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*Visit the Presenters Lounge (DBRC) from 11:00 AM to Noon

Oral Presenters

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Poster Presenters

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Posters (All Disciplines) — Noon–2 p.m., DBRC
Biology, Health Science and Environmental Science & Studies — 8:00–10:00 a.m. and 3:00-5:30 p.m., Bartlett 162 and 166
Chemistry and Biochemistry — 3:30–5:00 p.m., Selby 150
Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems Management — 4:00–5:00 p.m., Brown 103
History — 10:00–11:00 a.m., Thomas 327
Honors — 10:00–11:00 a.m., Selby 148
Humanities — 9:00-10:30 a.m., Hermann Studio​
Maker Space — 9:00–11:00 a.m., Rickey 104
Music — 7:00–8:30 p.m., Band Hall
Music Education — 4:00–5:00 p.m., Hermann 217
Petroleum Engineering — 9:30–11:00 a.m., Brown Conference Room
Physics — 2:30–4:30 p.m., Selby 148
Political Science — 2:00–3:00 p.m., Thomas 327
Sports Medicine — 9:00–11:00 a.m., Sports Medicine Classroom
STEM — 2:00-3:30 p.m.,​ Selby 150​
Theatre — 3:00–4:00 p.m., Friederich Theater


Oral Presentations


DepartmentTitleFirst AuthorSecond AuthorThird AuthorFourth Author


Petroleum Engineering

11:00 a.m.

Brown Conference Room

Dr. Dave Freeman

Minimum Standard OilSpencer FlickOlivia GribblePerry GasperAnthony JaegerCollaborating as a four-member team, including roles of a geologist, reservoir engineer, drilling engineer, and production engineer, as Minimum Standard Oil we are tasked with integrating theoretical knowledge from our petroleum engineering program with practical insights from internships to develop the Chaser Shale gas field. This synergy, marked by clear communication and cross-disciplinary discussions, enables the seamless integration of theoretical and practical expertise for the project's success.
Chaser Shale EvaluationDerek WitsbergerBrogan FisherJake PriestGavin WilliamsThe purpose of this study is to evaluate the Chaser Shale for its productivity. This process included in-depth geological/reservoir evaluations to assure a frackable formation. Analytical calculations were used to develop a safe/manageable drilling program. Simulation software was utilized to develop a competent completions program. Potential environmental impacts and safety regulations were included in the Chaser Shale evaluation. Overall, the Chaser Shale is a frackable/economical reservoir, and a field development plan will be created.
Not Your Father’s Oil Petroleum Engineering CapstoneColby PasourZack BrownLogan PodgorskiCory HartOur capstone group presentation delves into the comprehensive exploration and development of the Gillman #1 well within Washington County's Chaser Shale. By integrating geological analysis with advanced drilling, completion, and production engineering techniques, we aim to optimize hydrocarbon extraction while maintaining an emphasis on environmental health and safety. This project underscores innovative strategies for maximizing well performance and highlights the potential for sustainable energy production in the region. Join us as we present our findings and their implications for the future of petroleum development.

Sports Medicine

11:00 a.m.

Sports Medicine Classroom

Dr. Jaclyn Tate

The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on ParamedicsNathan Rentas   This study aims to discuss the impacts of sleep deprivation on paramedics mental health. A correlation between poor sleep quality, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder has been investigated with a possible outcome of suicide in paramedics. Also, different cultures and backgrounds have influenced the prevalence rates of different mental health issues for paramedics in their society. This study will look to understand and conclude sleep deprivation's full effects on shift worker paramedics.
The Effects of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Complications on Adults Quality of LifePaige Trent   The purpose of this study was how anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction complications in adults affect their quality of life. The study was conducted by performing a literature review of reputable sources to examine what complications from ACL reconstruction exist in the adult population. After a thorough analysis, research shows that adults who experience complications after receiving ACL reconstruction are at an increased risk of poor quality of life and knee function.
Are concussion prevention techniques effective in preventing concussions in young adult soccer players?Kendal Mader   The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of concussion prevention techniques on young adult soccer players. A literature review was conducted in efforts to find credible evidence that examines the different prevention methods used on athletes to prevent future concussions. This study explains how mild traumatic brain injuries occur and what is done to prevent them from happening. After a thorough review, research shows that some prevention techniques might not fulfill their purpose.
The Effects of Music on ExerciseMatthew Kahn   The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of music on motivation, mood, differences between genders, and performance in athletes and recreational exercise populations. The articles evaluated how exercise was impacted from the music being played. Results showed using a medium tempo of music increases mood, motivation, and performance in both athletes and recreational exercisers. Females are shown to benefit from motivational music more than males.


11:00 a.m.

Thomas 327

Dr. Katy McDaniel

The Story of William New Kim: A History of Chinese Immigration in MariettaHannah Ford   In the mid-19th century, the “Chinese Question” swept the country as Chinese immigrants flocked to America in droves. William New Kim, the first Chinese immigrant, arrived in Marietta in 1879, and after that a very small community formed. This presentation it will look into the life and death of William New Kim, the first Chinese immigrant in Marietta who met an untimely death by his own hand. Furthermore, it gives insight into what the lives of these immigrants may have been like, and how White Mariettans sought to answer the so-called “Chinese Question.”
Aaron Burr and the Southern Conspiracy: An Early Populist CampaignMaria Cipro   Aaron Burr, with the help of his co-conspirators James Wilkinson and Harman Blennerhassett, sought to harness secession plots and push them to his goal of creating a new nation within the Mississippi River Valley. The tactics he used were inherently Populist. Populism requires a politician to analyze a situation or controversy and establish those with wealth, status, or whatever the inferior group lacked. Then they must recognize the power imbalance between the two and make the people feel valued and superior to the other party. Finally, a populist must control the popular opinion and remain in its favor. Burr sought to create a nation built with him as the emperor that served the people and used citizen’s fear against them. It allowed him to garner support for his insurrection. Aaron Burr tried but failed to secede the Mississippi River Valley from the United States to restore his political reputation through a populist campaign of intrigue.

Political Science

3:00 p.m.

Thomas 327

Dr. Michael Morgan

The Impacts of Corruption on Economic ProsperityMichaela Donnelly   Less-developed countries (LDCs) have intrigued researchers for years. They want to understand why these countries are how are. There are countless reasons why a country may be poor and unable to climb up the economic ranks. However, this project discusses one of the main factors that impacts LDCs and developed nations alike, corruption. With all of these ideas in mind, this study asks the question “How does corruption impact economic prosperity?” Although scholars have come to differing conclusions on the answer to this question, there is overwhelming support that leads to one clear result.
The Relationship Between Regime Characteristics and Foreign Direct InvestmentSarah Wallenfelsz   A crucial factor in the strength of a country’s economy is foreign direct investment which impacts the political, social, and economic actions of a country. Democracies may be more likely to receive foreign direct investment due to numerous qualities. The research focuses on the relationship between regime characteristics and foreign direct investment to determine if democracies receive higher levels of investment by multinational corporations than non-democratic regimes.


4:30 p.m.

Selby 148

Dr. Dennis Kuhl

The Fractional Resistivity Change Of Au(111) Thin Films Dosed With Diethyl DisulfideAaron Rohr   The resistance change of 150 nm Au(111) films due to diethyl disulfide dosing was measured using a four-probe, lock-in technique. At a base pressure of 2.5 x 10-10 Torr, samples were Ar+ ion sputter cleaned and annealed to ~500℃. The adsorbate-induced change in resistance determined the fractional change in resistivity. Auger spectroscopy determined surface composition and the effect of cleanliness of the sample on the fractional change in resistivity was studied.
Simulations of Interference Effects of Dual Laser Pulse Plasma InteractionsLucas YoungJoseph Smith  We used the open-source simulation code WarpX to simulate dual lasers colliding with a thin plasma target. This simulation is useful for studying intense magnetic fields like those expected for magnetic reconnection in stars. For these simulations, the main independent variable that we change is the separation of the dual pulses. The lower the separation the higher the particle energy generated.
PIC Simulations to Investigate the Influence of Initial Target Conditions on Short-Pulse Laser Neutron ProductionNicholas HaughtJoseph Smith  Neutrons generated through tabletop laser-driven interactions offer benefits and complement traditional methods, allowing for progress in applications including neutron imaging and next-generation medical treatments. This study utilizes Particle-In-Cell simulations to explore how initial conditions influence neutron generation from interactions between high-intensity, short-pulse lasers and heavy water targets. Several initial conditions were investigated, including the target thickness, target temperature, and chamber background pressure. Findings indicate that these initial conditions play a significant role in neutron yield.
Investigating Rowing Blade Geometry and EfficiencyEvan Saribalas   The geometry of a rowing blade affects its efficiency during the rowing stroke. The goal of this project is to understand what geometry makes a rowing blade efficient and why blade design has evolved within the sport. Using a hydraulic flume with a static blade we can measure the force between the blade and the water. How this force depends on the oar’s shape, curvature, and angle of attack is investigated.


