsLawyer
Henry (Henri) James Dourif1951Doctor of SciencesIndustrialist-chemist
Don H. W. Felch1951Doctor of SciencesIndustrialist – Chemist.
Grover Pierpont1951Doctor of LawsLawyer
Charles Morse Slack1951Doctor of SciencesPhysicist
Francis Goddard Slack1951Doctor of SciencesPhysicist
Arthur Clinton Spurr1951Doctor of LawsExecutive, Monongahela Power Company
Henry Taylor Jr.1951Doctor of LiteratureRadio Commentator, author. New York, NY.
Carl Frederick Wittke1951Doctor of LiteratureEducator, Western Reserve University
Ralph Waldo Eddy1952Doctor of SciencesSurgeon, obstetrics and gynecology
Florence Roberts Head1952Doctor of LiteratureExec. Dir., Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library
Charles R. Hook1952Doctor of LawsManufacturer, labor management specialist.
Clarence Cook Little1952Doctor of EducationEducation, medical research. Ellsworth, Maine.
John White McBurney1952Doctor of SciencesResearch chemist, engineer, inventor
Currier McEwen1952Doctor of SciencesEducator, medical research
Wendell Phillips1952Doctor of SciencesArcheologists-Anthropologist
Paul Bigelow Sears1952Doctor of LiteratureConversationalist, author
Webster Godman Simon1952Doctor of LawsV.P., Western Reserve University
Carleton Smith1952Doctor of LawsLecturer, author, economic expert. Bement, Ill.
Jesse Stuart1952Doctor of LiteratureAuthor, poet
Paul Dwight Torrey1952Doctor of SciencesPetroleum engineer, author
Howard L. Bender1953Doctor of SciencesResearch Chemist. Sparta, N.J.
Vincent Henry Daniels1953Doctor of DivinityClergyman-Youth worker
Brooks Fleming Ellis1953Doctor of SciencesGeologist
C. William O’Neill1953Doctor of Humane LettersVariously Ohio Governor, Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court, and Attorney General of Ohio
Samuel Frazier Pryon Jr.1953Doctor of LawsAir transportation executive
Albert Stump1953Doctor of LawsLawyer
Lowell Thomas1953S.P.DWorld Ambassador
Carl Victor Weygandt1953Doctor of Humane LettersChief Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio.
Edward W. Dempsey1954Doctor of SciencesScientist
Manuel Conrad Elmer1954Doctor of Humane LettersEducator, U. of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA
Robert S. Marx1954Doctor of Humane LettersAttorney
Ben Wheeler Moore1954Doctor of LawsJudge, U.S. District Court.
Walter R. Remmers1954Doctor of SciencesPresident, Union Carbide & Carbon. Darien, Conn.
Alice Rosemond1954Doctor of PedagogyEducator, Marietta College faculty member
Sidney S. Smith1954Doctor of SciencesPetroleum pipeline specialist. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
David Van Pelt1954Doctor of LawsReal estate broker
William Carl Beaver1955Doctor of SciencesBiologist
Abraham J. Brachman1955Doctor of DivinityRabbi-Educator-Author
John Chapman Frye1955Doctor of SciencesGeologist
Robert N. Gorman1955Doctor of LawsAttorney, jurist
Albert Belmont Graham1955Doctor of Humane LettersAgricultural leader, Founder 4-H
Ellis Llewellyn Krause1955Doctor of SciencesRetiring Professor of Chemistry
Burton E. Stevenson1955Doctor of LiteratureLibrarian, author
Rawleigh Warner1955Doctor of LawsChairman of Board, Pure Oil Company
Clyde Elmer Williams1955Doctor of LawsScientist, author.
Bernice Eddy Wooley1955Doctor of SciencesM.D., experimental work in testing Salk vaccine
Hamilton Arthur Derr1956Doctor of Humane LettersIndustrial-Scout executive
Dean Elmer Hess1956Doctor of Humane LettersKorean War Hero, Flying Person. Van Nuys, California
David Dean Johnson1956Doctor of Humane LettersAttorney, businessman
William McChesney Martin Jr.1956Doctor of LawsChairman, Board, Governors of Federal Reserve System. Washington, D.C.
Edmunh Sawyer Merriam1956Doctor of SciencesMarietta College faculty member, inventor
Thomas David Phillips1956Doctor of SciencesPhysicist, retiring professor
George Sawtelle1956Doctor of SciencesPetroleum executive
Howard E. Simpson1956Doctor of LawsPresident, B&O Railroad
Frank Robert Ford1957Doctor of LiteratureEditor, Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance. Washington, D.C.
