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Marietta College provides a variety of services to accommodate its growing number of commuter students.

To improve communication between the commuter students and the College, the Student Government Association created the position of Commuter Affairs Commissioner. The commissioner meets with his or her constituents and then discusses the commuter-related issues with the administration, including:

  • Construction of an online commuter survey uploaded at the end of every spring semester.
  • Addition of the Commuter Welcome Dinner and the Commuter Information Session during Student Orientation.
  • Investigation of parking issues with commuter students.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered to be a commuter student at Marietta College?

Any student who does not reside in any of the residential halls would be considered a commuter student.

How can I find out about what's going on at MC?

Check the Marietta College website for campus news, campus events, athletics, etc. Also, check your campus e-mail.

How will I know if classes are canceled due to inclement weather?

Call the information line 740-376-HELP(4357) for the latest information about the conditions on campus. Also check the Marietta College website, your campus e-mail and voicemail, and your local news and radio stations for any announcements of cancellations or delays.

What if I wanted to stay with a friend on campus overnight?

You are permitted to be an overnight guest for only Friday and Saturday nights with the permission of your host and your host's roommate.

Where is a good place to study and/or do homework?

The Commuter Lounge on the 2nd floor of Andrews Hall or the Library are great places to study/do homework. 

Is there anywhere commuter students can go to hang out or relax?

The Commuter Lounge on the 2nd floor of Andrews Hall is open from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. daily for commuter students to use. Amenities in the lounge include a microfridge (microwave & fridge), TV trays, and a TV for students to use. 

Are there any events specifically for commuters?

Commuters are welcome to come to all on-campus events. There are monthly events specifically for commuters. Information about commuter events can be found in the commuter newsletter, The Pio Commute, which is emailed monthly to commuting students or on flyers all around campus. 

Where can I leave my belongings between classes?

Student Life provides free lockers to rent next to the Pioneer Team Store in upper Gilman. Students must bring their own lock, and it is recommended you do not leave any valuables for security precautions. 

Can commuter students use the health services?

Of course. After all, you paid for the fee like everyone else.

Why won't my Student ID card let me into any of the residence halls?

It's the same reason for all students. Residential students' ID cards only work for their residence halls. In other words, if a student from one hall wanted to visit someone from another hall, he or she would have to contact that person so he or she can open the door. This is for our students' safety and security to prevent intrusions. Call boxes are outside each residence hall's entrance so you can contact someone to let you inside.

What should I do if I lose my ID card?

Please see the ID cards page for all information about ID cards.

If commuter students get in trouble on campus, will they be arrested because they are not residents of Marietta College?

No. You are a student of Marietta College. If you get into trouble on campus, you will be treated the same as any other student. The response to each incident is determined by the nature of the situation. Some students are arrested and disciplined; some are just disciplined.

Where can I park on campus?

Please see the Parking section for all information about parking lot locations, permits, licenses, etc.

If I came to the campus during the weekend, would I still need to park in the designated parking lots based on my permit?

Not necessarily. After 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and during the weekends, you can park in any parking lot. However, if you were to park in a lot that is not designated for commuter students on a Sunday evening and you left your vehicle overnight, it would be very possible for you to receive a ticket on Monday morning.

Will someone escort me to my car?

If you would like an escort to/from your car, contact College Police at x 3333 for more information.