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All Scholars Day Schedule

Posters (All Disciplines) — Noon–2 PM, DBRC
Asian Studies — 10:00–11:00 AM, Thomas 310
Chemistry and Biochemistry — 8:00–10:30 AM, Selby 337
Biology and Health Science — 8:00–11:00 AM and 3:00-5:00 PM, Bartlett 166
English — 10:00–11:00 AM, Thomas 113
Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems Management — 11:00 AM–12:00 PM, Brown 103
Geology and Planetary Science — 9:00–10:30 AM, Brown 105
Geographic Information Systems — 9:30–11:00 AM, Thomas 312
History — 9:00–10:00 AM, Thomas 327
Honors — 4:00–5:00 PM, Selby 148
Mathematics — 9:30–11:00 AM., Bartlett 285
Music Education and Vocal Performance — 2:30–6:00 PM, Hermann 117, 217
Petroleum Engineering — 10:00–11:30 AM and 2:30–4:00 PM, Brown Conference Room
Physics — 3:00–4:00 PM, Selby 148
Political Science — 2:30–4:30 PM, Thomas 312
Sports Medicine — 8:30–10:00 AM, Sports Medicine Classroom


Gallery 310 — 9:00 AM–9:00 PM, APRIL 18, 19,& 20, 3rd floor, Hermann Fine Arts Center
Art21 is a PBS documentary series focusing on art in the 21st century, including work by Zanele Muholi and Wangechi Mutu. Muholi’s photographs represent South Africa’s historically marginalized LGBTIA+ community. Mutu’s work centers on the female body to create hybrid figures. Viewer discretion is advised.

AAA (Tri-Alpha): National Honor Society for First-Generation College Student Induction — 10:00 AM, Kremer Amphitheater

Annual Student Exhibition — 3:00-4:00 PM, Atrium Gallery (3rd floor, HFAC)
The Awards Ceremony will begin at 3:15 PM
The Annual Student Exhibition features student artwork created in Marietta College art and design classes within the last academic year. The reception is free and open to the public. Prizes will be announced at the event.

PioBiz Competition: Business Plan — 3:00-5:00 PM, Thomas 124

Psi Chi Induction Ceremony — 3:30 PM, 310 Mills Hall

Pinning Ceremony & Celebration of Certified Peer Tutors — 5:00 PM, Prince Forum, Legacy Library
Peer tutors who have completed at least 10 hours of College Reading and Learning Association training and at least 25 hours of tutoring earn professional certification as tutors. To recognize the accomplishments of newly certified and previously certified tutors, we will have a pinning ceremony and reception. This is also a great opportunity for those interested in tutoring to learn more!

Business & Economics Awards Ceremony — 5:00-6:00 PM, Andrews Hall Great Room

Oral Presentations

Asian Studies | 10:00-11:00 | Thomas 310

Smith, E. The Mitigation of Cultural Barriers in Asian International Business Ventures: Fuyao Glass America Case Study
The purpose of this study is to educate and help reduce cultural barriers within an international workplace, specifically by examining the management styles of Fuyao Glass America. Studies have shown that international business ventures fail primarily because there is a lack of knowledge of their host culture. Through qualitative research such as interview and secondary data analysis, understanding how management can surpass cultural barriers can reduce failure and promote success.

Parsons, A. The Film Industry and Asian Stereotypes: How People of Asian Descent are Portrayed Harmfully
The purpose of this study is to raise awareness to the harmful stereotypes perpetrated in film portraying people of Asian descent and to motivate the audience to fix their preconceived notions. I will be using a qualitative method of research, using text, historical, and film analysis. There are many stereotypes across all cultures that don’t seem harmful until presented to us. The film industry helps to further those stereotypes.

Chemistry and Biochemistry | 8:00-10:30 | Selby 337

Beaver, D. Investigation of THC Structural Components using a THC Enzyme Immunoassay
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and medically relevant analogs have structural characteristics that serve a role in their mechanism of action. THC enzyme immunoassays can provide a means of comparing THC structural derivatives. Our group studies cross-reactivity of derivatives to the THC phenolic ring. Compounds of interest include catechol, resorcinol, and hydroquinone. The cross-reactivity of endogenous ligands to cannabinoid receptors was also studied to gain more insight on targeting cannabinoids for medical purposes.

Carpenter, A. Costunolide-Glutathione Complex as a New Form of Cancer Treatment
Proposing the use of the costunolide-glutathione complex as a new form of cancer treatment due to its high accumulation in chicory taproots using CRISPR/Cas9. The effects of costunolide and glutathione on cancer will be examined. The accumulation and extraction of costunolide-glutathione in chicory taproots will be examined. It will also be assessed as to how CRISPR/Cas9 can be used to inactivate kuanolide synthase to result in the highest accumulation of costunolide-glutathione.

Dinan, P. How do humans perceive taste
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the likeliness of sweet taste based on the chemical structure of the 3 new sugars created in my example article, and to explain why this happens.  Analysis of the chemical structure of known sweeteners/sucrose will be performed. Analysis of trends in the known sweeteners/sucrose that make them taste sweet based on stereochemistry, and links. Three unknown sweeteners will be looked at based on trends found of the known sugars.

Hall, C. In Vivo Treatment of ALS using CRISPR
A proposal for future research that encompasses using CRISPR to reduce the rate of motor function loss in adult mice. To use CRISPR and virus transport to alter and transport DNA into cells that have mutated genes to produce functional copies of proteins. Also, to monitor if ALS associated mutations are caused from protein aggregations or lack of functional proteins.

Hochstetler, T. Diquafosol Tetrasodium in Ophthalmic Solutions
The following projects looks into mapping out the pathway and effects of Diquafosol tetrasodium on the epithelium and glands of the eyelid and eye. The investigation looks to find the symptoms and physiological manifests elicited due to the addition of DQS. The project also seeks to find the pathway that DQS takes to cause the physiological responses. Finally, the investigation compares the effects of DQS for long term treatment and compare results to other dry eye solutions and treatments.

Koren, J. Multi-Enzyme Reaction Network: Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, and Lipase
This proposal will describe preparation/analysis of a three-enzyme reaction network using pancreatic enzymes. Individual studies of enzyme activity will be conducted for trypsin, chymotrypsin, and lipase to determine baseline activity when in an isolated system. The activity of each enzyme when combined with each other (without inhibition) will be observed to determine how the enzymes interact. Inhibitory mechanisms for each enzyme will be introduced to observe any coupling/cross talk that occurs between enzyme classes.

Schlanz, J. & J. Rasnake Effects of mononitroparaben on lipid content of melanoma cells
The experiment was conducted by growing the M624 melanoma cells, dissolving the paraben, and then leaving 0 mM, 5 mM, and 10 mM concentrations of paraben on the melanoma cancer cells for twelve hours. The paraben was then removed from the cells, and the cells were lysed. Colorimetric cholesterol assays and ceramide dot blot assays were completed to determine the changes in cellular cholesterol and ceramide content and the role of cellular lipids in cell death signaling.

Biology and Health Science | 8:00-11:00 and 3:00-5:00 | Bartlett 166

Chase, N. Exercise and Learning in Drosophila melanogaster: Does Gentle Exercise Influence Learning?
Does exercise positively affect learning in Drosophila melanogaster? Fruit flies were exercised repeatedly over five days using a rotating, treadwheel apparatus. Exercised flies and controls were tested for their ability to suppress an instinctive inclination to move toward light when paired with an aversive stimulus; Male flies were tested for their ability to learn not to court a mated female. Previous experiments suggest that the exercised flies will learn more quickly than the unexercised controls.

Cochran, K.  Investigation of Manganese Levels in Marietta, Ohio and Surrounding Areas Using Lichen Samples
Marietta is home to a ferromanganese refinery, known as Eramet, that releases manganese into the air. Manganese was extracted from 630 lichen samples collected from various locations in Washington and Wood counties and analyzed using atomic absorption spectrometry. The concentration of manganese was mapped using ArcGIS, and population densities were compared to determine the extent of potential human health risks in the area.

Dierkes, G. Comparison of Isolated Transformants from DH5α and non-DH5α Escherichia coli
This experiment investigates transformation of DH5α (strain commonly used for transformation) and non-DH5α E. coli. It is unknown whether the non-DH5α strains used can be transformed based on pre-experimental research. Variations on a common transformation procedure will be done using different ions and other alterations. Transformation has been detected in positive control DH5α but not yet in non-DH5α strains.

Durham, E. Effects of cucurbitacin B on beta-actin in B16 melanoma cells.
This capstone project evaluated the effects of cucurbitacin B on the proliferation and motility of B16 melanoma cells. This study included proliferation assays and scratch-wound healing assays under various concentrations of cucurbitacin B. The ED50 for cell proliferation is 0.22µM with a minimum inhibitory concentration around 1µM. The morphology of the cells was altered after treatment by complete maladaptive reconstruction of the β-actin and cytoskeleton. Results are indicative of cucurbitacin B containing anti-tumor properties.