Session A

10:00 a.m.

Bartlett 162 and 166

Dr. Jeremy May

Effects of Blueberry Juice on Lipid Oxidation Using Drosophila melanogasterAuva Zandi   Oxidative damage to phospholipid membranes can decrease lifespan and antioxidants can help prevent this damage. In this experiment, lipid peroxidation in Drosophila melanogaster was measured in both larvae and adults treated with antioxidants and was compared to control flies that were not given antioxidants. Blueberry juice was the antioxidant incorporated into the fly’s food. While the results were statistically significant, the hypothesis that blueberry juice decreases lipid peroxidation in Drosophila melanogaster was not supported.
Investigation of Lecanemab’s Effectiveness and Safety in Reducing the Rate of Cognitive Decline, Reducing Amyloid-β Aggregation, and Increasing Amyloid-β Clearance in People with Early Alzheimer’s DiseaseBraedon Ayers   Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition characterized by the abnormal buildup of amyloid-β (Aβ) and tau proteins. Lecanemab is an anti-Aβ protofibril monoclonal antibody. The research hypothesis was that lecanemab treatment would decrease Aβ aggregation and cognitive decline, increase Aβ clearance, and be safe with extended use. Evidence from articles compiled from various databases supported that lecanemab effectively reduced Aβ aggregation, but questions remain regarding its efficacy in reducing cognitive decline and its long-term safety.
A comparative analysis of berberine, luteolin, and resveratrol and their potential efficacy as telomerase-targeted cancer treatmentsLogan Ayers   Telomeres are protective non-coding DNA sequences that shorten after cell division until eventually triggering apoptosis or, in cells such as cancer cells, are elongated by the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase inhibition through natural compounds is thus a possible cancer therapy. Three naturally-occurring compounds (berberine, luteolin, and resveratrol) were compared and berberine was hypothesized to inhibit telomerase the most in cancer cells. After analysis, the hypothesis was supported, but characteristics of each compound may limit therapeutic potential.
Determining if Exercise or Manual Treatment is Best for Knee OsteoarthritisJoshua Stoia   Osteoarthritis is predicted to be the eighth leading cause of disability in men and fourth in women causing patients to experience a decrease in joint range of motion and increase in pain level. This literature-based study will also include data from a local outpatient clinic that will investigate whether exercise therapy is more beneficial than traditional manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations. The literature shows that exercise therapy is more beneficial in treating osteoarthritis.
Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys volans) at the Barbara A. Beiser Field StationBethany Holstein   The purpose of my capstone was to determine if there are flying squirrels at the Barbara-Feiser field station. I set up 12 nest boxes throughout 3 different elevations at the field station from November to March to determine if there is an elevation they are more likely to be at. Preliminary results indicate no information from the nest boxes, but specific bites in eaten hickory nuts indicate flying squirrel presence.
Effects of Three Antibiotics on the Growth and Development of Xenopus laevisStephanie Camden   As antibiotics become more prevalent, they may begin to negatively affect surface water organisms. Erythromycin, oxytetracycline, and ampicillin were tested on the African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis, embryos for 36 hours to determine their lethality and growth inhibition properties. The mortality rate was collected every 12 hours. Length and width measurements were taken on the remaining embryos at the conclusion. High concentration oxytetracycline was the most lethal and low concentration ampicillin seemed to be beneficial.


Session B

10:00 a.m.

Bartlett 162 and 166

Dr. Dave McShaffrey

Preserving Opuntia: Evaluating the Efficacy of Grafting Techniques in Mitigating Natural Threats to Opuntia microdasys PopulationsFaith Malone   Prickly pear cactuses (Opuntia), are prominent in many areas of the world and utilized for medicines and food. Every year, prickly pears are vulnerable to natural disasters and diseases killing mass populations of the plant. This project explores solutions to the problem through simple grafting techniques and analyzing the effects of natural damages to a prickly pear subset Opuntia microdasys. Results show grafting is not a viable solution in preservation of Opuntia.
Biological aspects of Aspergillus fungi and its impact on human healthMackenzie Grigsby   Aspergillus fungi is just one of many organisms we commonly encounter, and they produce mold that instigates respiratory system irritations and lung infections. The challenge with these fungi is correctly identifying infections and where exposure occurs. A variety of identification methods exist, including DNA analysis, microscopy, culturing, and more. In findings of this fungi both in indoor spaces, like bedrooms, and outdoor environments, like parks, analyzing the genetic material consistently produces the most accurate identifications.
Comparison of Holistic and Allopathic Treatments for Irritable Bowel SyndromeJenna Walters   Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a brain gut disorder. Alternative therapies have been recently investigated with IBS. This literature-based study compared aloe and peppermint oil with traditional antihistamine treatments. Results show that IBS-D is most effectively treated with aloe. Antihistamines were shown to treat a wide range of IBS symptoms. While peppermint oil is most effective at treating IBS-C and IBS-SSS global symptoms.
The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Health in AdulthoodRachel Kazmirski   Human health outcomes in Appalachia are lower than the national average. This study examined the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among Appalachian adults and their relationship to health and health-risk behaviors. Using an online questionnaire about ACEs, positive experiences, adult resiliency, perceived stress, food insecurity, and health behaviors, participants were grouped into four ACE groups and statistical analyses were conducted to determine if there is a correlation between ACE scores and negative health behaviors.
Investigation of Confocal Microscopy in the Detection of Skin CancerMorgan Bryant   Even with current technologies, diagnosis of skin cancer is a challenge. Confocal microscopy is a noninvasive imaging tool that has been suggested to reduce unnecessary biopsies when diagnosing melanomas and other common skin cancers. A thorough review of literature was performed to compare the accuracy and clinical implications of confocal microscopy to noninvasive dermoscopy and optical coherence tomography. Literature suggests best use of this technology as a complementary tool to current methods.
Acute infection of SARS-CoV-2 as a trigger for New-Onset DiabetesAshton Carroll   This literature research project examined the mechanisms by which long-covid leads to new-onset type 2 diabetes. Potential mechanisms include direct infection, inflammation, and/or viral persistence in the pancreas. Of these it was expected that chronic inflammation in the pancreas, resulting from a prolonged immune response to SARS-CoV-2 is responsible for long-covid triggered diabetes. It was concluded that direct infection and damage of the pancreas via ACE-2 is the most likely cause.


Session C

5:30 p.m.

Bartlett 162 and 166

Dr. Jeremy May

Investigation of Antibiotic Resistance and Strategies to Combat the Spread of ResistanceHaley Betzing   Antibiotic resistance (AR) is a worldwide health problem caused by overuse and misuse of antibiotics. This literature review investigated the hypothesis that decreasing antibiotic use in agriculture is the best method to combat the spread of AR. To determine if this is correct, resistant bacteria in agriculture were compared to resistant bacteria in wastewater treatment plants, and the effectiveness of surveillance on AR spread. Current results have shown that reducing agricultural antibiotic use lowers AR.
Is copeptin more effective than current biomarkers in diagnostic and prognostic value associated with cardiovascular health?Alexis Schreckengost   Cardiovascular disease was the cause of 1 in 5 deaths in 2021 and is expected to increase. Blood biomarkers like copeptin and troponins are used to diagnose and determine prognosis for cardiovascular disease in hopes of improving mortality rates and patient outcomes. Copeptin was compared to current gold standards, and results indicate that copeptin is at least as, if not more, effective than current biomarkers, but some limitations of blood sampling do apply.
Learning deficits in Drosophila melanogaster after Bisphenol A exposureMadison Cecil   Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plastic additive that has been shown in studies to cause learning deficits in multiple species. This study utilized Drosophila melanogaster to explore these deficits following developmental exposure to BPA in food. Adult flies were tested for operant conditioning by pairing light, normally attractive, with an aversive stimulus. Courtship behavior in adult males was observed over time to detect learning. Initial data suggests BPA exposure decreases learning ability in both assays.
Investigation of diabetes mellitus and its association to chronic renal failureGabrielle Turner   Approximately one in three individuals with diabetes mellitus develops kidney failure. It was hypothesized that renal failure resulted from the poor management of diabetes mellitus and that hyperglycemia was more detrimental toward renal function than hypertension. Current literature demonstrated that the poor management of diabetes mellitus was not the only factor contributing to kidney failure. Genetic factors, especially in certain ethnicities, played a greater role than previously understood.
Breastmilk containing nicotine, marijuana, and NSAIDS is still superior to formula for child neurodevelopmentHannah Schill   Seventy-five percent of postpartum women breastfeed at some point. In 2019, 20.3 million people in the US used tobacco and marijuana products; another 30 million used NSAIDS. It was hypothesized if levels of nicotine, marijuana, and NSAIDS exceed accepted limits, formula should replace breastmilk to minimize developmental impact. Current research instead suggests that child neurodevelopment is not adversely affected by maternal use of these substances while breastfeeding.
Effects of bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS) on the development and lifespan of DrosophilaClaire Rocco   Bisphenol A (BPA) can cause an early onset of puberty in humans, so Bisphenol S (BPS) has been introduced as an alternative. This experiment examines the effects of BPA and BPS, ingested from food, on the rate of pupal development and eclosion (adult emergence) of Drosophila melanogaster and the lifespan of Drosophila hydei. Current results indicate that exposure to BPS increases the rate of development; lifespan results are pending.


