Welcome to Our Highly Recognized Teacher Education Program.

Based upon the performance of our current and former students and our innovative approaches to preparing teachers, Marietta College has been recognized by the Ohio Board of Regents as one of Ohio’s top teacher preparation programs. We offer nationally recognized programs at all grade levels that meet rigorous national standards for educator preparation set by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). We are committed to providing our teacher education students with the experiences that will prepare them to be educator leaders in their schools through developing professional relationships that enable collaboration with colleagues, families, communities, and professional organizations for the purpose of facilitating student learning.

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Our Mission


Effective teaching skills, a high level of content knowledge in discipline areas, efficacy by believing all students can learn and an understanding and respect of student diversity.


As change agents who are willing to try new approaches to solve problems and willing to challenge the status quo in their schools and classrooms.


In reflective practice, including the ability to reflect on their own teaching performance, student learning, and critical issues in education.

Educator Preparation Quality and Performance Measures