Farnsworth, J. Effects of rapid sequence intubation on traumatic patient outcomes
Patients with traumatic injuries may need assistance in breathing, which is provided by intubation. Intubation can be assisted using paralyzing and coma-inducing medications or no medications at all. Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) utilizes both medications for intubation, but evidence of how this procedure may influence patient outcomes is unclear. The effects of RSI and the different associated medications on patient outcomes will be studied through the collection and analysis of related literature.

Matsuyama, N. The Effect of a Combination of Insecticides on Chick Embryonic Development
I investigated the synergistic toxicity of two insecticides on the development of chick embryos. Permethrin and Imidacloprid were chosen because they are commonly used in spinach agricultural situations. Twelve days after injecting these chemicals inside of eggs, the chicks' survival rate, size, and malformation were observed. Using ANOVA, if there was a synergistic effect between the two insecticides was determined.

McFarland, D. Potential use of stem cells for cancer treatments
Blood and bone cancers are rare diseases that effect less than 1% of the population. This capstone is a literature based research project and I hypothesize that stem cells can be used to help patients recover from the damage caused by cancer treatments. Current research is showing signs that stem cells are effective in aiding the healing of damage caused by cancer treatments.

Pluszczynski, D. Increased Levels of Serotonin are Responsible for Positive Symptoms in Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a life-long mental illness characterized by delusions and hallucinations (positive symptoms) and altered emotional state (negative symptoms). While the neurotransmitter dopamine has been examined as potentially causative, dopamine dysregulation is not the cause of all symptoms. A thorough review of pertinent literature was performed to determine whether serotonin plays a role in the positive symptoms of schizophrenia and to determine whether it interacts with other neurotransmitters in the disease.

Reeder, M. The Effects of Zeta-Cypermethrin on Apis mellifera (Western Honeybee)
Honeybee populations have declined in the past few decades. I focused on the dangers of pesticide use. I tested the potential mortality of zeta-cypermethrin, which is widely used by households, to honeybees through paper bioassay exposure. Current results have shown that concentrations from pesticide bottle directions have high mortality rates, as do lower concentrations.

Schilling, M. An Evaluation of BPA and Structural Analogs
Adverse health effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure, due to its xenoestrogenic activity, has led to restrictions and increased usage of structural analogs. This literature review is an analysis of published literature to evaluate the hypothesis that these replacement chemicals will not be deemed safer than BPA due to similarities in function and chemical structure. Adverse effects of BPA and analog exposure appears to be ubiquitous when evaluating the published literature that is currently available.

Senetra, J. How Social Determinants of Health Affect Cardiovascular Disease in Appalachia
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States. This study investigates potential causes of disproportionate rates of CVD mortality and morbidity in the Appalachian region by evaluating social determinants of health and their impact in regard to Appalachians' exposures to known CVD risk factors.

Thompson, C. The effect of MTHFR Gene C677T and A1298C Polymorphism in Autism Spectrum Disorder
I looked at research on effects of MTHFR Gene C677T and A1298C Polymorphism in Autism Spectrum Disorder. This mutation interferes with the folate/homocysteine methylation pathway. I hypothesized that there was prevalence of the C677T and/or A1298C polymorphism in the MTHFR gene in children with ASD and through adding a methylation supplement and/or B vitamin symptoms of autism can be lessened. I conclude that there is a genetic link that interferes with the folate/homocysteine methylation pathway.

Valentine, T. Vitamin-D Deficiency and Its Effects on the Development of Graves’ Disease
Graves’ disease is an autoimmune thyroid disease that results from the overproduction of the thyroid hormone and occurs in 5% of the population. A vitamin D deficiency has been noted as a commonality between patients with this disease and other autoimmune and thyroid diseases. This report investigates whether vitamin D deficiency is a causative factor in causing Graves’ Disease. Based on the scientific literature presented, this hypothesis has been rejected upon thorough evaluation.

Verona, S. Comparison of the elimination of kidney stones by Shockwave Lithotripsy, Ureteroscopy, and Nephrolithotomy
Comparing and analyzing three popular types of kidney stone treatments is important to determining which procedure is most beneficial in stone-free rates. These treatments include Shockwave Lithotripsy, Ureteroscopy, and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. Shockwave Lithotripsy, Ureteroscopy, and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy were compared using complication rate, stone-free rate, and rehospitalization. My research indicates that Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy will be the most effective treatment due to the fact it is most efficiently able to remove larger stones.

English | 10:00-11:00 | Thomas 113

Strader, K. "Oedipus and His Complexes; Hamlet's Influence" Presentation at the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference
I was asked to join in the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference in the Undergraduate Seminar this Fall in October by Dr Joseph Sullivan. I presented my essay that I had wrote for my Midterm in his class last year, for my Tragedies course, in which I compared the writings of Sophocles with Oedipus Rex to the writings of Shakespeare with Hamlet Prince of Denmark.

Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems Management | 11:00-12:00 | Brown 103

Debolt, E., Bollinger, A., Tassari, V., West, G. & T. Ferger III Fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility at HINO Motors Manufacturing at West Virginia
This presentation summarizes the five individual projects that the ENVE 401 Capstone Team completed for Hino Motors Manufacturing in West Virginia (HMMWV).  The projects were oriented to fulfill HMMWV's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.  The projects include: completion of the ISO14001 Aspects and Impacts Assessment Matrix for three facility areas (logistics, assembly, and quality); implementation of solar panels to power HMMWV employee-pavilion rest area; and completion of a habitat development to remove invasive species.

Geology and Planetary Science | 9:00-10:30 | Brown 105

Etheridge, E. Determining Regolith Mixing on Asteroid 4Vesta Using the Homogeneity of Larkman Nunatak 12326
Larkman Nunatak (LAR) 12326 is a massive (10.45 kg) howardite meteorite from the regolith of 4Vesta, a differentiated protoplanet. The vestan regolith consists of two compositions – mafic and ultramafic. Here we constrain the degree of vestan regolith maturity via investigation of compositional homogeneity in five LAR 12326 thin sections. This was achieved using scanning electron microscope-derived compositional maps. The vestan regolith appears to be relatively immature as the thin sections are compositionally heterogeneous.

Brown, B. Slope Stability Analysis of a Landslide Along Route 60 Near the Village of Lowell, Ohio
Classification systems have been created for landslides. It’s important to recognize landslide prone areas and what causes them. For this project a slope analysis was conducted on landslides occurring along route 60 in Washington County to determine what may be causing failure. Using slake durability, natural water content, and Atterberg limits the engineering properties of the landslide soil were determined. This study’s results could aid remediation efforts/prevention for future slope failures in similar geologic settings. 

Kuhl, A. Facies Analysis of the Trenton Limestone
The objective of this project is to conduct a facies analysis of a core from a well drilled in Washington County, Ohio. The core penetrates the Ordovician Trenton Limestone, deposited during an overall sea level rise. This project entails the use of core description and thin sections to characterize depositional facies which represent different parts of submarine turbidite deposits. Patterns indicate a fining upward succession, consistent with the hypothesis of marine transgression throughout the Ordovician.

Terry, M. Coal: A Source of Critical Elements
As the use of coal for power generation declines, a new use for coal has come across the horizon: the production of critical elements. In recent years, it has been noted that a number of coals are highly enriched in critical elements such as; rare earth elements and base metals which are used to power our modern-day world. In some coal seams, the concentrations of these critical elements are competitive with conventional ores.

GIS | 9:30-11:00 | Thomas 312

Burdiss, E. GIS Analysis of the Effects of Soil Conditions on Invasive Plant Growth
Using GIS analysis to compare invasive plant species coverage and resulting effects on native plants species. The main factor to be considered is differing soil types and conditions and whether they are more likely to encourage invasive plant species growth.

Foresta, V. Effects of population income due to oil and gas production
This project will use GIS to analyze the effects on population income due to the increase in oil and gas production since 2000.

Stenson, B. GIS in Political Science

History | 9:00-10:00 | Thomas 327

Bentley, W. The Doomed Relationship: Downfall of the Provisional Government in Russia, 1917
An exploration and analysis of the Russian Provisional Government in 1917 through the lens of a "failed relationship" between the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet

Hoffman, W. The Northwest Territory Commemoration and the Shaping of National Memory in 1938

Honors | 4:00-5:00 | Selby 148

Schlanz, J. Effects of mononitroparaben on lipid content of melanoma cells
This study focused on how mononitroparaben affects the cellular lipid content during induced cell death. The experiment was conducted by growing M624 melanoma cells; leaving 0, 5, and 10 mM concentrations of paraben on the melanoma cancer cells for twelve hours; and then lysing the cells. Colorimetric cholesterol assays and ceramide assays were completed to determine the changes in cellular cholesterol and ceramide content and the role of cellular lipids in cell death signaling.

Mathematics | 9:30-11:00 | Bartlett 285

Brinks, P. Bayesian Statistics and Astronomy  
Prior knowledge of probability and statistics was expanded upon into the area of Bayesian statistics and analysis. This was then applied to the realm of astronomy, analyzing how one can use Bayesian models to work with and understand the vast quantities of data that result from data collection of trillions of stars. Project was overall an expansion of previous areas of study and learning use case applications.

Jobe, L. Logistic Regression Models of Ultramarathon Events
This presentation utilizes logistic regression models to predict how long it takes females to run ultramarathons and how far females run in backyard ultra races. Furthermore, it also uses statistical analysis to determine whether or not females will run more than 100 miles in backyard ultra races.