Rock (Roy Fitzgerald) Hudson1957Doctor of ArtMovie actor, star of “Battle Hymn”
Carroll Athey Pfeiffer1957Doctor of SciencesSchool of Medicine, U. of Puerto Rico.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cecil Harland Underwood1957Doctor of LawsGovernor of West Virginia, former Marietta College staff member.
Charleston, W.V.
Arthur B. Van Buskirk1957Doctor of LawsExecutive, Cleveland Bank
You Chan Yang1957Doctor of LawsAmbassador, Republic of Korea. Washington, D.C.
Thomas Binney1958Doctor of DivinityClergyman, London, England
Walker Lee Cisler1958Doctor of LawsPresident, Detroit Edison Co.; Marietta College trustee. Grosse Point, Mich.
Ruth Miriam Drew1958Doctor of SciencesAssoc. Scientist -Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island
French Rowe Fogle1958Doctor of LiteratureMilton Scholar. Claremont, California.
Henry Sullivan1958Doctor of PedagogyRetired Supt. Of Schools, Marietta, Ohio.
Ronald Burdick Thompson1958Doctor of LawsExec. Dean for Special Services, OSU
James Miller Symes1958Doctor of LawsPresident, Pennsylvania Railroad
Arthur Holbrook Bill1959Doctor of SciencesTeacher, Obstetrics, Western Reserve University
Newman Arnold Hall1959Doctor of SciencesEducator, engineering.  North Haven, Conn.
Walter Havighurst1959Doctor of LiteratureAuthor, research professor, Miami University. Oxford, OH.
Henry Wise Hobson1959Doctor of Humane LettersBishop, Diocese of Southern Ohio
John William Jordon1959Doctor of SciencesChemistry Research
Clesson Ernest Mason1959Doctor of SciencesInventor
Monroe Jackson Rathbone1959Doctor of LawsPresident, Standard Oil
Earle Spaulding Thomson1959Doctor of LawsChairman, West Penn Electric Company
Brooks Edward Wigginton1959Doctor of ArtLandscape architect. Wheeling, W.V.
Avery C. Adams1960Doctor of LawsChief Executive, Jones & Laughlin
Karl B. Alexander1960Doctor of LawsClergyman
Paul Hadley Bell1960Doctor of SciencesHead, Leaderle Lab, American Cyanamid. E. Orleans, Mass.
George Jordan Blazier1960Doctor of Humane LettersLibrarian Emeritus, Archivist, Historian
Herbert H. Dyke1960Doctor of LawsClergyman
Harla Ray Eggleston1960Doctor of SciencesRetiring professor, Head, Marietta College Biology Dept.
Henry Barker Fernald1960Doctor of LawsAccounting executive
George Horace Blake1961Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor Emeritus, Marietta College. Mount Vernon, Maine
E. Edgar Fogle1961Doctor of LawsPres-Union Carbide Chemicals, Marietta College trustee.
Ocean Ridge, Fl
James Hyslop1961Doctor of LawsPresident, Hanna Coal Company.  St. Clairsville, Ohio
Lewis Eugene Jordon1961Doctor of LiteratureNews Editor, NY Times; teacher, Columbia University
Elmyn Busian Krause1961Doctor of SciencesEmeritus Professor of Chemistry, Marietta College
Gustav Stern1961Doctor of Humane LettersFounder, Hartz Mountain Food Company. New York, NY
Cary R. Wagner1961Doctor of LawsChemist, chairman American Chemical Society.
Joseph Alexander Abey1962Doctor of LawsPresident, Rotary International
Luther H. Evans1962Doctor of Humane LettersFormer Librarian of Congress, Director of UNESCO.
San Antonio, TX.
Grover Martin Hermann1962Doctor of Humane LettersPresident, Martin-Marietta Corp.
Frank John Lausche1962Doctor of LawsU.S. Senator, Governor 5 times. Bethesda, Maryland
Robert Nathaniel Montgomery1962Doctor of Humane LettersPresident, Muskingum College
Carl Frederick Prutton1962Doctor of SciencesChemist, teacher
Sylvester Comstock Smith1962Doctor of LawsN.J. highway authority; president, Prudential Insurance; American Bar Assoc. Orange, N.J.
Carl Vitz1962Doctor of Humane LettersDirector, Cincinnati Public Library
Donald David Drum1963Doctor of LawsEmeritus Professor of Physical Education
Ellis Lore Kirkpatrick1963Doctor of LawsMarietta College Emeritus Professor of Sociology.
