How much does Marietta College Cost?

A general breakdown of tuition, room, and board can be found here. Also, about 91% of freshmen & transfers receive some form of financial aid. For more information, see the Financial Aid website.

How many students attend Marietta College?

Total enrollment for the 2022-23 academic year is 1,198 students from 32 states (including Washington, D.C.) and 14 countries

What degree programs does Marietta offer?

Marietta offers more than 40 undergraduate majors. Programs include leadership, petroleum engineering, fine arts, sciences, athletic training, education, and journalism. Students have boundless opportunities for field experience, professional internships, and study abroad. Learn More

What if I haven't decided on a major yet?

Students can enter Marietta College in one of two ways. You can declare a major or come in as Exploratory with interest areas. Many students choose the latter option to give themselves time to explore the various majors and minors available. For more info about entering as an Exploratory Student, download this Fact Sheet or visit this page about being an Exploratory Student.

What do students do for fun?

We have more than 80 active clubs and organizations on campus. They include academic/professional clubs, community service organizations, honor societies, governing bodies, media/publications, religious offerings, sports/recreational clubs, Greek organizations, and a variety of multicultural and special interest groups such as the Charles Sumner Harrison Organization, Student Global AIDS Campaign, Independent Musicians Club and many others.

And if you can't find what you are looking for already on campus, you can start your own organization. New student organizations are formed throughout the year, and the Student Activities and Greek Life staff will provide you with the guidance and materials needed to start a new organization at Marietta College. Check out the Student Activities page for more info.

What sports does Marietta offer?

Plenty! From our National Championship - winning Baseball and Gold-Medal winning rowing teams, to intramural ultimate frisbee, cheerleading, and pickup racquetball games, Marietta has your sport. Visit the Athletics Department website for more info.

What are the Residence Halls like?

In a word — excellent! Check out the Housing website for general info about Marietta's sleeping arrangements, or start at the housing FAQs for specific frequently asked questions. Also, the Life at Marietta section will give you an overview of other facets of Marietta life, including dining, parking, campus mail, and more!

How safe is the campus?

Marietta is a small community and a closed campus. Our students feel very safe, even at night. For more info, the College Police Department publishes annual information on Campus Crime Statistics.

Is there wi-fi on campus?

There sure is! For computer and other technology-based questions, visit the technology department or check out this FAQ.

How can I learn more about Marietta College?

The best way to learn about Marietta is to visit us! You can also email or call the Office of Admission at 1-800-331-7896, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We also have a student newspaper, The Marcolian, which can be read online at