Session D

5:30 p.m.

Bartlett 162 and 166

Dr. Dave McShaffrey

Agriculture in SpaceMacKenzie Kidwell   Space travel and exploration has challenges including food supply, maintaining a bioregenerative ecosystem to renew resources. This project investigates the possibility of growing edible plants in space conditions with the assistance of environmental and medium manipulation. A literature review of various extraterrestrial growth strategies shows that lettuce grew worst in actual Lunar regolith samples, poorly in simulants, and best in a simulant and manure 70:30 mixture. This supports the possibility of agriculture in space.
Intensity of ultraviolet and near-infrared light in Arctic flowering plants throughout the growing season and their potential impacts on pollinator activity.Kyla Morris   The purpose of this study is to investigate how intensity of ultraviolet light, near-infrared light, and pollinator activity changes as seasonal warming occurs in Arctic flowering plants using UniSpec spectrometry to scan petals. Tentative conclusions indicate that near-infrared intensity decreases while ultraviolet intensity and pollinator activity both increase as seasonal temperatures increase.
The Role of Activated Carbon in Suppressing Allelopathy Effects from Ocimum basilicumElizabeth Burdiss   A common concern for land managers is controlling invasive species. Their allelopathic compounds give them a competitive advantage. This experiment examined the minimum concentration of activated carbon needed to counteract the allelopathic chemicals released by Ocimum basilicum so other plant species can effectively compete with it. Different concentrations of activated carbon were combined with the soil to determine the minimum concentration needed to limit O. basilicum’s competitive advantage at the lowest cost to land managers.
PFAS in a 100 mile radius of Washington county Ohio and PFAS in States around Ohio.Kobe Nicholson   The project is looking at PFAS chemicals in a 100-mile radius of Washington County Ohio. I will be using data that I found to create some maps in ArcGIS which is my minor. I will be using the data to look at what companies are producing the PFAS. I will make many maps displaying the data like maps showing drinking water that has PFAS in them. The data I have is from the EPA. I will be looking at the PFAS in comparison with water sources, military bases, and airports.
Chronic Wasting Disease and Zoonotic Transmission: A Comprehensive ReviewJessica Heck   Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy affecting deer. There have been rising concerns about potential zoonotic transmission to humans. This project explores the background of CWD and investigates the potential for CWD transmission to humans through an analysis of scientific literature, emphasizing studies involving transgenic humanized mice. Supported by the presence of a species barrier preventing CWD transmission to humans, the results suggest a low zoonotic threat.
Cultural Control as a Method of Reducing Parasitic Infection in Small Ruminants Across the United StatesSarah Crim   The effects and management of parasites Parelaphostrongylus tenuis, Haemonchus, and Eimeria challenges farmers and their livestock. The purpose of this review is to assess if these parasites are amendable to cultural control in efforts to aid farmers in livestock health. Based on literature review of multiple scientific papers, it has been concluded that cultural control is the best method for control and disruption of the parasites as other methods have fallen short.
Steps a Small Business Can Make to Become More SustainableSkylar Skinner   Sustainability is one of the major practice's scientists have come up with to combat the ongoing climate crisis, with the idea being that there are finite resources on Earth, and they need to be conserved wisely. Businesses create more waste than the average person, but don't typically have any programs set up to combat this waste. By implementing sustainability practices, a small business can reduce their waste without harming their products quality or profit.


5:00 p.m.

Selby 150

Dr. Jim Jeitler

Altered Synthesis of an Interlocked Figure-of-Eight Molecular Shuttle and Investigation on Hydrogen Bonding CapabilitiesAllison Roesser   This capstone presentation proposes an investigation of the presence and significance of hydrogen bonding interactions within a figure of eight rotaxane molecular shuttle. The presentation will describe the synthesis of various analogues of the original molecular shuttle designed to investigate the intramolecular behaviors that occur during shuttling. The proposed findings would contribute to our understanding of molecular recognition in supramolecular chemistry.
Cleavage of Parp-1 in apoptosis induced by citral in human melanoma cellsJoel Neville   Parsons' research groups aim is to create a therapeutic treatment for human melanoma. We are currently looking at the compound, citral, due to previous research done by Blake Skzoda. My research is contuining Blake's research by further confirming that apoptosis is occurring in melanoma cells at higher rates when dosed with citral compared to controls. I am looking at the cleavage of the protein Parp-1, an indicator protein in apoptosis through an ELISA.
Analysis of Paraben Induced Caspase-3 Activation in Human M624 Melanoma Cells versus Normal HaCat Epithelial CellsKennedy CouchSuzanne Parsons  The purpose of this project is to investigate if paraben-treatment has the potential to be a topical therapy for melanoma in the presence of normal skin cells. Caspase-3 assay results of normal HaCat human epithelial cells and M624 human melanoma cells after novel paraben treatment will provide support for conclusions. Caspase-3 assays will provide data that shows evidence of the desired form of apoptotic cell death activity and will be used as an indicator to determine cell death concentration at LC50 heptylparaben and methylparaben levels in melanoma and normal skin cells.
Synthesis of MononitroparabenDuncan Fraser   
Parabens are simple ester derivatives of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. These compounds are anti-microbial preservatives found in cosmetics, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. However, studies have shown that these compounds may be toxic to mammalian cells by acting as hormone agonists or antagonists or cellular enzyme inhibitors. Our undergraduate research group focuses on trying to synthesize novel paraben derivatives in this case by nitrating the p-hydroxybenzoic acid backbone. Previous work in nitration has been somewhat successful, but this project seeks to present a concrete method for synthesis.


8:30 p.m.

Band Hall

Dr. Nils Lansdberg

Seeking a Compositional Process: Retrospective and PerformanceHaven Blough   Musical composition, like many art forms, is often assumed to be a skill inaccessible to the average person. This project explores the challenges and benefits of attempting to cultivate a sustainable compositional process over the course of fourteen weeks. The concepts of flexibility, learning-through-practice, and collaboration are just a few of the topics to be discussed in the combination presentation, performance, and question and answer session.

Music Education

5:00 p.m.

HFAC 217

Dr. Nils Landsberg

Jazzing up the edTPA: Through Planning, Execution, and ReflectionEmily Hill   Effective lesson planning involves more than creating a plan. In their jazz history unit, Emily shares insights on planning, teaching, and assessing student performance. Their portfolio covers planning the lesson, reflecting on outcomes, and using formative and summative assessments. Despite pending test results, current data shows a 39% improvement in average test scores. Emily will discuss how they used this information to refine the lesson plan, positively impacting students' understanding of jazz and potentially influencing future performances.
Reflection is Instrumental: Implementing Kolb's Reflective Model in the Elementary Music ClassroomVictoria Humphrey   Through a sequence of lessons about instrument families, teacher candidate Humphrey utilized Kolb’s model of reflective practice to successfully differentiate instruction for three third grade classes. Data was collected through pre/post assessments, with a variety of formative assessments and activities in between. The data sample is derived from one class, though instruction was influenced by three sections overall. This presentation explains the process of lesson planning, sequencing, data collection, and most importantly, reflection and growth.


4:00 p.m.

Friederich Theatre

Cas Felt

Kennedy Center American College Theatre FestivalCasiha Felt   The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
A group of MC Theatre students attended their regional KCACTF in Pittsburg PA. This academic theatre conference not only showcases the outstanding work of colleges in the region, but provides attendees with professional development opportunities and artistic training with leading industry professionals. 

Environmental Engineering

5:00 p.m.

Brown 103

Dr. Juan Carlos Ramirez-Dorronsoro

Granulated Activated Carbon Filter Design System for PFASPaige SefsickLiam Tipton  Polyfluoroalkyl substances are forever chemicals that can be found in surface, drinking, and wastewater. Research has demonstrated that PFAS exposure can lead to health risks in humans and animals. Conducting testing for PFAS will allow us to compare drinking water concentrations to the EPA standard. Testing will be conducted at the Parkersburg drinking water plant and a Granular Activated Carbon filter will be designed. This study will allow for a real-life engineering application.


Computer Science and Information Systems

3:30 p.m.

Selby 150

Cloud Computing: The Utilization and Security of AWS and AzureSahmi Willoughby   Show the contents of cloud computing and show what I learned using AWS and Azure. Explaining the history of cloud computing and how it became such a big deal in our lives now. Showing the security and how businesses use and utilize cloud computing.