Music Education and Vocal Performance | 2:30-6:00 | Hermann 117, 217

Bradley, C. There’s more than just planning? Lesson Planning through the eyes of the edTPA
Lesson planning is one of the most important responsibilities of an educator in any field or focus. However, the creation of the lesson is just the tip of the iceberg.  The crucial task to accomplish is reflecting on the lesson plan, assessing students, and reevaluating before using the lesson plan again in a class.  Bradley will speak about his process and steps of lesson planning by sharing his experience crafting his edTPA portfolio.

Conkright, A. My Internship Experience at Bridgeway
Music Therapy internship is a time of sharp improvement in interns due to the amount of practice and time to prepare them for a career in Music Therapy. In my presentation, I will be discussing my personal experience with internship, including my clinical and musical growth, sharing case studies, and revelations I have made.

Corbett, S. Elementary Music Teaching Internship
This presentation focuses on an EdTPA portfolio featuring a lesson segment in a fourth-grade class at Marietta Elementary music class. The presentation explores a variety of instructional strategies to enhance students’ comprehension and engagement with the content. The presentation will also serve as a reflection and talk about how the educator would adapt the lesson in the future based on the data collected on students’ assessments.

Giles, L. Student Teaching: Marietta High School Choir Program
In this presentation, I will discuss my experiences in student teaching at Marietta High School. This will focus on the EdTPA assessment, its structure, and how it pertains to basic music reading concepts as they adhere to an entry-level handbell ensemble. I will also discuss professionalism, student-teacher relationships, and how I have grown as a teacher throughout this experience. 

Hartline, T. Involve Me and I Learn: A Look at the edTPA in Music Classrooms
The teaching process consists of three parts: preparation, implementation, and reflection. The edTPA, a teacher internship assessment, evaluates teacher candidates on their ability to perform these skills during a short learning segment. Hartline, currently interning at Caldwell Schools in K-12 music classes, will present on his lesson segment designed for a 6th grade class covering rhythm composition. The audience will gain insights of the edTPA and its application in the music classroom. 

Hoover, E. Elementary Music Student Teaching
Over the course of the last semester, I have been teaching general and choral music at Marietta Elementary School from third through sixth grade. In this presentation, I will go over the experiences I have gained from this internship and the opportunities I have gotten go as a future educator. Additionally, the process of going through edTPA and research while working on this whole process.

McGuinness, J. The edTPA and its Self-Correcting Character of Lesson Planning
The lesson planning cycle is a critical responsibility for all educators. However, its importance goes beyond the need for structured student learning. McGuinness will speak about how the process expands upon the collection of student data through analysis and adjustment. This process is designed to help teachers adjust lessons before they are given again. McGuinness will share his edTPA portfolio and speak about how this process played a role in the creation of the portfolio.

Petroleum Engineering | 10:00-11:30 and 2:30-4:00 | Brown Conference Room

Dougherty, D., Britton, E., Kuhl, A. & G. West AFE Development of the Marietta Field
The purpose of the study is to complete a full life-cycle development of a field to produce hydrocarbons. The project will be presented verbally by four students in the Petroleum Engineering and Geology Department. The methods used consist of geology and engineering processes learned while studying at Marietta College. The expected outcome of the project will include the design of numerous wells to produce the most economical natural gas while focusing on environmental impacts.

Hrovat, B., Watt, L. & G. Nicol Tripod Resources’ Analysis of a Shale Play
A team-oriented approach to in-depth analysis of a theoretical shale play. Team involvement includes forming a company (Tripod Resources) with an official mission statement and structure. Oilfield reservoir characterization, drilling schedule, production curves, and economic profitability are all expected to be considered. Discussion centered around the expected outcomes of the company [T.R] will close the presentation. Environmental and Social Guidelines also provide a large element of discussion.

Jamelo, H., Ferguson, C. & D. Barker Economics of the Chaser Shale
The present study investigates the Geology of the reservoir Chaser Shale and evaluates it for potential drilling and production. The result of the investigation shows that the characteristics of the Chaser Shale makes it a good candidate for drilling and production, hence drilling and production of the field will be operated. The operation will ran in an economically productive manner and sustainability will be a priority.

Leporis, A., Terry, M., Bollinger, A. & P. Palmer No Trucks Given: Chaser Shale Development
No Trucks Given Inc. (NTG Inc.) is an oil and gas company committed to safe and affordable energy. Tasked with developing the Chaser Shale in Marietta, Ohio, our goal is to decrease our carbon footprint while producing sustainable energy. We will be presenting our strategy based on these factors, along with the data and calculations that were undertaken to come to these conclusions.

Moore, M., Caserta, T., Dennis, C. & D. LaRosa Sustainable Gas Extraction from Unconventional Wells
This study aims to highlight the responsible and sustainable methods used by OnlyFracs in extracting and distributing gas. The study utilizes data from operations and research to analyze the effectiveness of our sustainable methods in gas extraction. The study reveals that the sustainable methods used are effective in reducing environmental impacts and meeting energy demands. Our methods enable economic, ethical, social, and political sustainability while ensuring the health and safety of our workers and communities.

Schott, S., Ryan C., Donohue, C. & J. Rutherford Evaluation and Completion of a well in the Chaser Shale
This study is being conducted to demonstrate competencies learned in the Petroleum Engineering degree. These includes, but is not limited to reservoir, drilling, production, and environmental engineering along with formation evaluation. The goal of this project is to ultimately find the total gas in our given formation and determine the economic and environmental viability of the project using the skills we have learned.

Physics | 3:00-4:00 | Selby 148

Russell, M. Observing Galactic Neutral Hydrogen Using Radioastronomy
A radio telescope, designed by the Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy (DSPIRA) group at WVU and constructed by a former student, was used to observe the emission spectra of neutral atomic hydrogen at various locations within our galaxy. Issues with the telescope calibration routine and possible sources of interference were explored. The procedure for the operation of the telescope was improved. The spectrum emitted by neutral hydrogen was used to calculate column density.

Jacobs, K. Troubleshooting Coarse Approach issues for Scanning Probe Microscopy in Ultra-High Vacuum
In attempting non-contact atomic force microscopy, several issues were observed for our novel design of a KoalaDrive approach tube. The most constraining issue was a complete failure of motion under ultra-high vacuum (UHV). To investigate, we tested multiple materials, designs, and procedures for regaining motion. We report on various mathematical models used, and troubleshooting procedures, and suggest vacuum welding as a likely cause of non-motion; A complete redesign may be needed to image in UHV.

Political Science | 2:30-4:30 | Thomas 312

Beattie, D. How Regime Type Effects Economic Growth
This project examines the effect of institutional regime type on economic growth in countries. Much of the previous research predicts democracy to have a significantly better economic growth factor than non-democracies. This project examines whether that is true or not by running multiple regressions using variables identified through previous literature.This project determined that while democracies may have a better economy they do not always present with a higher growth rate for numerous reasons which presents an interesting question. Is democracy the cause or the effect?

Hinkle, E. Cohorts in the United States: How Generational Cohort Influences Affective Polarization
This study was conducted to determine whether a relationship exists between generational cohort and affective polarization, a measure of the degree to which one feels animosity toward members of the opposing political party. Using data from the 2020 American National Election Study (ANES), this study found a statistically significant relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Further, its results suggest a negative trend in affective polarization among members of subsequent generations.

Stern, E. College Degrees: Influence on Voter Registration in Pennsylvania
A theoretical and statistical exploration on the effect college degrees have on voter registration in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Vigue, E. How does armed conflict affect food security?
The present study seeks to examine the extent to which armed conflict affects food security. This is accomplished using a regression analysis of panel data from 140 countries from the years 2001-2018. The fixed effects linear regression model includes control variables identified as pertinent drivers of food insecurity, along with the central variable of armed conflict. Findings indicate that armed conflict has a small, but statistically significant positive effect on undernourishment.

Sports Medicine | 8:30-10:00 | Sports Medicine Classroom

Barnes, C. The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Meat-eaters and Vegetarian/ Vegan Adults
The purpose of this study was how creatine supplementation affects meat-eater and vegetarian/ vegan adults differently in physical and cognitive functioning.  The methods used were separating groups of different diets, then a double-blind random assignment of creatine supplementation or a placebo.  Cognitively, supplemented vegetarians had better memory word recall than meat-eaters.  Supplemented vegetarians didn’t differ physically from meat-eaters significantly but do from normal vegetarians.  Overall, supplemented vegetarians, normal vegetarians, and meat-eaters physically and cognitively differ.

Phelps, R. Gender Differences in Musculoskeletal Injuries within Military Personnel
Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) are common among members of the military due to the amount of strenuous physical work and carrying heavy loads. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze published literature to explore what gender differences in causes and types of injuries in a military population exist. Research shows that females are at a higher risk for MSI and the most common injuries occur in the lower extremities.

Reindle, E. The Effects of Panax Ginseng on Cognitive Functioning and Recovery in Athletes
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects that Panax Ginseng has been shown to have on the cognitive functioning and recovery in athletes. The study was conducted through a literature review of information that was found through OhioLink and other reputable sources. After a thorough analysis, it was found that Panax Ginseng, especially the commonly used G115 extract, has been found to improve cognitive functioning and some aspects of recovery in athletes.