Frank Charles Laubach1963Doctor of LawsLiteracy educator, “Each One Teach One”
Anthony C. McAuliffe1963Doctor of LawsVice President, Union Carbide
Irving Elkin Muskat1963Doctor of SciencesResearch, U. of Miami, Florida. Miami, Fl.
Watson Fergus Tait Jr.1963Doctor of LawsExec. Vice Pres., Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Samuel Newton Dicken1964Doctor of SciencesEducator, University of Oregon. Eugene, Oregon
Wilbur D. Matson1964Doctor of Humane LettersNewspaper editor, lawyer.
Leonard B. Ogle1964Doctor of LawsJudge, Washington County
Walter J. Touhy1964Doctor of LawsExecutive, C&O and B&O Railroads
William M. Batten1965Doctor of Humane LettersChief Executive, J.C. Penny Co.
Great Neck, L.I., New York
Ward L. Ekas1965Doctor of SciencesObstetrician and Gynecologist.
J. Lawrence Amos1966Doctor of SciencesKey research, Dow Chemical Co.
B. Gates Dawes Jr.1966Doctor of Humane LettersBusinessman, Marietta College trustee
Merrill R. Patterson1967Doctor of LiteratureDean of Marietta College, 1948-1967.  Marietta, Ohio.
George A. Stevenson1967Doctor of Humane LettersParkersburg industrialist
Marie Adamson Flesher1968Doctor of LawsTeacher, Ohio State University
William Ray Flesher1968Doctor of LawsTeacher, Ohio State University
Richard Howard Sullivan1968Doctor of LiteraturePres., Assoc. of American Colleges; Former Pres., Reed College
Stanley Theodore Boggess1969Doctor of DivinityClergyman-Welfare worker
Soloman Brachman1969Doctor of Humane LettersProducers Supply & Tool Company
Constantinos Apostoloos Doxiadis1969Doctor of SciencesPlanner of cities of the future
Sol Myron Linowitz1970Doctor of Humane LettersLawyer, ambassador to Organization of American States
David Raymond Pew1970Doctor of MusicOrganist and choirmaster
Frank Rainy Sutton1971Hum.d33 years in athletics; coach and director of athletics at Marietta High School
Dewey Follett Bartlett1972Doctor of LawsSenator, Oklahoma
Edward Granville Harness1972Doctor of LawsIndustrialist, Procter & Gamble
Carl L. Broughton1975Doctor of LawsBusinessman and civic leader; Marietta College trustee. Marietta, Ohio.
Robert A. Charpie1975Doctor of LawsPres., Cabot Corporation of Boston.
Sherman K. Stein1975Doctor of Humane LettersEducator, author of mathematics texts
Robert J. Taylor1976Doctor of LiteratureFormer Marietta College faculty; editor of “The Adams Papers”
Marina Von Neumann Whitman1976Doctor of SciencesProfessor Economics, U. of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA.
Robert T. Handy1977Doctor of Humane LettersAcademic Dean, Union Theology Seminary, NY City
Athel Glyde Unklesbay1977Doctor of SciencesEducator (geology), administrator. Columbia, Missouri.
Rene Dubos1978Doctor of Humane LettersEducator (microbiologist, pathologist) at Rockefeller U., Pulitzer Prize
Donald A. Henderson1978Doctor of LawsDean, School of Hygiene & Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, Maryland
Richard M. Krause1978Doctor of SciencesDir., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health
Harold D. Hoopman1979Doctor of LawsPresident, Marathon Oil Company. Findlay, Ohio
Harry V. Jaffa1979Doctor of LawsTeacher, author, political philosopher
Sister M. Suzanne Uhrhane1979Doctor of SciencesFormer president, Ohio Dominican College. Columbus, OH
Emil C. Danenberg1980Doctor of MusicPresident, Oberlin College; concert pianist
Frederick G. Kilgour1980Doctor of LawsLibrarian, editor, author. Columbus, Ohio.
Robert Dickey III1981Doctor of LawsPresident, CEO Dravo Corporation. Pittsburgh, PA.
William N. Lipscomb Jr.1981Doctor of SciencesTeacher, research chemist. Cambridge, Mass.
John G. McCoy1981Doctor of LawsBanker, Marietta College trustee. Columbus, Ohio.
W. Michael Blumenthal1982Doctor of LawsManufacturing company executive. Detroit, Mich.
John Hollander1982Doctor of LiteratureTeacher, poet. New Haven, Conn.