Physician Assistant Studies

3:30 p.m.

Selby 150

The Effects of Vaping: What We Know So FarJaana Motton   Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2003 and hit the global market in 2006. Their intended use, reportedly, is to provide another alternative method for traditional cigarette smoking, to encourage cessation. It has since then gained tremendous popularity, more specifically, with the adolescent, young adult population.1 There is research even providing evidence that advertisements are deliberately targeting this age group. What sets vaping apart from regular tobacco inhalation is, the device uses a battery to heat a metal coil which vaporizes a liquid mixture, typically containing propylene glycol, glycerol, with or without nicotine, whereas regular tobacco products contain additional toxic chemicals like arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, tar, lead, acetone, and many others. Extensive research has been performed throughout the years, allowing us to know the harmful effects of traditional tobacco use. That of which includes, but is not limited to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, coronary artery disease, stroke, and cancer. There are an estimated 8 million global deaths annually as a result. However, vaping is also not a benign process, for example medical professionals discovered a rise in vaping induced lung injury around 2019. With the smoking trend shifting from combustible tobacco use, to using devices that produce aerosolized nicotine vapors, especially it more likely to be those who are smoking naïve than for its intended purpose of smoking cessation, it is important to educate consumers on the acute adverse effects and what they could mean in the future as this habit continues. This paper, as well as the accompanying poster presentation will be discussing research conducted thus far on e-cigarettes/vaping’s adverse effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.



3:30 p.m.

Selby 150

Dr. Andrew Beck

Takeaways from the Geologic Society of America (GSA) Connects 2023 Meeting.Adrienne Hammontree   Presentation about Adrienne’s experience at the Geological Society of America (GSA) Connects 2023 Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.
Facies Analysis of the Point Pleasant FormationTanner Hurst   The objective of this study is to document facies succession and cyclicity present in the Ordovician Point Pleasant Formation by analyzing a core drilled in Washington County Ohio. Analysis was done using thin section petrology, standard lithofacies description, and stratigraphic log interpretation. It is interpreted as a transition from shallow shelf carbonate to organic rich clastic rock deposited by sea level change. The overall trend shows a fining upward sequence likely corresponding to transgression.



10:30 a.m.

Herman Studio

Nathan Bradley

Project in Directing - Stratum Cast AlbumPayton VanNort   For my Project in Directing, I was the Project Manager of the recording of the “Stratum: An Original Musical” cast album. It involved scheduling band and vocal recordings, working around co-curricular activities, and making creative decisions about the music we recorded.


10:30 a.m.

Herman Studio

Creating a Concept AlbumAshley Manion   Creating a concept album involves a lot of moving parts; Is it possible to record and produce one within a few months? This capstone seeks to answer this question, focusing on aspects like collaborating with musicians and a creative team, finalizing musical materials, managing schedules, and producing music. It also gives a behind-the-scenes look into how decisions are made in a leadership role and the areas a person should look into before creating or producing an album.



10:30 a.m.

Herman Studio

Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference PresentationKylee-Beth Strader   My project was presented at this year’s OVSC in Dayton Ohio, at the University of Dayton. I wrote a research paper on my theory that “Ophelia is not Dead”.



10:30 a.m.

Herman Studio

A Minority in Latin America: Islamic CultureSydni Wilson   When I traveled abroad a year ago, I got to witness Islamic architecture in Granada, Spain. Now that I'm back in the United States, I began to research other Muslim communities in Latin America, and this project became an investigation into the history of Muslims in Latin America in comparison with the context of Latin America's political and social development. Beyond this, I want to portray the more unknown minority within Latin America as an interesting change from prior centuries.

Poster Sessions | Noon–2 p.m., DBRC

DepartmentTitle of ProjectPoster table #First AuthorSecond AuthorThird AuthorFourth AuthorFifth Author


CommunicationExploring Super Bowl Advertising


Kyla Andreas    The Super Bowl is a behemoth of fried foods, cold beers, loud cheers, and of course...advertising! The event creates the perfect opportunity to inform millions of Americans about products. By understanding the strategies and types of advertisements companies produce during the Super Bowl, future advertisements can be improved. In this project, I analyze commercials as well as academic journals about advertising to determine the best practices for Super Bowl advertising.
CommunicationMy Internship Experience With Catalyst Planet


Kyla Andreas    Catalyst Planet is an online journalism platform that specializes in writing about travel, culture, and global news. As the Social Media Content Creator Intern, I wrote captions, created images, and scheduled posts for all of Catalyst Planet's social media pages. I engaged in weekly meetings with my internship advisor to track my progress and receive feedback to improve my work. Over the course of 11 weeks, I completed a total of 120 hours of work. 
CommunicationExamining the Pros and Cons of Youth Sport Participation


Addison Black    Youth sports can be viewed as either a negative or positive experience based on who you ask. I will be focusing more on the positive aspects that come with youth sports while also including the potential negative outcomes. I am aiming to look at the long-term benefits of youth sports including the mental, physical, and social benefits. As a strategic communication major I will be delving into the social skills learned at a young age, along with the health aspects of youth sports. I will be including examples of youth sports awareness and health campaigns.
CommunicationMarietta Memorial Human Resources Department Internship


Emily Burchett    As an intern for Marietta Memorial Hospital in their Human Resources Department, I assisted in several projects including helping them move to a new employee documentation system and preparing for new employees and interns. By engaging in many important meetings I gained experience in Human Resource management and communication.
CommunicationHealth Communications Errors and The Impact on Patient Care


Emily Burchett    Health communication errors are prevalent in hospitals and other care settings. These errors can result in a lower level of patient care quality. This research will help bring solutions, find errors in health communication, and help health care professionals improve the level of care they are providing to their patients.
CommunicationCommunication between Coaches and Athletes


Addison Painter    The goal of this study is to understand how different communication styles from coaches can affect their athletes. A research survey will be sent out to several student-athletes, which will ask questions about their preferences and experiences within their sport regarding their coaches' communication style. Following this, a sit-down interview will be conducted with these coaches to hear them present what their style is and to see their reaction to the research.
Communication5th Street Consulting


Addison Painter    The goal of this internship was to apply my learned skills of media production with a real world non-profit organization. With our client, The Castle, a large focus was creating more community engagement via use of social media, which is where I played a large role. Another goal of this partnership involved the creation of other internship opportunities between The Castle Historical House Museum and Marietta College.
CommunicationNeurodivergent Communications: A PSA Campaign


Jillian Dosky    This project aims to educate people about how communication patterns in neurodivergent people, such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia differ in multiple methods of communication, such as in-person, online, and in counseling. The process of making a PSA campaign will also be explored, from conception to the final result.
CommunicationFifth Street and Media Literacy Week


Jillian Dosky    This project will talk about what I learned during my time at Fifth Street Consulting, from team building to working with deadlines and planning events with clients. It will also reflect on my initial goals, and go through the process that led up to me planning the Media Literacy Week event for Marietta College.
CommunicationYoung Professionals Entering the Workforce


Regan Hanlon    While learning from seasoned professionals research into interpersonal communication trends they are seeing in recent graduates, I found interesting tendencies. Due to the digital age, young professionals are not prepared for the workforce and how to handle it. I went to local professionals and asked their opinion. I wanted accounts of what they were seeing, how they thought young professionals could improve, and if they think technology impacts interpersonal skills. In doing so, I hope that post-grad students are better prepared and equipped for the real world.
CommunicationMDEF Internship


Levi Hellwege    During the spring semester I participated in an internship for the Marietta Delt Education Foundation which is a non-profit 501c organization that helps the Delta Tau Delta fraternity with grants for dues, educational programming, and academic assistance. In this presentation I will discuss my experience redesigning the MDEF website, writing press releases, and my contributions as a board member as an undergraduate chapter representative.
CommunicationAntiism Social Media Plan


Levi Hellwege    Antiism is a local musician from Columbus, OH who has expressed interest in improving his social media brand and image. This project explores how to improve engagement for small artists through social media and asks the question, what content creates value that makes people care about the product produced? The methods for this study include secondary research on music marketing, content, and social media algorithms to improve social media interaction, and primary research based on Antiisms experience with social media and his previous approaches.
CommunicationBetsey Mills Club Internship


Kail Hill    During my internship at the Betsey Mills Club, I focused on crafting compelling advertisements and devising innovative strategies to generate new opportunities. By leveraging my creativity and marketing skills, I contributed to the club's growth and outreach efforts. Through collaborative projects and hands-on experience, I honed my abilities in advertising design and strategic planning. This internship provided invaluable practical knowledge and enriched my understanding of effective marketing techniques.
CommunicationTap in with WTAP


Hailey Lanham    During my time at WTAP, I learned many skills I will use as I further my career in broadcasting. I am now working full-time with WTAP and I am continuing to gain knowledge about the industry. With this project I will be sharing my experiences with what I learned, what was challenging, what I enjoyed, etc. I found my beat and what I want to do in the future after I graduate from Marietta College. An overview of my responsibilites included creating packages, VOSOTs, VOs, interviewing skills, and a little bit of producing.
CommunicationWilliamstown Middle/High School Academic Boosters Project


