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Marietta College students sit around a campfire

Life on Campus

Whether commuting to or residing on campus, Marietta College offers a great deal of opportunities for engagement. With dedicated spaces for commuters and veterans, evening and weekend events, and a small community to bond with, we want your home away from home to be on campus. We also provide a variety of dining options that allow students flexibility and convenience. 


Planning ahead is important for families. Stay updated on campus and academic calendars, official breaks, exam schedules, and commencement details. Learn about study abroad options and have quick access to the Records Office for deadlines and forms.

two students study in one of the lobbies of the science building
Campus police officer hangs out with students behind Marietta Hall

Health, Wellness and Safety

Your students' health and safety are our number one priority. Learn more about our Center for Health and Wellness offerings of free counseling and medical services and how our Campus Police Department services for students go beyond securing buildings to include escorts across campus, rides for injured students to and from class, fixing car issues, and issuing parking passes. Students have an excellent relationship with the Campus Police Department here at Marietta College as evidenced by the numerous thank you cards from students that adorn their foyer when you enter their office building.

Our Facilities

The Marietta College campus is close to downtown Marietta and within easy walking distance of both the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers. The 90+ acre campus is bounded by Fourth, Seventh, Putnam and Greene streets. The oldest building, the President’s Home, dates from 1822 while Harrison Hall, the newest residence hall, was completed in the fall of 2012. In 2014, the Arbor Day Foundation awarded Marietta College “Tree Campus USA” status for establishing and sustaining a healthy community forest.

Review all of our facilities

Campus of Marietta College and Downtown Marietta from a drone
Marietta College Students talk outside of Marietta Hall

Visiting Campus

Schedule a campus visit, check out our new student orientation schedule (PIOSOAR), find local lodging, and browse departments and employee information in our campus directory.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be opportunities to visit my students on campus?

Family Weekend: Dating back to 1973 when Marietta College conducted its first Family Day, students have welcomed family members to campus for a different themed event each fall. Marietta students invite their family members to campus for a weekend of activities in the fall semester.

How does my child get a parking pass?

Parking passes are managed through the Marietta College Police Department.

When does my student register for classes?

New incoming students (transfer and first-year) register for classes during the new student orientation (PioSOAR).  

Returning students must meet with their academic advisor before registering for classes during their assigned registration time. Registration dates are listed on the academic calendar and students have access to their registration date in the Self-Service portal.

How does my student make schedule changes?

Schedule changes are made in consultation with the primary academic advisor. Students can look in the Self-Service portal to verify who their primary academic advisor is.

How will my student keep track of their graduation requirements?

The degree audit sheet is a quick reference for the student, the advisor, and the College. It is used to monitor the student's progress toward completion of the graduation requirements and to see the specific requirements of the major (s) in which the applicant may be interested. Please note that program requirements are subject to change annually and the audits provided are based on the curriculum in place at the time of the evaluation. Upon enrollment, students are advised to refer to the College Catalog as well as the online progress report found in the Self-Service portal for information on any changes implemented after this evaluation.

Will my student be assigned an academic advisor?

Yes, during our new student orientation (PioSOAR) your student will meet with a faculty member to arrange a schedule. At that time they will also be assigned a first-year academic advisor. Once your student has declared a major, they will complete the process to make a switch to have an advisor within their major of study.

What is FERPA?

At the post-secondary level, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal privacy law that gives students certain protections about their education records, such as transcripts, disciplinary records, contact and family information, financial information, and class schedules.

A school official may generally share with a parent information that is based on that official's knowledge or observation of the student and not obtained from a record maintained by the College.

Additionally, the College wants to allow students to authorize parents to assist with resolving issues, at the student’s discretion.  To this end, the College may share educational records, in whole or in part, with parents/legal guardians after receiving written consent from the student. Students may authorize said disclosure by completing and signing the authorization form and turning it in to the Records Office. Please see the reverse for additional information related to the Authorization to Disclose Information to Parents/Legal Guardians. This form allows students to select which categories of information may be disclosed: Academic, Conduct/Housing, Financial Aid, and Billing. The form must be signed by the student and submitted to the Records Office in the Irvine Administration Building.