Poster Presentations

12:00-2:00 p.m. | DBRC


1. Forker, K. Accounting Internship with Perry and Associates


2. Jones, E. Management Internship

3. Taylor, C. Consulting Internship with MC B&E

Sport Management

4. Pennell, A. Boca Raton Bowl Internship

5. Vincent, B.Boca Raton Bowl Internship

6. Watts, T.Boca Raton Bowl Internship
This presentation will provide an overview of what I did during the duration of the Boca Raton Bowl experience. It will also showcase some of my work done on social media and the graphics. I am eager to share this with the Marietta College Community to encourage other students to utilize these experiences.

7. Sabatine, G.Sport Information Internship with MC Athletics

Computer Science/Information Systems

8. Stepanets, A., Warner, R., Offenberger, A. & H. Gyamfi Machine Learning to Predict NBA Outcomes
This project uses machine learning techniques to identify the best model to forecast NBA statistics. Moreover, it encompasses maintaining a website, database, and front end features as well as researching statistical methods to most accurately identify patterns from independent variables.

9. Ruyack, T. & O. Walters Chord Scanner Application
Application that scans chord sheets and generates buttons allowing users to hear the chords of a song in any order.

10. Tenney, S. & K. Hennacy D&D Character Companion
Our capstone project is a D&D character management application, designed to provide an interactive character sheet to players. Our app aims to address the limitations of existing character management software by extracting source content from other services and providing a user-friendly interface for character creation/management. It will also provide inventory management, spell management, and reference menus. Our target audience is players who are dissatisfied with the availability of content in existing companion apps.

11. Konjevich, A. & A. Fries Apex Solutions
Develop a system utilized by West Virginia, as well as surrounding states, to provide access to resources for the underserved.


12. Jobe, L. Statistical Analysis of Distance at Backyard Ultramarathon Events
In the past several years women have started to win major endurance races, including backyard ultra races. This has caused a shift in the research on these events to focus on the question, "Do women have an advantage during ultra-distance events?". The research presented will attempt to answer the question, "Do women run farther than their male counterparts?" using statistical analysis and probability.

Physician Assistant

13. Cogar, B. SLAP Lesions
To inform the general public about superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesions of the shoulder. This poster will discuss the following associated with SLAP lesions: general information, anatomy, the Snyder classification, the clinical presentation and physical exam findings, imaging studies, how to formulate the diagnosis, and the appropriate treatments.


14. Rocco, C. Effects of Bisphenol S (BPS) on the Fecundity of Drosophila melanogaster
Bisphenol A (BPA), found in many plastics and resins, is known to have negative effects on the female reproductive system; thus, Bisphenol S (BPS) has been introduced as an alternative. There is little research on BPS, so the following experiment tested the effects of BPS on the reproductive nature of Drosophila melanogaster. Flies were fed food with BPA or BPS to determine if egg-laying would decrease over the course of 10 days.

15. Zandi, A. Effects of Blueberry Juice on Extending Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster
Oxidative damage decreases the life span of an organism. Antioxidants can prevent oxidative damage which would be predicted to increase lifespan. An experiment was conducted using Drosophila melanogaster. The lifespan of organisms given antioxidants as larva, as adults, or as both larva and adults were compared to control flies that were not given antioxidants. The experiment investigated at what life stage antioxidants would have the greatest effect on extending lifespan.

Environmental Engineering

16. Bollinger, A. HINO Motors Manufacturing WV Sustainability Assessment: Biodiversity Enhancement
Working with HINO Motors to conduct a project regarding the surrounding biodiversity. The projects entails working with the WV Soil and Water Conservation District to eliminate invasive species and promote the expansion of endangered ones. Soil and survey test will be conducted to best determine which plants to grow with economic considerations. Additional work will be completed to create educational plagues to teach future generations about native species to help protect them for generations to come.

17. Debolt, E. HINO Motors Manufacturing WV Sustainability Assessment: Energy use Assessment and potential solutions
The purpose of this study is to establish a documented system, the ISO 14001 Aspects & Impacts Risk Assessment Matrix, for Hino Motors Manufacturing West Virginia (HMMWV) by which environmental management system (EMS) aspects and risks are identified and addressed.  Identified risks not within the policy-set threshold are resolved via conducted experiments to propose countermeasures for continual improvement through corrective action reports.  Each member reviews one of three departments: logistics, assembly, and quality.

18. Ferger, T. HINO Motors Manufacturing WV Sustainability Assessment: Waste Assessment and potential solutions
The purpose of my project is to establish a documented system by which EMS environmental aspects and risks are identified and addressed. I must gather data for this from 9 team leads. Then compile and input the results into my version of the Environmental Aspect Summary and Assessment Sheet. I then must analyze conditions that do not meet the required threshold, and run tests in order to analyze why this has occurred, and suggest solutions.

19. Tassari, V. Hino Motors Manufacturing WV Sustainability Assessment: Design of a Solar Energy system for a Pavillion
This project reports on the work done in collaboration with HINO Motors Manufacturing West Virginia (HMMWV-Toyota) to design a plan for their company pavilion to run on renewable solar energy. This plan included designing the solar photovoltaic system based on a solar energy analysis, energy demand calculations, and a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best plan of action.

20. West, G. Hino Motors Manufacturing WV Sustainability Assessment: Water Quality Assessment and potential solutions
The purpose of this study is to establish a documented system, the ISO14001 Aspects & Impacts Risk Assessment Matrix, for Hino Motors Manufacturing West Virginia (HMMWV). Environmental management system (EMS) aspects and risks are identified and addressed for the Quality, Paint, Maintenance, and Kaizen (continuous improvement of working practices) operational areas. This report will describe areas requiring improvement with respect to the ISO14001 guidelines and sampling methodologies to address identified concerns.

21. Ingalls, L. Wastewater Treatment
The primary focus of the study is wastewater and various treatment methods. This includes effectiveness of treatment methods as well as environmental impacts. A primary interest is in applying this information to the derailment in East Palestine, Ohio occurring early in February. Research is being conducted on features such as chemical data and other damages. Data is being utilized from various relevant government agencies. An analysis and best practice recommendations will be presented.


22. Russell, M. Observing Galactic Neutral Hydrogen Using Radioastronomy
A radio telescope, designed by the Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy (DSPIRA) group at WVU and constructed by a former student, was used to observe the emission spectra of neutral atomic hydrogen at various locations within our galaxy. Issues with the telescope calibration routine and possible sources of interference were explored. The procedure for the operation of the telescope was improved. The spectrum emitted by neutral hydrogen was used to calculate column density.

23. Jacobs, K. Troubleshooting Coarse Approach issues for Scanning Probe Microscopy in Ultra-High Vacuum
In attempting non-contact atomic force microscopy, several issues were observed for our novel design of a KoalaDrive approach tube. The most constraining issue was a complete failure of motion under ultra-high vacuum (UHV). To investigate, we tested multiple materials, designs, and procedures for regaining motion. We report on various mathematical models used, and troubleshooting procedures, and suggest vacuum welding as a likely cause of non-motion; A complete redesign may be needed to image in UHV.


24. Beaver, D. Investigation of THC Structural Components using a THC Enzyme Immunoassay
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and medically relevant analogs have structural characteristics that serve a role in their mechanism of action. THC enzyme immunoassays can provide a means of comparing THC structural derivatives. Our group studies cross-reactivity of derivatives to the THC phenolic ring. Compounds of interest include catechol, resorcinol, and hydroquinone. The cross-reactivity of endogenous ligands to cannabinoid receptors was also studied to gain more insight on targeting cannabinoids for medical purposes.

25. Bradford, S. & G. Alameraw Determination of electron transfer in dopamine at various pH values
The purpose of this study was to investigate the electron transfer during the oxidation/reduction reactions of dopamine. The method used in this analysis was cyclic voltammetry. The electron transfer process was observed under various pH conditions and scan rates. A change in electron transfer was determined at higher pH values.

26. Schlanz, J. & J. Rasnake Effects of mononitroparaben on lipid content of melanoma cells
The experiment was conducted by growing the M624 melanoma cells, dissolving the paraben, and then leaving 0 mM, 5 mM, and 10 mM concentrations of paraben on the melanoma cancer cells for twelve hours. The paraben was then removed from the cells, and the cells were lysed. Colorimetric cholesterol assays and ceramide dot blot assays were completed to determine the changes in cellular cholesterol and ceramide content and the role of cellular lipids in cell death signaling.

27. Couch, K. How Parabens on Melanoma Cells Affect Cholesterol Content
Parabens are common preservatives in personal care products due to their antimicrobial properties, but recent studies suggest a link between parabens and adverse effects, including skin cancer. This study analyzed paraben-induced cell death and apoptotic caspase 3 activation in human melanoma cells.  Parabens studied include methyl- mononitro- and heptyl- at 0.05-10mM. Results suggest that toxic varies based on structure.