Claire Malling    Working with Williamstown High School Academic Boosters team as a dynamic intern. Gaining hands-on experience in organizational communication within an educational setting. Responsibilities include content creation, social media management and event coordination. Tasks involve drafting written materials, monitoring social media trends, and collaborating with stakeholders. Focus on major project, such as “6th Grade Tip Packets” and “8th Grade Tip Packets”, develop a comprehensive communication strategy. Overall enhancing the school's communication efforts and making a lasting impact.
CommunicationImpacts and Effectiveness of the Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Campaign


Claire Malling    Some children have delayed motor abilities. Children display normal development for a short period of time. Parents take their child to the doctor where they diagnose them with a disease that is based off the symptoms the child is showing. The foundation can hold support groups for parents and doctors can advise them to attend groups to learn more about the disease and what to expect. The PMD foundation informs families of children that are affected and the history of this disease, different types of PMD, genetics background, and the current outlook for PMD.
CommunicationAn Ocean Apart: Media Development and its impact on American and English Attitudes


Ava McMeans    Media has been the crux of globalization in our modern world. This research examines the postwar attitudes of two allied nations and how media development influenced attitudes towards themselves and each other. Following initial media divergence, this project examines how the digital convergence of media affected opinions of the English and Americans as their cultures began to interact on an instant basis rather than through television or national news.
CommunicationThe Role that Mass Media Plays on Shark Extinction


Dani Nesselroad    Mass media plays an important role in the extinction of sharks. The extinction of sharks has become an increasing issue over the years, with little education concerning the impact it will play on marine ecosystems. Mass media has distorted the representation of sharks and continue to play a large factor in their extinction. To save marine ecosystems, sharks need our help in preserving their need to live freely in the oceans.
CommunicationMemorial Health Systems Internship


Dani Nesselroad    The Human Resources Department at Marietta Memorial Hospital acts as the core for all employees. Varying resources, from benefits to retirement, the department is essential for employee success. The Human Resources Department has equipped me with various knowledge and expertise that will allow me to excel in life after college.
CommunicationThe Betsey Mills Club Internship


Addy Black    The internship allowed me many opportunities to grow my diverse communication skills with a historic organization in the Marietta community. I gained hands-on experience with different opportunities and was able to gain marketing skills in real-world experiences. I participated in event coordination, public relations, and community outreach. I had the opportunity to grow my professional teamwork skills while working with various workers and volunteers. Without this internship, I would lack real-world experience in the communication field and the ability to enhance my interpersonal skills.
CommunicationAcademic Evolution: Embracing Technology and Social Media for Enhanced Learning Experiences"


David Sandford    "Academic Evolution: Embracing Technology and Social Media for Enhanced Learning Experiences" focuses on the innovative ways in which social media and technology are incorporated into learning environments. Exploring how these technologies improve the learning process, this research shows the dynamic changes in education. This project proposes to provide insights into the changing face of education and opens the door to more productive learning settings by analyzing the effects on student engagement and knowledge gain.
Communication"Innovative Fusion: Integrating Program Execution and Communication for Lasting Youth Impact"


David Sanford    In my role with the Ohio Alliance of Boys and Girls Club, I work with program personnel to plan, and execute, youth-oriented recreational and educational events. Also, I actively participate in outreach program coordination, social media management, content creation, as well as marketing and communication campaigns. By balancing hands-on involvement in program implementation, with strategic communication efforts, I help foster positive experiences for club members and promote our mission throughout local communities.
CommunicationSports Injuries vs. the Athlete


Morgan Ahlstrom    "Images speak louder than words". This photo story focuses on the lasting and longterm impacts of sports injuries, small or large, on the athlete. It shows Marietta College students in a variety of sports, and the treatment given to them on campus. These photos show treatment plans in real-time, and the research done shows correlation to the future of the athlete and their health.
CommunicationCommunication Skills and Habits that Build the Most Effective Leaders in a Professional Environment


Sophie Evans    Leadership is becoming one of the most sought-after qualities in an employee. The growth of leadership skills start at the source, the leaders themselves. This comprehensive guide teaches workplace leaders how to effectively communicate with coworkers. There are several skills and habits that will benefit the success of one's company by improved employee retention rates and internal relationships.
CommunicationFake News importance


Anna Green    Fake news is starting to progress. Not everyone can tell what real news is and what is fake news, especially with AI evolving. Teens are using social media apps and often believe untrue stories. The goal is to make sure that people are educated so they can tell what fake news is and how they can spot fake news. AI is becoming more popular, and people are producing news stories that are fake. People need to be educated so there is not false information spreading around the world.
CommunicationEvolving Forms of Journalism in Media Convergence


Zach Hiserote    This project’s goal is to study editorial journalism and how it can utilize convergence in the form of podcasting, in conjunction with written reviews to garnish audience interest over related content, as well as establish personality. This capstone focuses on gaming journalism with podcasting environments discussing favored elements for recent entries and characteristics that make games subjectively good or bad in two-person dialogue. This topic looks at the future of editorial journalism when it comes to entertainment, how many outlets are using podcasts and video to analyze new media, and how it is a growing billion-dollar industry.
CommunicationThe Importance and Impact of Canine Cancer Research, Education, and Awareness


Kyleigh Kozel    Many dog owners lack the knowledge and awareness about how serious canine cancer is, how fast it spreads, the different breeds of dogs that can develop it, how to treat it, etc. This research shows how important it is to know about the possibility that your dog has or could develop cancer, while raising awareness and educating people. A campaign highlighting the seriousness of canine cancer through media can help save a dog’s life.
CommunicationDealing with Emotional Distress as a Journalist


Hailey Lanham    Being a journalist, you see a lot of gruesome situations. I think it is important to study how different journalist react to seeing those kinds of things and what advice they would give to a young reporter. I have interviewed people of all ages who have been in the industry for 40 years and some who stayed in the business for 2 years and left because of the heavy stuff affecting their mental health. I will be studying experiences from others and incorporating it into my life to see how similar our experiences already are. Things discussed will included separating work and home life, worst experiences, regrets, and how said person took care of themselves.
CommunicationFifth Street Consulting: Project Management


Ava McMeans    The internship at Fifth Street Consulting focused on organizational communication, marketing, and building client relationships. As the Project Manager intern the focus has been on the client goals of enhancing family friendly programming and better marketing strategies for the programming, along with management of a team. The real-world practice and experience provided opportunities for collaboration on communication projects, involving creative brainstorming, problem-solving, research, analysis, and the creation of professional materials.
CommunicationEffects of Commentator Bias on Audience Perception


Jaelon Quiero-Gordon    Commentator bias can significantly influence audience perception, shaping how viewers perceive the game and molding their interpretations. In my presentation and research I’ll show examples of what commentators' bias is and how to detect it. Whether it’s sports or regular news commentators should always be objective. Bias opinions and comments can lead to misinformation, while also leading viewers away from the primary source. Understanding the role of commentator bias is important for the objective Media world
CommunicationCoaching Internship


Jaelon Quiero-Gordon    I will be presenting a poster on my internship experience with Marietta College Women’s basketball as an assistant coach. During my time with the team, I gained experience in teamwork, leadership, and coaching techniques. My tasks every week were to amp the team up during games, keeping team morale high, and finally keeping track of hustle stats. My presentation will mainly focus on teamwork, as well as coaching techniques that I learned from the other coaches around me.
CommunicationEsports Production: Rise and Fall


Tyler Salanitro    This broadcasting project digs into the dynamic world of esports production, highlighting the industry's ascent and decline. Key topics include an assessment of Riot Games' recent layoffs, which shed light on critical aspects leading to the volatile fortunes of esports production. Through a series of insightful interviews, this study provides nuanced insights on the difficulties and possibilities that will shape the future trajectory of this growing domain. I will be interviewing several of my closest colleagues, as both I and these broadcasters have professional expertise in the field.
CommunicationThe Birth of Opioids


Paige Adams    Netflix's "Painkillers" is a compelling documentary on America's opioid problem. The documentary investigates the pharmaceutical industry's involvement in feeding the pandemic through interviews with medical professionals, addiction specialists, and those who have experienced opioid addiction. It shines light on the devastation caused by overprescribing opioids, as well as the difficulties encountered by people attempting to break addiction. With great storytelling and intriguing storylines, "Painkillers" provides a thought-provoking assessment of a critical public health issue.
CommunicationInternship at MOVE Staffing


Regan Hanlon     
MathematicsBIG Problems


Morgan SzucsColin WaltersJoshua RadloffLily SorensenDallas BolenThe Community Food Initiative (CFI) non-profit organization tasked us with finding an efficient way to source produce at the Chesterhill Produce Auction (CPA). Using data analysis, computer science, and mathematics, we organized data given from various programs to model auction prices. We used these results to present the CFI with a prediction model of sustainable produce prices. Our goal was to maximize food distribution while minimizing cost.
MathematicsAnalysis of Mental Toughness in Backyard Ultra Marathons