The authorization to release information does not serve as a power of attorney, allowing parents to conduct business on behalf of the student nor does it provide electronic access to student information. The Authorization to Release Information to Parents/Guardians is distinct from the Authorized User account available via the Self-Service Portal for Student Account purposes.

How can I access my student's grades?

Per FERPA regulations the rights to education records (which includes grades) however, if your student desires to give you direct access then they can grant proxy access within the Self-Service portal. For additional questions please contact the Records Office,, 740-376-4723.

Under FERPA, when a student turns 18 or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, all rights about the student’s educational records transfer to the student.  However, FERPA provides ways but is not required to, share information from a student's educational records with guardians without the student's consent.  

For more information about FERPA, read “What is FERPA?”.

Will the college call me if my student is not attending classes?

Marietta College strives to enhance your student's skills as a responsible adult by communicating directly with the student first.  The College believes the below policy has a beneficial effect on the College community and will help your student achieve the academic and personal goals that are at the heart of the Marietta College education.  

However, parents of dependent students, under the following circumstances, will be notified without the student’s consent:

  • If a health or safety emergency involves the student.  
  • If the student, under the age of 21, has violated any law or policy concerning the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance,  
  • If the student is at risk of being removed from college housing or suspended or dismissed from the college,  
  • If the student has been found responsible for a serious violation of the College Creed or College Housing Policies, and  
  • If the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students deems there are special circumstances that are in the best interest of the student and the College notify the parent.
What kind of technology services does the college provide?

The IT department at Marietta College offers your student easy access to questions with the Text a Ticket program.

My student lost their ID, where can they get a new one?

Students can get new IDs at the Mailroom in Upper Gilman Hall.

Does my child have to attend the PioSOAR Orientation?

All incoming students need to attend a PioSOAR (Pioneer Student Orientation, Advising and Registration). This informative program offers an overview of the college's expectations and resources to help you and your family settle in. In addition to meeting with an academic advisor and registering for your classes, you will have the opportunity to connect with other incoming and upper-class students, faculty, and staff who will play an integral role in your college journey.

What is H.O.M.E. and is it mandatory?

H.O.M.E. stands for Honoring Our Marietta Experience. This mandatory multi-day orientation is designed to assist students with the transition to college, familiarize them with the campus, and residence halls, and complete a variety of mandatory trainings and sessions. The H.O.M.E. program concludes with a day trip to West Virginia for white-water rafting. The Orientation Staff has worked hard to create a schedule of events that will help your student transition to Marietta College academically and socially.

What is Matriculation? Are parents invited?

Matriculation is a traditional ceremony that signifies the formal enrollment of a student at Marietta College.  Families are encouraged to attend this milestone in their student’s college career. During Matriculation, students and their families are formally welcomed to the campus community, and students sign the Marietta College Enrollment Book, another tradition at Marietta College.

What happens if there is a roommate conflict and my student wants to switch rooms?

The Office of Community Living conducts a room freeze during the first two weeks of each semester and does not permit moves during that time. After the first two weeks of each semester, students can contact their Resident Assistant to discuss issues with their current roommate and any options that may be available to your student. Room changes are never guaranteed and are done on a case-by-case basis.

What size are the beds?

All mattresses are 39" by 80". To ensure that your sheets fit properly, we recommend that your student bring extra-long twin sheets.

Something is broken in my student’s room; how do they request a repair?

Students must submit a maintenance request immediately to repair something that is broken or requires review. The Area Coordinator will see the request, and approve it, and the information will be forwarded to the Physical Plant so that they can make the repairs. Depending upon the nature of the damages, there may be charges. If someone breaks something in or around the room, it needs to be reported immediately to your Area Coordinator so an incident report can be completed.