28. Couch, K., Neville, J., Fraser, D. & Nayak, H. Activation of apoptotic caspase 3 by methylparaben, heptylparaben and mononitroparaben in human melanoma cells
Parabens are common preservatives in personal care products due to their antimicrobial properties, but recent studies suggest a link between parabens and adverse effects, including skin cancer. This study analyzed paraben-induced cell death and apoptotic caspase 3 activation in human melanoma cells.  Parabens studied include methyl- mononitro- and heptyl- at 0.05-10mM. Results suggest that toxic varies based on structure.


29. Couch, K. Women in STEM
The Women in STEM Club at Marietta College was founded in 2022 and is currently the fastest growing club on campus with over 90 members! Our mission is to empower, promote, and support women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. In the next year we plan to continue to encourage, inspire, and cheer on the next generation of women in STEM as they navigate college through mentorship, connection building, and philanthropy events. 

30. Hall, C. Time as a Tutor
A reflection on time spent as an on-campus tutor. Information including the skills I learned, how skills were applied, the personal impact from tutoring, the impact I feel was made on others, and how I believe this experience will be applied in my future.


31. Eakle, K. Internship at The Washington County Health Department
During this internship, I was involved in many different projects that involved the No Smoking policy to bring awareness to cessation help to our community. I helped with policies that will limit smoking in businesses, help create new Licensing policies, and even help with projects that are in Public Health such as Complete Streets. I also worked with many different organizations and help build relations with them through coalition meetings aS well as through my work as the intern at the Tobacco Cessation and Prevention side of WCHD.


32. Beckett, L. Safe Teacher-Student Relationships
My poster focuses on the importance of a safe teacher-student relationship for students who struggle with mental health problems. Through review of the literature, I hope to show that having a safe relationship with teachers for students who struggle with mental health helps students to be able to focus on academic goals.

33. Bradley, K. Impact of Social Emotional Learning on Teachers
My poster examines the effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) implementation in schools on teacher stress and job satisfaction. Through a review of literature, I hope to show that integration of SEL increases job satisfaction and reduces teacher stress and burnout. 

34. Bryant, M. Importance of Science Labs in Education
My poster focuses on the importance of science labs in education. Through a review of data, I hope to demonstrate that labs and hands-on experiences in schools are critical in order to apply the many principles of science that students have learned. After looking at the data, I hope to conclude that hands-on labs stimulate students to result in increased engagement, success, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.

35. Cipro, M. Ability Grouping in Schools
My topic is about ability grouping and the effectiveness it has on learning. I plan to show through a literature review that ability grouping is ineffective long-term and that other methods better suit an educational environment.

36. Coghlan, L. Servant Leadership in Schools
This poster project presentation will focus on what servant leadership is and its benefits, as well as how servant leadership is currently being used in schools. Promoting a positive school environment is imperative for the well being of teachers, students, and staff, servant leadership has helped promote this environment in many schools. Through practice of servant leadership, teachers can pursue their strengths and can effectively collaborate within their classrooms, the school, and the surrounding community. 

37. Cox, B. All Inclusive Classrooms
My poster focuses on the positive effects of an all inclusive classroom. Through a review of literature, I hope to provide insight on inclusivity and its benefits for students in the general education curriculum as well as students with High Incidence Disabilities. I plan to support the implementation of Universal Design for Learning, which allows all students to have increased 21st Century Skills, which are collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

38. Egli, E. School Starting Time
My poster presents the argument that schools should start the school day later to improve students focus, earn better grades, and improve self-regulation. I intend to argue that starting later will improve students’ performance in the classroom. Through a review of academic sources, I hope to show that schools that start later have improved academic performance and focus of students throughout the school day.

39. Fehrman, E. Why coaches should prioritize the person over the athlete
My poster argues why coaches should prioritize the person over the athlete. Effective coaches not only improve the athlete's skills within a sport but also guide the person through life. Coaches that truly make an impact on the athlete put the importance of the person’s mental health and well-being first. This poster will argue why coaches need to have this priority to be successful.

40. Gamble, K. Mental Health First-Aid Training in Schools
My poster is on the necessity for, and the benefits of, Mental Health First-Aid (MHFA) training in schools. MHFA training equips teachers and staff with the knowledge they need to identify and act in a variety of non-emergency and emergency mental health scenarios. By reviewing the available research and statistics, I hope to conclude that MHFA training is necessary in the modern school system and will make a positive impact in the lives of students.

41. May, A. The Importance of Appropriate Student Discipline in Schools
My poster is on the importance of appropriate student discipline in schools. By reviewing literature, I will identify the specific need for discipline in schools to benefit academic performance. I will conclude with appropriate and effective discipline strategies to apply within classroom settings.

42. McSherry, J. The Negative Impacts of Banning Books
This project will be focusing on the negative effects that banning books has on students. The banning of any books has shown to have negative effects by creating knowledge gaps about important topics. This project will be focusing on how banning books negatively impacts students by creating knowledge gaps about important topics such as social injustices, and the negative impacts of lacking proper representation for minority groups.

43. Neader, M. Coaching Styles and Their Impact on Athletes
Over the years there have been many different types of coaching styles and their impact on student-athletes. Although some of these styles directly correlate with leadership, some have direct correlations with power. It is important to know the differences between the styles as they will both bring different outcomes to student-athletes. My goal is to provide awareness of these styles to coaches, as well as student-athletes within the college environment. 

44. Pasco, A. Art Therapy's Effects on Special Education
My poster will be focusing on Art Therapy’s positive effects on Special Education. In my poster, I will look at the evidence in the article The Role of Art Therapy in Special Education, created by BEHAVIORIST. I hope to show that Art therapy can have many positive effects on special education students and hope schools consider adding Art therapy into their curriculum.

45. Radloff, J. Teaching how to learn rather than spoon feeding
My poster is on why teachers should strive to teach their students how to learn rather than spoon feeding them information. By giving students enough knowledge to be able to complete tasks and while still allowing them to think and create their own new understandings promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, allowing students to take responsibility for their learning will allow for a more successful learning career.

46. Roesser, A. Finding the Rainbow Connection: Creating Safe-Spaces and Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth
My poster is on the importance of creating safe spaces within the classroom for at-risk LGBTQ+ youth and methods to do so. Through a review of literature, data, and anecdotes from youth within the community, I hope to show that the creation of safe spaces within the classroom is beneficial to the learning environment and student physical and mental wellbeing.

47. Ross, K. How Anxiety Affects High Achieving Students
My poster focuses on how anxiety affects high achieving students. Having reviewed literature on this topic, I hope to highlight how feelings of anxiety negatively affects young students who seem to be thriving in the classroom and how teachers can offer support and resources to students who struggle with anxiety within school.

48. Silva, M. Sports pressure on academic performance
My poster is on the effects of sports pressure on academic performance. Through a review of the literature, I hope to show that while sports can be beneficial for students dealing with stress, they can have the reverse effect and cause a decline in academic focus. Without having a healthy balance between learning and sports, students struggle to reach academic goals.

49. Vach, L. Teacher Burnout
My poster focuses on the causes of teacher burnout in education and why there is a teacher shortage across the country. Through a review of the literature and data, I hope to shed light on the reasons why teachers are choosing to leave education. After looking at the data, I hope to educate others about what teachers go through and that teaching is not an easy profession.

50. Wilson, M. Why Life Skills Should Be Taught in School
My poster focuses on why life skills should be taught in school. Through a literature review I hope to show the impact that teaching life skills starting in elementary school can have on students. In addition, I hope to show the benefits that could come of giving every student a transition plan in high school to help them in the next stages of their lives.


51. Nayak, H. Applying Behavioral Therapy to Change Leadership Style
The use of behavioral therapies has been shown to reduce deleterious behaviors of individuals with psychiatric disorders through assisting in the identification and alteration of patterns of thought. This presentation will investigate the application of behavioral therapy to general profiles of leadership styles. Through examining the link between leadership styles and the characteristics commonly ascribed to them, the presentation will address the possibility of changing an individual’s leadership style through the use of behavioral therapy.

52. Flores, I. Barriers to Intercultural Teamwork in a Post-Pandemic Era
This project initiates a discussion about how Covid-19 has caused many barriers within intercultural teamwork. This research is meaningful because it addresses current problems and will suggest practical solutions that can be adapted into intercultural teamwork throughout the world, both in-person and virtual. The research question is, “How can the barriers that have been enhanced due to the pandemic be harnessed to create successful intercultural teamwork?”.


53. Flores, I. How Intercultural Teamwork Can be Harnessed in Multinational Corporations
This project will evaluate intercultural teamwork in multinational corporations (MNC’s) and how barriers to intercultural communication can be harnessed and used to benefit the team as a whole. By learning how to communicate and effectively work with people from other cultures and backgrounds, we can further increase globalization and the global economy. My research question will be, “How does diversity benefit decision-making groups of MNC’s?”.

54. Borich, M. Rockstar Wellness Brand Awareness
For this project, I created increased brand awareness for Rockstar Wellness, a local fitness center, with the goal of growing clients. A better understanding of the most effective ways to use social media was gained through research and analysis. The final product is a sample Instagram account showcasing several campaigns to increase awareness, gain followers, and increase interactivity.