Lily Sorensen    In a Backyard Ultra participants run a 4.1667 mile loop every hour on the hour. If they fail to start the next loop they refused to continue (RTC). If they failed to finish in the hour they did not finish (DNF). Our research is attempting to describe the mental toughness of backyard athletes and see if there is a quantifiable difference between the mental toughness of the two types of non-finishers.
Sport ManagementMarietta College Baseball Marketing Plan


Evan Wells    For this project/presentation, I will be determining how to increase attendance at Marietta College baseball games. Through various lenses, I will be creating a marketing plan and outlining what the best ways are to get more people in the seats. I will discuss my findings at All Scholars Day and will share my findings with the baseball staff.
Sport ManagementOpendorse Bowl Series Marketing Plan


David Busch    The Opendorse Bowl Series will feature top teams from four d3 conferences at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. A marketing plan will be made where I point out various factors that go into this bowl series where we hope to bring in a thousands of fans.
Sport ManagementMarietta College Softball Marketing Plan


Brady Vincent    I am creating a Marketing Plan for the Marietta College Softball for the year of 2025. The project will focus on how to increase attendance of students and the community at softball games. It will also highlight how to increase revenue and fan engagement.
Sport ManagementMarietta College Womens Basketball Marketing Plan


Natalie Cocco    For my presentation, I will be creating a marketing plan for the Marietta College Women's Basketball Team. This will be created to increase the attendance at the games and to raise more awareness across campus and the community of Marietta in order for the Women's Team to gain more recognition and attendance. The marketing plan will also work toward creating a more inviting atmosphere at the games in the sense of fan engagement and fan experience.
Sport ManagementOutdoor Recreation Major and Minor


Kaylie Ward    I am researching the possibility of creating a Outdoor Recreation Major and Minor for Marietta College. I am looking at data from over 80 colleges around the country and proposing a curriculum based on the classes that are most frequently offered from existing programs at other schools. I will also be ensuring that Marietta College's program is unique and stands out from other competing schools through experiential learning.
Sport ManagementMC Women's Lacrosse Marketing Plan


Hunter Stone    I am developing a marking strategy for Marietta College Women's Lacrosse where I will analyze past attendance and strategies of OAC schools and D1 colleges. By incorporating successful tactics from larger schools, the plan aims to boost awareness and attendance for the team.
Sport ManagementMarietta College Women's Soccer Marketing Plan


Savannah Flusche    The 2024 Women's Soccer marketing plan intends to lay out the marketing efforts for the upcoming season in a well thought out and detailed way. It includes research from the past 6 years in the OAC, as well as NCAA Division I data, to compare and analyze industry trends in order to further support the Marietta College Women’s Soccer team. 
Sport ManagementStudents Today, Athletes Tomorrow Program


Connor Meyer    This program’s purpose is to provide support to athletes through academics, athletics, personal development, career development. This program will be designed to engage athletes early on at an institution and guide them through the four objectives of academic success during their time at school. Through informational interviews with Marietta coaches, their information helped create the objectives and layout of the program.
Sport ManagementUnited Soccer League Internship


Savannah Flusche    My spring internship project with The United Soccer League consisted of many real world experiences. Under the department of club services, as well as ticketing and sales, I got to be a part of data analytic projects, sales training, and daily meetings with league executives.
Sport ManagementMarketing Plan For Marietta College Men's Basketball


Connor Vierstra    The Marketing Plan for the Marietta College Men's Basketball Team aims to increase attendance as well as fan engagement throughout the season. Through completing interviews and research I will identify opportunities and challenges for the program to reach its goals in attendance and fan engagement. Focusing on special giveaways, events, promotions, and an increased digital marketing presence will help attract more community and students to Marietta College Mens Basketball Games throughout the season.
Sport ManagementMarietta College Volleyball Marketing Plan


Nate LongNate Long   The Marietta College Volleyball team have found themselves comepting in the OAC and threatening to qualify for the NCAA tournament for the last 2 years, nothing we have seen since 2009. However, one area they are struggling in is game attendance as they have only been averaging around 144 atendees per game over the last 5 years. This is the perfect time to develop a marketing plan that will not only increase attendance in the short term, but generate enough interest to see long term success. This will be done through special promotional events, more widespread marketing, and sponsorship opportunities to keep attendees engaged for every home game.
Sport ManagementPro Sports Fan PSF media internship


Terry Gasper    This internship position with the Pro Sports Fan is a media position which is located remotely. We meet every Tuesdays and Thursdays for our weekly agenda. My responsibilities include but are not limited to, podcast , article posting, social media analysis, fan engagement etc.
Sport ManagementHow can Marietta College provide financial guidance towards strengthening financial literacy amongst students and student athletes.


Terry Gasper    This paper delves into the critical realm of financial literacy, emphasizing its vital importance in securing the financial stability of athletes and optimizing the financial health of sports organizations. Through exploring the necessity of creating tailored financial plans for athletes and student athletes, it sheds light on the unique challenges they face in managing their finances amidst the demands of their careers. Intriguingly, the essay delves into real-world examples of institutions that have successfully implemented financial programs for athletes, showcasing the tangible benefits reaped from such initiatives. Furthermore, it delves into the unfortunate prevalence of scams that have targeted athletes in the past, underscoring the urgent need to address this vulnerability.
Sport ManagementPONY League World Series Marketing Plan


Kaci Alderson    The PONY League World Series is an international baseball tournament for 13- and 14-year-olds that has been going on in Washington, PA since 1952. This project creates a marketing plan for various aspects of the Series including online ticket sales, online store sales, online donations, and Fan Fest.
Sport ManagementMarketing Plan For University of Cincinnati Football Season 2024


Dylan Risola    Creating a detailed marketing plan for the 2024 University of Cincinnati football season. I have first-hand experience at the football games and most fans leave around halftime. Creating a marketing plan for each game to get fans to stay most of the game past halftime. What can be done differently this upcoming year compared to last year and what worked/didn't work very well.
Sport ManagementMarketing Logistics for The Great Race Marietta


Natalia Facchinato-Sitja    This project looks at parts of the logistics of bringing The Great Race to Marietta, Ohio in the summer of 2024. The advertising efforts to pull in spectators from within 150 miles of Marietta and the research and data collection of car clubs within that radius. There is also a poster and flyer creation for the event in coordination.
Sport ManagementMarketing Plan For Men's Lacrosse


Jacob GangleJacob Gangle   My project will consist of an full in-depth marketing plan for Marietta's Men Lacrosse 25' season. This will be done in hopes to raise attendance for the program and for Marietta College itself all while tightening the relationship between the college and the wonderful community. The marketing plan will consist of comparing statistics from the past few years to analyze either any positive trends or negative trends, following the analyzation the marketing plan will also have in-depth plans on how we can raise attendance for next season.
Sport ManagementMen's Soccer Marketing Plan


Joshua Lutton    This project looks at what has worked and what hasn't when encouraging community members and students to attend Men's soccer games by creating various special event nights throughout the season. This project will look at the history of Men's Soccer attendance and what other schools in the OAC do to get students and community members to the games.
Sport ManagementInternship at the Boca Raton Bowl


Helena Immel    For my presentation I will be doing a poster presentation on what I learned during my week long job shadow with ESPN at the 2023 Boca Raton Bowl. I will include pictures and text to describe what my experience was like and what I did.
PhysicsPIC Simulations to Investigate the Influence of Initial Target Conditions on Short-Pulse Laser Neutron Production


Nicholas HaughtJoseph Smith   We used the open-source simulation code WarpX to simulate dual lasers colliding with a thin plasma target. This simulation is useful for studying intense magnetic fields like those expected for magnetic reconnection in stars. For these simulations, the main independent variable that we change is the separation of the dual pulses. The lower the separation the higher the particle energy generated.
PhysicsInvestigating Rowing Blade Geometry and Efficiency


Evan Saribalas    The geometry of a rowing blade affects its efficiency during the rowing stroke. The goal of this project is to understand what geometry makes a rowing blade efficient and why blade design has evolved within the sport. Using a hydraulic flume with a static blade we can measure the force between the blade and the water. How this force depends on the oar’s curvature and angle of attack is investigated.
PhysicsMeta-Analysis of Laser Ion Acceleration


Aditya ShahAditya ShahNick HaughtJoseph Smith We extracted over 400 data points from 25 scientific papers on laser proton acceleration. This will be the largest publicly available dataset, which will ensure organization and accessibility for ongoing and future research. We analyzed this data using a variety of statistical methods including correlation matrices, Principal Component Analysis and linear regression to uncover underlying patterns, outliers, and insight into designing future experiments, simulations, and machine learning models.
PhysicsThe Fractional Resistivity Change Of Au(111) Thin Films Dosed With Diethyl Disulfide