Can my student have an air conditioner in their room?

Air conditioners are not permitted in the residence halls and Marietta College requires an application to be submitted along with physician verification for a student to be approved to have an air conditioner for health purposes. A request for use of a personal air conditioner in a residence hall room will be approved under the following conditions:  

  • You have a chronic medical condition that necessitates the use of an A/C
  • You submit this application and verification from your doctor that outlines this necessity
  • Marietta College’s Center for Health and Wellness staff validates and concurs with your request

Medical documentation for this request must meet the following criteria:  

  • A qualified medical professional must provide a letter (with original signature) that includes a clear statement of the medical diagnosis, the basis for the diagnosis, a description of the treatment plan, patient response, and prognosis, as well as the current impact of the disability as it relates to the housing request that is being supported.  
  • The credentials of the diagnosing professional must be listed if not clear from professional letterhead or other forms. The diagnosing professional may not be a family member. A note on a prescription pad is not an acceptable form of documentation.  

It is up to the student to confirm receipt of documentation and to ensure their doctor has followed the outlined description. All documentation can be emailed to, sent by fax to 740-376-4413, or sent in standard mail to Marietta College Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness., 215 Fifth Street, Marietta, Ohio 45750.

What type of security exists in the residence halls?

Each residence hall is locked 24/7 and has key-card access. Students can only access the residence halls they are assigned to live in. The College ID is coded for your residence hall. In addition, Community Living staff and the Marietta College Police Department make rounds during the evenings each day the residence halls are open. Residence Halls also have security cameras at entrances and in the building to provide additional security.

Does the school have insurance for the property I bring to school?

No. Please be sure to review your homeowner’s insurance to have your student’s property adequately covered or acquire renter’s insurance. 

Where can the students do laundry?

Free laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. All residents are responsible for the condition of the laundry rooms, and billing for damage to this area will be initiated when appropriate and necessary. Generally, machines get used heavily during the evening hours, so students might consider doing laundry during the early morning hours if possible.

What is an RA? What is an AD?

Resident Advisors (RA) are specially trained sophomores, juniors, and seniors who live on the floor with the residents to assist them with personal, academic, and social concerns, and to help develop a sense of community among residents. Your student's RA is one of the best people to go to with any questions or concerns that your student may have. Assistant Directors (AD) are full-time professional staff members in the Office of Community Living, who are responsible for providing leadership and direction in coordinating a comprehensive residence life program in co-educational hall housing. The Assistant Directors help oversee operations and programming in the residence halls.

How do Dining Services and meal plans work?

With several different dining locations on campus, students are never far from a healthy meal or a quick snack. Each meal plan offers a specific number of meal swipes per week plus a declining dollar amount for custom purchases in campus cafes. Each time a student dines, a meal is deducted from their total meal balance for that week. Students can pick the meal plan that fits the best with their preferences and schedule at the beginning of each semester. If the selected meal plan doesn't suit your student, they have 10 days after the semester starts to make a change.

How does my child print on campus?

Printing is done through a system called Ricoh. Students have free printing use on campus in color or black and white. Students send a document to a Ricoh printer and then can print off the document from any Ricoh copier on campus with a swipe from their student ID.

What is Marietta College's philosophy on alcohol use?

Marietta College is primarily a residential college, which results in a dynamic, living community. This experience allows for a sense of community to be built among the students, faculty, and administration, and it helps to strengthen both the ties and the sense of belonging to the institution. As a result, students have a responsibility to develop and understand how their actions affect the lives and experiences of those other members of the community. Responsible and legal alcohol use is a part of that responsibility. Marietta College condemns excessive consumption of alcohol as an unacceptable and irresponsible act by any member of the community. Also, the College considers the decision to consume alcohol or not to be a value judgment on the part of each individual of legal age. View the complete policy on Alcohol here.

Are there any resources for commuter students?

Yes. View a full list of services for commuter students here.