Mansoor Al-Turki1983Doctor of LawsPresident, King Saud University. (Saudi Arabia)
Clarence E. Miller1983Doctor of LawsU.S. Congressman, Ohio. Washington, D.C., Lancaster, OH
F. Story Musgrave1983Doctor of SciencesPhysician, astronaut. Houston, TX.
Marion B. Sloan1983Doctor of LawsTeacher, psychiatric group social work, mental health. Berkeley, California.
Julia Montgomery Walsh1983Doctor of LawsInvestment executive; owns company. Washington, D.C.
William G. Harrington1984Doctor of LiteratureLawyer, author. Cos Cob, Conn.
Karen N. Horn1984Doctor of LawsEconomist, Federal Reserve System; Pres., Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio
Edward H. Jennings1984Doctor of LawsPresident, Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio
Bernard P. McDonough1984Doctor of LawsIndustrialist, business entrepreneur, philanthropist.
Merrill D. Peterson1984Doctor of LawsTeacher, dean of faculty and Thomas Jefferson Foundation professor at U. of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia.
Elie A. Salem1984Doctor of LawsTeacher; dean, American Univ. of Beirut; Dep. Prime Min.; Min. for Aff. Of Lebanon. Lebanon
Zane E. Barnes1985Doctor of LawsPres., CEO Southwestern Bell Corp. St. Louis, Miss.
John N. Gradner1985Doctor of LawsTeacher, administrator, University of S. Carolina
Robert A. Goldwin1985Doctor of LawsEducator, researcher
Rawleigh Warner Jr.1985Doctor of LawsChairman of Board and CEO, Mobil Corp.
Conrad A. Hilberry1986Doctor of LiteratureTeacher, poet
Victor M. Ruby1986Doctor of LawsPhysician; radio, classical music and health programs.
William E. Swales1986Doctor of LawsPresident, Marathon Oil Company. Findlay, Ohio.
Mary Maples Dunn1987Doctor of LawsPresident, Smith College. Northampton, Mass.
James M. Feron1987Doctor of LiteratureBureau chief, NY Times. Scarsdale, NY.
Frank E. Mosier1987Doctor of SciencesPresident and chief operating officer, Standard Oil of Ohio. Rocky River, Ohio.
Bruce L. Payne8/1987Doctor of LawsDirector of Leadership and Theatre at Duke University
Thomas E. Cronin2/15/1988Doctor of LawsPolitical scientist, Colorado Springs, CO.
Victor Gene Beghini5/8/1988Doctor of Laws 
Chin Yuan–Shun5/8/1988Doctor of Science 
Charles Lloyd Peterson5/8/1988Doctor of Humanities 
Lynne Cheney1988Doctor of LawsChair of National Endowment for the Humanities
Doctor James P. Barufaldi2/14/1989Doctor of ScienceScientist; Director of Science Education Center University of Texas at Austin. Marietta College class, 1962.
George M. Davis5/14/1989Doctor of Science 
Richard F. Rosser5/14/ 1989Doctor of Laws 
Felice N. Schwartz5/14/1989Doctor of Laws 
Benjamin M. Weir5/14/1989Doctor of Humane Letters 
Doctor Samuel Dewitt Proctor2/26/90Doctor of DivinityClergyman, Pastor emeritus of Abyssinian Baptist Church, NYC. Former President of Virginia Union College. President North Carolina State A&T University at Greensboro. On Commission on Excellence in Higher Education in N. J.; author.
Irene Neu Jones5/13/1990Doctor of LettersMarietta College Class of 1944. Local historian.
Doctor Larraine R. Matusak2/5/1991Doctor of HumanitiesDirector of W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  Former teacher/administrator. Battle Creek, Michigan
Thomas L. Fernandez5/ 12/1991Doctor of LettersVice President for Academic Affairs, University of Kansas
John E. Hopkins5/12/1991Doctor of HumanitiesExecutive Director of the Kalamazoo Foundation
Perry M. Smith2/14/1992 Maj. General USAF (ret.). CNN military analyst in Persian Gulf War. Consultant and lecturer on leadership.
Doctor  Charles H. Karelis2/14/1993Doctor of HumanitiesPhilosopher. Former Professor of Williams College. Director of FIPSE.
Vincent Joseph Collins5/9/1993Doctor of ScienceMarietta College Class of 1936, Anesthesiologist
Doctor  S. Frederick Starr2/14/1994 President of Oberlin College
Holger Luther5/8/1994Doctor of ScienceMarietta College Class of 1963. Physicist and Chief Scientist at Sensor Systems Group, Inc.
David H. Rosenbloom5/8/1994Doctor of LawsMarietta College Class of 1964. Distinguished Professor of Public Administration in School of Public Affairs at American University.  Editor of Public Administration Review. Author.