Aaron Rohr    The resistance change of 150 nm Au(111) films due to diethyl disulfide dosing was measured using a four-probe, lock-in technique. At a base pressure of 2.5 x 10-10 Torr, samples were Ar+ ion sputter cleaned and annealed to ~500℃. The adsorbate-induced change in resistance determined the fractional change in resistivity. Auger spectroscopy determined surface composition and the effect of cleanliness of the sample on the fractional change in resistivity was studied.
ChemistryAnalysis of Nitrate and Nitrite Levels in Water Samples


Lacey ClineShallyn BradfordGezahagn AlamerawJim JeitlerDebra EgolfThis research investigates the nitrate and nitrite levels in different water samples using colorimetry. This was preformed using the current standardized EPA methods with a Spec10 instrument at 410 nm to observe the absorbances of each sample and utilizing a standard curve. Future plans consist of comparing the EPA methods using ion chromatography.
ChemistryExploring the Utility of a Color-Based pH Indicator App in Household Science


Allison Roesser    This research project explores the use of a color-based pH indicator app paired with a cabbage juice indicator for educational purposes, both in and out of the lab. By integrating digital technology with a natural pH indicator, it evaluates accuracy, usability, and educational potential. The results will offer perspective on using technology to improve scientific education and pH monitoring in various settings, offering safe, practical, and accessible options for students and educators.
ChemistryEffect of citral on apoptotic PARP cleavage in melanoma cells


Mason JacksonJoel Neville   This research investigates the effects of citral, a compound in lemon grass, on PARP activation in M624 human melanoma cells. PARP is a protein involved in the programmed cell death pathway called apoptosis. M624 cells were treated with 0.25, 0.375, and 0.5 mM citral and activation of PARP was analyzed using a Cleaved PARP ELISA Kit. This analysis will demonstrate whether citral induces apoptosis in M624 cells to be used as a melanoma treatment.
ChemistryChem 436 research


Madelyn CrawfordJack HerhJaekob ConardIris AtkinsAlyssa MaysParabens are derivates of p-hydroxybenzoic acid with different R groups attached on the ester to give them different chemical properties. This research studies the effects of different novel parabens heptyl, and methyl paraben, human melanoma M624 cells. Apoptosis is preferred over other forms of cell death such as necrosis, in the elimination of cancer cells. Paraben-induced cleavage of the apoptotic effector protein poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase PARP-, which confirms apoptosis will be monitored with colorimetric microplate assay.
PsychologyThe Relationship between ASMR and Stress


Claire StricklandLogan OsborneShiloh NealPeyton Engel Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has been shown to reduce stress. Participants will be randomly assigned to watch a video (either ASMR or neutral) and then answer a stress survey. This study is a between-subjects post-test T-test study that will examine the effects of ASMR on stress levels. After collecting data, we will compare the survey responses from the separate video groups to see if there is a difference in stress levels.
PsychologyDifferences in Emotion Regulation in College Athletes Versus Non-Athletes ​


Rachel KazmirskiShelby MetzgerEric Schnegg  Emotion regulation (ER) is the ability to respond with a range of emotions that are deemed socially acceptable. Psychologists have studied ER in athletes, but few have compared athletes versus non-athletes. This study was a between-subjects quasi experimental posttest design that used a questionnaire to measure ER in Marietta College student athletes compared to non-athletes. T-tests were conducted on participants’ scores to determine if athlete status raises ER scores.
PsychologyThe Effects of Social Media on Disordered Behaviors


Katie HornerAvaree PottsJade PolingRachel Bologa Social media influences how individuals view themselves compared to others. Studies report that spending more time on social media will result in lower levels of self-esteem. Focusing on college students, we predict more time spend on social media will cause a negative view of body appearance and negative eating habits. Pearson-r values and a between subjects t-test will be calculated using JASP. We expected female participants to show more disordered behaviors compared to male participants.
PsychologyInfluence of media videos on risk-taking behavior


Mia WiggsEmma KirbyRiley HohmanAliah Encinias Social media influences people’s behaviors. Research finds that video games can encourage risk-taking behaviors in viewers. Participants shown high-risk videos of mountain bikers will demonstrate more risky behaviors through the card game “high or low” compared to participants shown no-risk videos of bike riders. Using a between subject’s posttest design, we will compare the no-risk and high-risk group. Participants exposed to the high-risk video demonstrate more risk-taking behaviors during the card game “high or low”.
PsychologyThe Effects on Positive-Affirmations on Self-Esteem


Brooke SmithShaelyn GliddenKate BradyKaelyn SmithJeremiah WileySelf-esteem (SE) has become a concern due to the increase in social media use. Practices to improve SE include positive self-affirmations. This study will examine the relationship between SE scores on the RSES and a positive affirmations music video. Participants will be randomly assigned to a condition of Superbowl commercials or Snoop Dogg’s Affirmation Video. The hypothesis is that the group exposed to the affirmation video will have a greater improvement on the RSES test.
PsychologyThe JENGA Task


Sophia MurraySara MorrisAli Shane  This study examines relationships between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and risky behavior. Researchers discovered that adverse experiences affect an individual's risk-taking. We expect that as ACE scores increase, risk-taking increases, as measured by the Jenga task. The Pearson’s r will show that higher ACE scores correspond to higher Jenga task scores. In a quasi-experimental analysis, we predict that ACE scores will affect Jenga task scores.
PsychologyThe Effect of Caffeine on Neurodiverse Individuals


Sierra LittletonCassie ReynoldsHallie ObliskDelaney Snodgrass Caffeine is the most widely used psychostimulant in the world, used by approximately 80% of all adults in the United States (Dager, 1999; Looby, 2022). We aim to document potential symptoms of fatigue, jitteriness, anxiety, and negative mood with neurodivergent individuals compared to neurotypical participants. We will survey 84 individuals, 42 who identify as neurodivergent and 42 as neurotypical. We hypothesize that caffeine will affect neurodivergent individuals negatively compared to neurotypical participants.
PsychologyWell-Being and Health Attitudes: Do Personal Characteristics Intersect with Place of Residence?


Mia WiggsAva KazmierczakDr. Kristi Barnes  The current investigation examines how models of well-being are impacted by place of residence (i.e., Appalachians compared to non-Appalachians). More specifically, health locus of control, self-reported health, and indicators of psychological well-being will be explored. The primary focus of the study was to investigate whether place of residence accounts for unique variance when demographic factors and personal characteristics such as gender, age, race, and spiritual engagement are controlled.
PsychologyEye-tracking Behavior Associated with Unsupervised Learning of Integral-Color Categories


Alyssa MaysDr. Charles DoanDemi Mills  What types of stimulus relations can we learn without supervision? Surprisingly, researchers have demonstrated unsupervised learning of only one-dimensional relations. We report unsupervised learning results with integral stimuli (colors) that instantiate a three-dimensional stimulus relation. Using a Tobii Pro Fusion (250 Hz) eye-tracker, we link behavioral measures of learning (accuracy, response times) with eye-tracking metrics (fixations, proportion dwell time). Through our discussion, we connect the results to previous research and outline avenues for future exploration.
PsychologyChildhood Attachment Style and Number of Adulthood Relationships


Jordan RadabaughEllla BoyerHalee WilliamsLauren Templeton There are four types of relationship attachment styles: secure, preoccupied, dismissive, and fearful-avoidant. Research shows that parental behaviors impact their child’s adult relationships. This study examines the link between childhood attachments and the number of friends an individual has, using the Experiences in Close Relationships scale and a demographic survey. This is a between-subjects quasi-experimental design. Our hypothesis states that secure childhood attachments lead to more adult relationships.
PsychologyLet's Get Physical: How Physical Activity Influences College Students' Mood


Shawn AdamsMadison Howard   This study examines the relationship between mood and physical activity (PA) in college students. We hypothesized that 10 minutes of treadmill walking will enhance mood compared to reading a fitness article. Participants are randomly assigned to the PA or reading group. Mood will be assessed using the PANAS scale before and after the activity, and an Independent Samples T-Test for analysis. We expect improved mood levels in the PA group compared to the reading group.
LeadershipCase Study of Corruption: The European Union


Michaela Donnelly    The European Union, created in 1993, is made up of 27 member countries spanning from France to Romania. Though the states are part of one union they could not be more different. Their histories, values, and norms have shaped each nation to what they are today. Though these differences can be appreciated in some contexts, in others, they are detrimental. One of the most dangerous differences, which this study looks into, is political corruption.
LeadershipPreventing Violence on Campus: Implementing Peer-Led Programs on Rural College Campuses