55. Coleman, C. Equity and Equally for Media Coverage of Women in Sports
This study is to take media coverage of women’s sports and to see how it has progressed. By looking at multiple media outlets such as newspapers, ESPN, and television the growth or lack of will be shown. Interviews with women in sports and those who were here before Title IX will join me to discuss the current issues and speak about their experiences on a podcast series.

56. Coleman, C. Marietta College Women's Basketball Internship
Internship for social media for Marietta College Women's Basketball

57. Milham, M. and Coleman, C. Communication Barriers in a College Sports Culture 
This study is to find the relationship between communication barriers for international student athletes. Through interviews with athletic staff, and student athletes we believe that the language barrier will create a burden on those athletes, and the problem can be fixed. With the learned experiences of American athletes when going to other countries to play in sporting events, they can use their own lived experience to help those who join the American sports culture.

58. Didytch, N. Messaging and Marketing through Theatre: Annie Weismans “Be Aggressive”
Theatre is communication, but not all communication is theatre. This capstone uses this sentiment as a framework to analyze theatre as a unique means for conveying messages to audiences, and how professional theatre companies convey these messages in their marketing and promotion. This analysis culminates into a multi-media campaign surrounding Annie Weisman’s 2003 play Be Aggressive.

59. Didytch, N. Crazy, Rich, and Everywhere All at Once: A Retrospective of Asian Stereotypes in Film
Media has the power to influence perceptions and opinions, and are integral for people’s understanding of societal “others”, often through stereotypes. With the rise of Asian-led narratives in media, perceptions of Asian people have changed over the years, and in turn, so have stereotypes. Through extensive review of existing literature and media, this study both analyzes the role of films in shaping stereotypes about Asian people, and how these perceptions affect intercultural relations.

60. Dosky, J. Representations of (Dis)abilities: ADHD and Autism in Modern American Films
Nostalgic Hollywood blockbusters have a troubled history of representing people who are neurodivergent, specifically characters with autism and ADHD. This project will analyze the movies Music (2021), Rainman (1998), and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2010) and their representations of either autism or ADHD, along with the stereotypes that either infantilize or turn these disabilities into superpowers, otherwise known as “super crip”, that alienate people with autism or ADHD from the mainstream neurotypical population.

61. Hellwege, L. Rammstein: Navigating a Controversial History
For COMM-385 we must write a paper that analyzes an artifact that is related to intercultural communication.  I researched the German band Rammstein to see how they navigate controversies and how they promote an anti-Nazi message using imagery.  This is important because it shows how far German culture has come since the 1940’s.  Methods include literature reviews and interviews.  Research goal is to learn about German culture and how they deal with a difficult past.

62. Folkert, K. Effective Crisis Communication Strategies for Professional Sports Teams
Professional sports teams face a range of crises, from player misconduct to public health emergencies. Effective crisis communication is critical to protect the team's reputation, maintain fan loyalty, and limit negative consequences. Key strategies include proactive planning, transparency, authenticity, and timely communication across multiple channels. Teams must also prioritize the needs and concerns of stakeholders, including players, fans, sponsors, and the broader community. Successful crisis communication can help teams navigate challenging situations, maintain trust, and emerge stronger in the aftermath of a crisis. on crisis communication involving professional sport teams, including those in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The study will include a comprehensive review of literature on crisis communication in general and in the sports industry. I will be conducting a series of podcasts breaking down how professional sports teams handled a crisis.

63. Folkert, K. Examining Stereotyping and Prejudice in Football in America
Football is a beloved sport in America, but unfortunately, it is not immune to issues of stereotyping and prejudice. This project seeks to explore the ways in which stereotyping, and prejudice are present in football, and to identify strategies for promoting a more inclusive and respectful environment for all athletes, coaches, and staff in college and professional football. This project will use an approach to collect data and analyze findings. I will conduct a comprehensive review of existing research, media coverage, and other relevant sources to identify common forms of stereotyping and prejudice in college and professional football.

64. Folkert, K. Join the Club: A Strategic Marketing Plan for Increasing Young Membership at Marietta Country Club
The 5th Street Strategic Marketing Plan for the Marietta Country Club is aimed to attract new young (25-30 yrs.) members while retaining current members. The club offers a variety of activities such as golf, pickleball, swimming, and fine dining. The target audience are young individuals and families who value amenities and membership. The marketing plan will leverage social media, email marketing, and events to reach the target audience. Special promotions and events will be implemented to incentivize new memberships. The overall goal is to increase young membership, revenue, and enhance the club's reputation as the premier destination for networking and social activities.

65. Jerina, M. Stand Out With Your Communication Skills: The research on the importance and benefits of public speaking
By researching the importance of public speaking, future scholars will be able to get a sense of why the fundamentals of communication are necessary to learn. The research will include benefits of comfortable public speaking like improvement in conversations, business meetings, class presentations, and confidence overall. To showcase my research, a video of students will be shown before and after their public speaking class. It will be presented to demonstrate the benefits.

66. Hall, S. An analysis on how social media can be successful in organizing unions in a modern age
This research will explore modern examples of how labor unions are better optimizing social media for their organizing efforts. Examples such as Starbucks and Amazon and their workers fight for unionization as well as other peer reviewed articles. It will also aim to help educate groups who may not know or be aware of labor unions, their longstanding history, and their valuable purpose in fighting for social justice through a series of videos.

67. Hill, K. Alopecia Awareness
This capstone project aims to raise awareness and understanding about Alopecia, a hair loss disease that affects millions of people worldwide. A fundraiser will be planned to have local barbers donate their time to cut hair on campus, with all proceeds going toward Alopecia research and education. Participants can get a haircut for a suggested donation of $5, and all funds collected will be donated to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

68. Fleshman, K. & Rush, Z. How different cultural groups are treated with the medical field?
My partner and I investigated how systemic discrimination and racism has infiltrated the healthcare system. Research pertained to identifying factors which influence the negative experiences that non-dominant group members have. The first question we looked at regards whether healthcare professionals are prone to expressing prejudice toward African Americans. The second question is concerned with disparities in the care provided to this population. We decided to attribute a survey to accumulate pertinent data.

69. Majorsky, S. Are we misinformed? Let's Talk: Environmental Education
Environmental education in America is distorted with misinformation, stigmas, and low media coverage. For my Senior Capstone, I want to bring awareness to some of the most misunderstood environmental issues. I will do this by researching environmental issues, the history of environmental education, and current media tactics. After collecting survey data from students on their levels of understanding, I will create a social media campaign with infographics to support more understanding of these issues.

70. Majorsky, S. The Erasure of Native Americans in Pop Culture
Native Americans and indigenous people have been a marginalized and misrepresented cultural group within the United States. Through this research project, I will provide more awareness on Native American culture and understand the societal impacts of low representation. By evaluating the impacts of this topic, it can help open up conversations about how to fix this issue. This issue highlights key problems such as misinformation, under representation, and stereotyping.

71. Majorsky, S. & ET AL.  Public Health Information Event
In partnership with the Suicide Awareness Alliance of Washington County, COMM 413 Health Campaigns students held a tabling event. The Single Overarching Communication Objective (SOCO) of the event was to share important information about suicide prevention and how to get help. In addition, the event produced messages of hope to share with those who may be struggling. The World Health Organization’s Effective Public Health Campaign Model guided research, planning, event execution and evaluation.

72. Watts, T. Development of coaches and their successful habits
This project aims to discover successful coaching habits and how coaches have developed throughout their careers. I will analyze six sources covering different topics including successful coaching habits, communication in sports coaching, gender differences, use of verbal aggression, athlete-coach interaction, achieving change, and the recruitment process and techniques. A podcast for each topic with coaches from Marietta College athletics will be done to gain more information and personal experiences on the topics.

73. Lopez, I. Empowering Our Community: A Strategic Communication Plan to Increase Volunteer Enrollment at Marietta Memorial Health Systems
The strategic communication plan for the Marietta Memorial Hospital volunteer program aims to increase the number of volunteers and enhance their experience. The program will leverage social media, community outreach, and events to promote the benefits of volunteering. With the intent to target individuals and/ or groups with a passion for helping others and an interest in the medical field, the program will offer diverse opportunities to volunteer in patient care, support services, and administrative tasks. The plan also includes a communication calendar, event proposals, an increase in effective external communication, and opportunities for potential volunteers to connect with hospital staff and other volunteers working with Marietta Memorial Hospital.

74. McCord, Q. & K. Smith Gender Bias among college students
2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX. This inspired us to research gender discrimination. Our topic is Gender Bias, asking, “Are gender biases embedded at a young age?” and “How do gender biases affect workplace environment and employee attitude?”.  Our team will collect data by surveying students on campus and reviewing secondary research to compare findings. Our goal is to bring awareness to gender biases placed on women in our own college environment.

75. Rush, Z. Podcast Advertising
This presentation is about the many different genres in the podcast world, and it features many different ads that target the audiences of those genres. I will interview Niles Abston for my research, and create a podcast of my own called “What’s the Name?” where it is a different genre of podcast each week, featuring different advertisements to cater to those audiences. I will be looking at the different advertisements for each genre for research.

76. Mott, H. Title IX: The Misunderstanding
Title IX just had its 50th anniversary of the law and it piqued my interest. This topic is crucial as it affects everyone at the college. My research topic is the misunderstandings of Title IX. My research question is: Why is there a misunderstanding of Title IX? The method I am using for my research is a literature review. I want to understand better Title IX and how people perceive it.