Doctor Parker J. Palmer2/14/ 1995Doctor of Humane LettersWriter, teacher, artist. Senior Associate of the American Association of Higher Education and senior Advisor to Fetzer Institute.
Eric S. Dobkin5/14/ 1995Doctor of LawsExecutive with Goldman Sachs
John Leo2/15/ 1996Doctor of LettersJournalist, Author.
Charles W. McCoy5/12/1996Doctor of LawsFormer Marietta College Trustee. Former CEO Louisiana National Bank and Former President of Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. Marietta College class 1942
Leslie H. Wexner5/12/1996Doctor of HumanitiesFounder and Chairman of Limited, Inc.
Doctor E. D. Hirsch Jr.2/14/1997 Kenan Professor of English and University Professor of Education and Humanities at the University of Virginia. Founder of the Core Knowledge Foundation.
Yukio Kasahara5/11/1997Doctor of LawsFormer Chairman of Japan Energy Corporation. Tokyo, Japan
Eleanor Holmes Norton2/1998Doctor of LawsCongresswoman, District of Columbia (House). Former chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Doctor Li Zhaoxing5/10/1998Doctor of LawsChinese Diplomat, Ambassador to the United States
Kenton C. Tekulve5/4/1999Doctor of HumanitiesFormer Professional Baseball Player. Marietta College class of 1969.
Alan A. Baker5/9/1999Doctor of LawsFormer Marietta College Trustee. Petroleum Engineer. Marietta College class of 1954
Doctor Richard S. Givens2/10/2000Doctor of ScienceAssistant Provost and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kansas. Marietta College class of 1962
 Robert J. Blendon5/7/2000Doctor of LawsProfessor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at Harvard University School of Public Health and John F. Kennedy School of Government. Marietta College class of 1964
Gloria Steinem5/7/2000Doctor of HumanitiesAmerican feminist and activist. Founder of Ms. magazine, Author.
Doctor R. Eugene Rice2/25/2001Doctor of HumanitiesFormer Vice President and Dean of Faculty at Antioch College. Scholar in Residence and Director of Forum on Faculty Roles and Rewards at American Association of Higher Education, Washington D. C,
Jonathan Kozol5/6/2001Doctor of Humane LettersWriter, Lecturer, educator, and social activist. Byfield, Mass.
William T. Young5/6/2001Doctor of LawsBusinessman and civic leader.  Owner of Overbrook Farm and founder of W.T. Young, LLC.
John Deaver Drinko5/13/2001Doctor of Humane LettersAttorney
David Ferguson9/6/2001Doctor of LawsClass of 1963. President and CEO, Gould Electronics
Dave Rickey9/6/2001Doctor of LawsClass of 1978. CEO Applied Micro Circuits Corp.
Robert Dyson5/9/2004Doctor of LawsMarietta College Class of 1968. Chair/CEO of Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corp.
Timothy O. Cooper2/10/2005Doctor of Humane LettersMarietta College Class of 1973. Former Chair of Board of Trustees
Roderick G.W. Chu5/20/2006Doctor of LawsChancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents
Douglas Gomery2/15/2007Doctor of Humane LettersFaculty at University of Maryland
Laura Baudo Sillerman5/19/2007Doctor of Humane LettersMarietta College Class of 1968. President of Tomorrow Foundation
Georgia Lesh-Laurie2/14/2008Doctor of Humane LettersEducator
John Lewis5/17/2008Doctor of Humane LettersU.S. Congressman (D-Ga), Civil rights leader.
Joseph Chlapaty5/9/2010Doctor of LawsChairman and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Arthur Levine5/8/2011Doctor of LawsPresident of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.
Paul J. Zecchi2/16/2012Doctor of LawsPresident and CEO of Central Resources, Inc.
Dr. Jean A. Scott5/13/2012Doctor of LawsPresident of Marietta College
Donald G. Ritter ’815/6/2018Doctor of Humane Letters/BA in Music TherapyCEO of Endurance Resources III
Leslie Straub Ritter ’855/6/2018Doctor of Humane Letters/BA in Music TherapyPrincipal and VP at Square Knot, LLC
Barbara Perry Fitzgerald ’735/5/2019Doctor of Humane LettersRetired VP, PetSmart
Michael Salvino ’875/1/2021Doctor of LawsPresident and CEO of DXC Technology
Susan MacKenty Brady ’945/4/2024Doctor of LawsDeloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at Simmons University and CEO of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership
Margaret L. Drugovich5/4/2024Doctor of Humane Letters20th President, Marietta College