Gabriel Lamb    This project follows the design & implementation of a relationship violence prevention program on Marietta College’s campus. It will utilize an interdisciplinary approach, combining components from leadership studies and health psychology. Using the Five Component Model and research of successful prevention efforts in rural areas, this presentation will advocate for the introduction of peer-led violence prevention efforts on rural college campuses.
LeadershipOrientation Leader (in) Training: Reflection and Synthesis of LEAD 170


Haven Blough    This project reflects on the outcomes of the presenter's time in the LEAD 170 course and as a leader at Pio-SOAR. It includes a synthesis of relevant theories and class activities, a review of strengths and challenges, and a reflection on how this experience has served to prepare the presenter for future leadership roles.
LeadershipNeurodiversity, New Beginnings, and New Leadership98Claire Rocco    This poster examines how inclusive leadership can be utilized to further support engagement for neurodiverse individuals within a group. Through the use of this leadership style, these individuals will feel a sense of belonging while still being able to retain their uniqueness and individuality. The poster will more specifically examine how inclusive leadership can be utilized on Marietta College’s campus to bring the student body and Marietta Pipeline students together.
EducationStandards for Student Teaching Experiences


Virginia Feidler    My project focuses on an analysis of nationwide standards for student teaching experiences in a pre-service teacher’s senior year of college. There are a few aspects, such as length of placement and quality of the student teacher’s mentor, that I will focus on. Research will primarily come from the National Council on Teacher Quality.
EducationEducating on Critical Media Literacy


Johannah James    I intend to look into the logistics of integrating critical media literacy into standardized education. Critical media literacy is vital to navigating the modern world of both news media and social media in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the information we consume. I believe it is vital that we start educating students on the subject and I intend to look into how that can realistically be achieved.
EducationAssistive Technology for All


Marley Phillippe    Assistive technology is something that should be available for all students to utilize. Even if you do a general Google search on assistive technology, the definition refers to students with learning disabilities. This shouldn't be, there are students who are in general education, with no learning disability, who might benefit from using assistive technology. Ending the stigma around assistive technology and where it should be used starts today.
EducationInternet Safety Education


Joyce McSherry    This project highlights the necessity of establishing guidelines for teaching internet safety in schools and its critical importance. Despite the absence of formal policies, educators are held responsible for educating students and themselves on safe internet use. This project proposes alternative methods for educating both students and staff, reducing the burden on individual teachers while ensuring this topic is adequately taught and developed in schools.
EducationThe Importance of Sensory Rooms in Schools


Chase Franklin    Sensory rooms are something that is still relatively new to most schools. They are rooms where special education students can go when they are feeling overwhelmed and need a break from their classrooms. These rooms feature comfortable seating, games, activities, and even swings. Studies show that students succeed more or show improved scores when they have sensory rooms at their disposal. I propose creating a policy where all schools should have them available for special education students.
EducationESSA vs NCLB: What Differs, What's Shared, and What We Can Improve


Will Keefe    My project compares the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to the previous national education policy that it replaced, No Child Left Behind. I want to highlight the major differences between the two and their specific policies, as well as how those changes have been translated into the schools. I also advocate for how we can improve ESSA's policies even further
EducationIs the SAVE Students Act doing enough?


Lindsey Posey    An explanation and analysis of House Bill 123: Schools are required to implement certain strategies to promote school safety. These include student instruction in specific health education topics, anonymous reporting systems, threat assessment, emergency management, and staff training. Ohio law now requires school boards to provide health education instruction in suicide prevention, violence prevention, and social inclusion. If health education is not offered annually for each grade, the instruction may be provided in another subject.
EducationComprehensive Sex Education in Public Schools


Erica Fowble    This project discusses comprehensive sex education in schools. I advocate for changing the current curriculum and making it mandated for all states. I also want to add inclusivity with sex education (LGBTQ+ sex education). Sex education remains a taboo subject for schools, and it is important the curriculum is changed in order to create a sex-positive environment for students. (i.e.- not promoting abstinence but teaching about contraception and how to be safe, consent, etc.).
EducationGetting Parents Involved


Alli Stahl    One issue in education is the lack of parent involvement. Schools all over the country are lacking parent involvement in education. Studies have shown that getting parents involved in education has led to higher academic outcomes. I believe there should be a policy in schools that requires parents or guardians to be involved in their child’s education.
EducationSetting Standards: Health Education in Ohio


Mackenzie Moran    About 80% of students who are deaf or hard of hearing receive their education through hearing schools. Therefore, I find the topic of law and policy related to supports for these students to be of interest. For these children, receiving content through a medium that is accessible is essential. My poster aims to examine the existing legal framework put in place for the state of Ohio regarding deaf individuals in public school education.
EducationEducating with ADHD


Amanda Schlise    My project will be concerned with the needs of in-service teachers with ADHD. I am able to relate to this subject because I have ADHD and will to be unmediated. I feel like I am qualified to talk about this subject because I have figured out what works to keep me focused and I am passionate classroom about this issue with in-service teachers.
EducationRepresentation Matters: The Role of Diverse Books in the Classroom


Stephanie Ogden    This poster explores the importance of representation in literature and why it matters in the classroom. Schools and libraries nationwide are facing a barrage of book challenges, particularly those written by or about marginalized communities. The representation of these communities allows students to learn about the experiences of others to become more empathetic and understanding. Furthermore, students can experience an increased sense of belonging if they feel represented in literature.
EducationEdChoice Scholarships and their Impacts in Education95Lara Coghland    The Educational Choice Scholarship or EdChoice is a program that allows taxpayer dollars allocated for education to follow students to a chosen school. Through an application process, in which household income must be disclosed, students are awarded scholarships of erring amounts, and this must be applied against tuition costs at a private school of their choice.
EnglishBehind the Screen: Cultivating Community through Social Media


Riley Hohman    I am conducting a poster presentation that highlights my internship experience as the Social Media Manager of the English department. My job description includes constructing visually aesthetic graphics, concise captions, and alluring video clips. I broadcast campus and department news, accomplishments of students and faculty, and the lives of alumni. I provide a virtual platform for literature lovers of Marietta College that continues to grow new members and strengthen community connections.
EnglishParkersburg High Creative Writing Club


Kaleigh Eakle    The internship I will present is from my time at Parkersburg High School and a creative writing club held after school for their students. During this time, I worked with students with creative writing, did activities during the time with them, and they shared their works from prompts we gave them the week prior or shared any work they wanted to share.
EnglishMy Internship with the Marietta College Office of Advancement


Sarah Watson    My internship with the Marietta College Office of Advancement provided me with a well rounded experience with the world of editing, copywriting, proofreading, drafting messages and more. I worked under Dr. Erika Smith and learned valuable knowledge that is applicable to my future English career. I collaborated on team projects and furthered my portfolio. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity and I am very grateful for the experience!
FinanceThe Foreign Outsourcing of Accounting Services Amidst a CPA Shortage in America


Anna AllisonLaney Carpenter   The accounting profession has witnessed a significant drop in professionals within recent years, prompting firms to turn to alternative sources of employees. One major source comes from outsourcing professional talent overseas. Outsourcing allows firms to focus on internal operations while maintaining the same level of employment. However, outsourcing does not come without certain risks. Within these advantages and disadvantages, outsourcing could prove to be either a viable or short-term solution to the accounting shortage.
TheatreDance Minors at West Virginia Dance Festival


Paige DoseckLais Gabriela FloresRose Wardlow  Attendance at the West Virginia Dance Festival 2023 in Charleston, WV. An annual conference bringing students together to study ballet, jazz, modern, and other specialized forms of dance with professionals from the dance industries. Professional instructors from across the country taught on-site dance workshops. The three-day intensive is designed for young dancers looking to further dance study and perfect technique and performance.
Environmental EngineeringGranulated Activated Carbon Filter Design System for PFAS


Paige SefsickLiam Tipton   Polyfluoroalkyl substances are forever chemicals that can be found in surface, drinking, and wastewater. Research has demonstrated that PFAS exposure can lead to health risks in humans and animals. Conducting testing for PFAS will allow us to compare drinking water concentrations to the EPA standard. Testing will be conducted at the Parkersburg drinking water plant and a Granular Activated Carbon filter will be designed. This study will allow for a real-life engineering application.
Computer Science and Information SystemsDigitizing History: From Paper to Database utilizing Generative AI


Kyria BloughJeannette EasonNick HaughtGrant HowardSahmi WilloughbySewah Studios engaged our team to convert their historic paper files to digital copies. We have been working with Document AI API and GPT API to scan and transfer the documents to a database. We are also prototyping a paperless order collection system for Sewah Studios to use going forward.
Computer Science and Information SystemsAI Object Analyzer


Ian YarwoodAditya ShahNick Haught  Our project aims to develop an innovative object analyzer tool leveraging GPT vision technology. Using a webcam, the tool will capture images and employ GPT vision to accurately identify objects depicted in the images. This solution promises to revolutionize object recognition by providing real-time analysis capabilities, facilitating efficient and accurate identification of objects in various settings. Join us in exploring the future of image analysis with our cutting-edge tool.