77. Paugstat, L. Interracial Marriage and Racism
My research topic is interracial marriage and racism and my research questions are: “Why are couples still facing hate for being in an interracial marriage in 2023?”, and  “Why do people have different attitudes towards interracial marriage depending on where they live, (rural or urban setting)?”. This is helpful because as the country becomes more diverse so will couples; my contribution is this could help people see interracial marriage in a more positive light.

78. Perez-Ramirez, M. Analyzing Effective Practices of Human Resources Management
This project consists of analyzing the aspects of employee recruitment, training, and onboarding new employees. Each step of the process was analyzed to compare which methods were more effective compared to those with less promising results. The challenges hiring managers may encounter in every aspect of recruitment, training, and onboarding were also analyzed. Through these processes, a training guide was produced that emerging human resource managers could potentially refer to for guidance.

79. Schilling, M. & R. Grayek The Influence of Social Media on Intercultural Communication Within Relationships
Social media facilitates intercultural interactions while having a strong influence on the attitudes, values, and behaviors of its consumers. For this reason, this project is important to investigate the effects of social media on intercultural communication and relations. Through a compilation of literature, surveys, and interviews, the influence, potential challenges, and benefits that social media has on intercultural communication will be explored.

80. Schofield, R. Student Trainee Human Resources Assistant Internship
As a Student Trainee HR Assistant with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, I assist with Job Opportunity Announcements (JOAs), Hiring Recruitment Transactions (HRTs), Position Builds, Job Analysis Assessments (JAAs), Qualification Logs,  PD Validation, and other documents and tasks. In this position I have rotated through the staffing and classification sides of the hiring process. I work with HR Specialists to service other government agencies and am continually learning the steps of the process.

81. McGriff, M. Discrimination in Youth Athletics: The Prior Growth and Necessary Decline
As youth sports continue to grow in participant rates and competition, there continues to be a large prevalence of racism in all ages.  This paper serves to analyze how discrimination and prejudice manifest on youth athletic teams through the use of interviews and case studies, and it will examine if that impacts a young player's likeliness to continue playing the sport at a higher level, whether that be high school or at the collegiate level.

82. Venham, G. Blue Communication
This project will show research and provide a discussion on the importance of effective communication in the law enforcement profession. Readers will learn different styles of communication that law enforcement officers need to keep themselves and the public safe. Case studies, research articles, and personal knowledge will provide the information used in this assignment. The product piece is a magazine including pictures, quotes, and ideas from real law enforcement officers from around the Marietta area.

83. Stanley, M. Marietta Community Foundation Internship
This project displays what I learned during my time with Marietta Community Foundation for my internship. Their goal is to bring together donors who want to support local causes in Washington County, invest in the community’s well-being and continue to grow for positive impact on future generations. I’ve learned how a community foundation works, website development, feature writing, scholarship promotion, communication and networking skills, creative advertising, and more.

84. Stanley, M. Social media impact on intergenerational communication
How does our social media culture affect intergenerational communication? A literature review with research on how influential social media is on different generations. How influential technology is in everybody's life. The difference in the amount of use in social media between the different generations. How interactions between younger and older generations have changed since the rise of social media. It’s important to understand for people to help close that gap between the generations.

85. Stanley, M. The Impact of Social Media on Body Image
This presentation reviews how influential social media is on body image. Singling in on the impact it has on teenagers, young adults, and athletes. Research includes how this audience processes their appearance in real life to what they see on social media, self-esteem issues, statistics, and ways to empower and build confidence. A survey of local students was administered to get a better understanding of the impact of various social media platforms.

86. Milham, M. The Evolution of Sport Journalism
Imagine following your favorite sports team, but how did you consume the information? Did you find the game on the radio, television, or through social media? This study looks at the differences in the consumption of sports throughout the years due to the Sports Journalism profession expanding in multiple platforms. A podcast series and research paper will be created to showcase the evolution of sports broadcasting.

87. Wood, C. Shining Knight Cosmetics
This project is an advertising campaign plan for a hypothetical makeup company I created for my graphic design capstone, Shining Knight Cosmetics. As the brand guidelines and design are complete, the next step is communications and marketing. To complete this campaign plan, I have delved into the tactics and  strategies of other makeup companies and looked into both successful and non-successful makeup advertising campaigns. This is a comprehensive campaign plan for Shining Knight Cosmetics.

88. Clemons, T. The Hula Bean Coffee
This project explores the use of social media marketing for a small coffee brand with a focus on providing a comprehensive solution that includes logos and branding, compelling advertisements, and customized social media pages. With a decade of evidence showcasing the transformative power of social media on brand visibility and engagement, this project seeks to understand the positive impact that social media marketing can have. 

Gender Studies

89. Armann, A. Served Cold: An Analysis of Kill Bill vol. 1 + 2
This poster will examine two films by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill vol. 1 (2003) and Kill Bill vol. 2. (2004). The analysis will center on the representations of gender and Asian people. I plan to use evidence from the scripts and the visual representation on screen via mise-en-scène to support my conclusions.

90. Brown, D. T. “Who would want me to be a part of their life?": An Analysis of Mental Illness and Fatness in The Whale
Fatness and mental illness are two subjects that have been portrayed mostly negative in American film. I will attempt to explore how these sensitive topics are used throughout the film to convey a message of the inherent human condition. I will analyze how fatness and mental illness intersect. The aim of this project is to identify the ways representations of mental illness and fatness are reinscribed and in which ways the film transcends previous representations.

91. Dosky, J. Representations of (Dis)abilities: ADHD and Autism in Modern American Films
Nostalgic Hollywood blockbusters have a troubled history of representing people who are neurodivergent, specifically characters with autism and ADHD. This project will analyze the movies Music (2021), Rainman (1998), and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2010) and their representations of either autism or ADHD, along with the stereotypes that either infantilize or turn these disabilities into superpowers, otherwise known as “super crip”, that alienate people with autism or ADHD from the mainstream neurotypical population.

92. Hammond, C. Slavery in Film: How African Americans Gained Freedom
This poster will examine African American Slave representation in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and Quentin Tarantino’s revisionist Western, Django Unchained. Though these films are diverse in approach and style, they share similarities in representation. The material within these films tackles the brutality of slavery, but they take an extra step to also look at how slaves at the time adapted to their situation and how some fought against the establishment for their freedom.

93. Heitman, B. Aliens' Ripley and Female Action Representation
This poster will explore the character of Ripley in the classic 1979 film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. Ripley marked the arrival of the female action hero, and her influence can still be seen in film today. This project will examine the negative stereotypes of women in action films and highlight how Ripley's character is a female hero we need.

94. Hiserote, Z. The Analysis of the “Final Girl” in Horror
I would like to analyze the female role in Horror films. To bring a more particular sample to light, I will focus on the “final girl” role in particular in Wes Craven’s films. Wes Craven is the filmmaker behind A Nightmare on Elmstreet and Scream. In these films, he popularized the "final girl" roles with his protagonists Nancy and Sidney.

95. Mathis, E. Representation of African American men in Madea
This poster explores the representation of African American men in the Madea film franchise, created by African American Tyler Perry. In comparison to films about the African American experience that are produced by white Hollywood, Perry's films include a more realistic representation of the African American men's experience. Though the films are comedies, Tyler Perry's Madea films represent the hardships and successes of the African American man's experience.

96. Mertens, A. Heterosexuality & Homosexuality: Representation in Rom-Coms
This poster will compare and contrast the treatment of heterosexuality and homosexuality in contemporary romantic comedies. Specifically, I will analyze the limited goals of homosexual couples in comparison to the more fully realized characters in heterosexual romantic comedies.

97. Oblisk, H. Representation of Grieving Women in Midsommar
This poster examines the representation of grief in the 2019 horror/ thriller, Midsommar. In the film, directed by Ari Aster, Florence Pugh plays Dani Ardor, who is a woman dealing with a tremendous amount of grief. After a devastating loss, Dani travels to Sweden with some friends and experiences “culture shock” while also dealing with the state of her mental health.

98. Snodgrass, D. Harmful or Helpful? Representations of Homosexuality in the Film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
This poster will explore representations of sexual orientation in the film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007) featuring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Though this movie could be accused of queerbaiting, including homophobic language, and showing harmful tropes, as the movie progresses, so does the representations of homosexuality. 

99. Sullivan, M. Gender Representations in Romantic Comedies
In this project, I will explore the character depictions of women in romantic comedies. This research centers on gendered stereotypes found in The Proposal (2009), Pretty Woman (1990), and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (2003). The protagonists, as well as the plot, in these films adhere to common tropes found in many Hollywood films.

Broadcast Journalism

100. Lanham, H. NBS-AERho National Convention
The purpose of the study is to attend different seminars and displays to gain more knowledge in the field of study. The methods being used in this experience will be through observation and participating in the activities and questionnaires. My goal at the end of this is to be able to use different devices and get a better understanding of the real world experience. I will use my time in hopes to visit different sections and learn more about getting an internship in the near future.

