Our Department

The Department of Department of Math, Computing & Information Systems (MCIS) offers two major programs. Our ten full-time faculty members are committed to quality undergraduate teaching and learning while providing our students with a variety of business perspectives.​

Our Faculty

Each faculty member is a mix of generalist and specialist. We are familiar with the curriculum, but at the same time, we each have our areas of specialization. This means that in our courses we can easily relate material from different aspects, and also is important for students who wish to discuss the range of careers.

Our Students

MCIS students are motivated, enthusiastic, responsible and hard-working. Our students come from across the U.S. and around the world.

Our Internationalization

Internationalization is a core value of Marietta College, and MCIS is committed to fostering an international environment for our students. MCIS is the academic home to students from more than 15 countries, and our students will be prepared to thrive in a diverse, global society.

Our Alumni

At MCIS, we have reasons to be proud of our alumni. Many of these former students have pursued not only their degrees but also their dreams. Throughout the world, our alumni are succeeding in a wide range of chosen careers, and their support is crucial to MCIS's continued success.