The Entrepreneurship Program at Marietta College consists of an academic major, minor, certificate and a variety of co-curricular activities that are designed to enhance the student ability to think and act entrepreneurially. We believe that entrepreneurship is far more than venture creation. It a life skill that is beneficial to everyone.  That is why all of our courses, workshops, and other co-curricular activities are open to all students, regardless of their academic interest and class.

Our Vision

Our graduates make a profound impact in their communities and around the globe via their entrepreneurial activities.

Our Mission

Our global mission is to inspire and empower students to DISCOVER (Dream, Imagine, Seize, Create, Observe, Visualize, Evaluate, Recognize) opportunities through an entrepreneurial mindset.

What is an entrepreneurial Mindset?

Click on the video below to hear Dr. Jacqueline Khorassani, Director of the Entrepreneurship Program, defining an entrepreneurial mindset.

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