101. Pennell, A. Fan Engagement and Entertainment in Sports
Fan engagement and entertainment made a tremendous impact on the sport industry and brings a lively atmosphere to sports. Some professional teams excel in interactive marketing whereas other teams may lack. This study takes an in-depth look at fan engagement to grasp the importance of entertainment and how it affects the sport industry. A podcast was also created to allow professionals to discuss how their creative ideas as marketing managers have positively impacted their fans.

102. Randulic, D. How the media has exposed high student loan debt
This project will look at research about media coverage of student loan debt and if it has increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include the history of student loans, statistics on debt, and how it affects lives post-graduation. A broadcast film will discuss how various media types, such as video and print, both have done their part in spreading awareness of this issue.


103. Carroll, A., Schreckengost, A., Grigsby, M. & A. Hartshorn Effect of Color on Comprehension
Our research aims to determine if color cues affect comprehension in college students. Current research is contradictory about whether color affects comprehension. Most research has examined effects of color on children or those with learning disabilities. Using an ANOVA within-subjects design, we expect students will score higher on GRE passages taken on red or blue paper compared to white paper. We also predict no statistical difference in test scores on red compared to blue paper.

104. Hartshorn, A. Sports Injury and Mental Health
Sports Injury and Mental Health: This presentation will cover research that has found how athletes perceive their injuries. Specifically, I will touch on the recovery process and who is involved and their role, speak about the interventions that can help an athlete recover keeping the risk for mental health issues low, and the overall risk of mental health issues following an injury. This project will result in an informational flyer for MC teams and athletes.

105. Dyott, M., Mathis, E., Ramage, S. & E. Balizet Is Your Romantic Relationship Healthy?
The purpose of this presentation is to inform others of the untalked about yet important topic of unhealthy romantic relationships. College aged students are more likely to be in an unhealthy romantic relationship than people who are older or younger. The research we found will briefly explain what an unhealthy romantic relationship is, signs to look for, ways to leave an unhealthy relationship, and what help you can receive, if wanted.

106. Fellers, J., Fellers, M., Pirie, M. & B. Heitman Does Exercising With a Partner Improve Mood?
Physical exercise has been shown to be an important treatment for mental health. This study examines mood, anxiety, and self- accomplishment when exercising with a partner versus alone. Three different and unique surveys will be used to address each dependent variable. A t-test will be conducted for differences between groups. We hypothesize that aerobic exercise with a partner will have a significant increase on mood and accomplishment and a significant decrease on anxiety.

107. Ford, C., Justice, K. & R. Graziani Does Art Therapy Improve Mood?
Art therapy has been shown to improve mood. The effect of creative freedom has not been examined. The operational definition of art therapy differs between studies. We will examine which type of art therapy is most effective. We hypothesize that recreating a given picture will be more effective in reducing stress levels than allowing participants to create any art piece with the tools provided (full creative freedom). We will run an independent samples t-test.

108. Strecansky, J., Russell, M., Ramage, S. & A. Kazmierczak Desk Space Cleanliness and Academic Performance
College students want to perform better, and cleaner desks might be one strategy. Research shows removing phones from desk spaces and clean rooms improve academic performance. We predict desk cleanliness will affect performance on a task. Cleanliness is the amount of clutter present. Performance is the number of correct responses on the test. We will use an independent samples t-test. We predict a clean desk will improve performance.

109. Kuhl, M. Evidence Based Strategies for Academic Success
This brief overview of literature regards research that bears implications related to academic success. Included are fifteen studies broken down into three subcategories, each summarizing research supporting a specific recommendation. Within these three subcategories are at least five research articles bearing some implication for each. The intent is that students who visit my poster will gain some knowledge to influence their strategies and gain increase their academic success.

110. Kuhl, M. Do Depression and Anxiety affect attention to emotional faces?
According to research, biases of attention are present and significant in participants having depression or anxiety. Our expectation was that attentional bias will be present in participants having depression or anxiety, as measured by an eye tracker. At the start of the experiment, participants completed an eye tracker task. The Beck Depression and Anxiety Inventories grouped participants into “typical,” “depressed,” or “anxious” levels. We ran a MANOVA to determine differences among the groups.

111. Krajewski, L. Mental Training to Enhance Athletic Performance
Coaches seek to improve their athletes’ performances to the best of their ability. This includes a demand for mental training skills. This implementation program uses published journals and mental performance consultant resources to develop semester-long programs. These programs involve working with athletes to improve their mental capabilities. As a result of this program, the athletes gain and implement new mental training skills. The use of these skills will enhance athletic performance when utilized effectively.

112. Lamb, G., Bookman, A., Mays, A. & W. Ritchie Effect of visual media on stigmas of substance use disorder
This study will address media’s role in stigmas against substance use disorder (SUD). Researchers have found that media can influence attitudes about stigmatized groups, such as obese models. We hypothesize that positive visual media (short videos) will improve attitudes towards SUD on college campuses. We will evaluate attitude changes by using pre-test/post-test between-subjects design and analyze data using a one-way ANOVA. We expect that there will be a significant improvement in attitudes towards SUD.

113. Jarvis, T. & Roeder, C. Developmental Practicum and the Impacts of Domestic Violence
This presentation will explain our internship at the Visitation center which was obtained through the Supervised Developmental Practicum Course. The center provides supervised visits for families that are battling for child custody or suffering from various forms of abuse. We will summarize our hands-on experience in relation to previously learned course material and relay information regarding our benefits and future direction.

114. Reid-Bey, E., Taylor, D., Armann, A. & A. Archie How Clothing Style Affects Perception
Individuals determine another’s trustworthiness based on initial appearance. Researchers have found that there is a connection between physical appearance and trustworthiness. We intend to see how the way someone dresses affects a stranger’s perception of trustworthiness. We will use a repeated measures one-way ANOVA to test the average ratings across different stimuli. We predict that participants will find casually dressed persons as more trustworthy than those who dress in business, alternative, or party wear.

115. Stischok, K., Lively, K., Phillips, D., Offenberger, B. & G. Puntarelli The Effect of Font Color on Word Recall
Memory has been shown to be affected by color.  In this study, participants will be measured on word recall from two different word lists—one printed in red and one in black.  The hypothesis is that participants will recall more words from the red ink list.  An independent t-test will be used to measure and evaluate group differences.  

116. Dunlap, O. Comparing Unsupervised Learning and Eye-tracking Metrics between Adolescents and Adults
We investigated unsupervised categorization behavior among adolescents (10-15 years old) and correlated learning behavior to eye movement patterns. Participants modified categories by deciding which object (cartoon bat) belonged next in a series of related objects (cartoon bats). We measured percentage of correct classifications, response times, and proportion dwell time across the task. Generally, participants became more accurate and faster in their responding as the task progressed, and they spent less time fixating on irrelevant information.

117. Vandenbark, M. & O. Dunlap Stimulus Factors Affecting Multidimensional Unsupervised Learning and Eye-Tracking Behavior
Supervised categorization studies suggest manipulating exemplar sequences affects learning behavior. However, such sequence effects have not been well studied when feedback is not provided to aid learning (e.g., unsupervised classification tasks). We assessed sequence effects in an unsupervised categorization task on exclusive-or sorting and their relation to eye movement patterns (Tobii Pro Fusion Eye-Tracker). Consistent with supervised studies, we found similarity-based sequences facilitate exclusive-or learning and we connect the results with obtained eye-tracking metrics.

118. Vandenbark, M. A Diet For Your Mind
Mental health and diet are closely related. However, there is a lack of emphasis of this connection across college campuses. Increasing awareness and resource availability through campus programming will be employed to raise student awareness of their diet and how it relates to mental well-being. The literature provides dietary recommendations and statistical relationships between specific diets and psychopathologic prevention and remission. The project was done for Psychology Clinical Practicum.

119. Wriston, B. Investigating Intimate Partner Violence on Campus: Student Perceptions and Victimization Prevalence
College students are at an increased risk for experiences with intimate partner violence (IPV). This supervised clinical practicum project explores IPV prevalence and perceptions on campus at Marietta College. The Revised Conflict Tactic Scale (CTS2) assesses the prevalence of physical, psychological, and sexual IPV, and the Intimate Partner Violence Attitude Scale – Revised (IPVAS-Revised) assesses perceptions of IPV. Results will help to inform IPV education and prevention on campus.

120. Yates, G., Jones, K. & K. Lowe Parking on Marietta College Campus
Finding a convenient parking spot on Marietta College campus is a common problem for stakeholders. Research demonstrates this issue to be common for many colleges. We hypothesize participants will report, the limited parking on campus is insufficient causing stakeholders to spend excessive amounts of time finding parking spaces, thus leading to an increase in illegal and dangerous parking. A one-way ANOVA will be used to determine the overall inconvenience experienced by commuter students, residential students, and college employees.

Graphic Design

121. Wietrzykowski, L. Flightless: An Asexual Videogame
The purpose of creating this videogame was to use a combination of the skills I have accumulated at Marietta College to produce an interactive way for individuals to learn about asexuality, one of the lesser understood LGBTQ+ communities. This project utilizes creative writing, computer science, graphic design, and art. The result was a fully functional videogame, an accompanying educational website, and educational posters of each character and their relation to asexuality.